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Amazon Sellers Directory - 200K+ Amazon Sellers Directory List + Research Report

Do you market your products or services to Amazon Sellers?

We have researched and built an Amazon Sellers Directory that can help you reach the Amazon Sellers in the USA. The list has 200,000+ active Amazon Sellers with direct email & phone and a Research report, than can help jump start your sales despite COVID.

We can filter Amazon Sellers by Category, Ratings, Brands, FBA or in any which way you want.


How will this Amazon Sellers Directory help you increase your sales

  • Unlike retail stores, Amazon stores are not impacted by COVID, social distancing & shutdowns.
  • Thousands of retailers & small store owners are doubling their marketing efforts via online stores such as Amazon.

This is the perfect time to reach out to Amazon Sellers - many can see and smell success in online stores, they just need a bit of your expertise to accelerate.

You can order the Amazon Sellers list + Research that we already have. Or, if you provide the Amazon Seller Names, or, Seller IDs, we will do a Custom Research and deliver the custom list to you.

What does each Amazon Seller Lead include?

All leads are based on analyzing 200,000+ Amazon Sellers in USA.

  • The Amazon seller leads will be delivered via Excel Spreadsheet.

  • By default, each Amazon seller lead includes at least one email & phone number.

  • Amazon seller contact list
  • Each Amazon seller lead will include the following, if available, Seller Name / LinkedIn ID / website / Additional email / seller contact number.

    Amazon Seller Company List

The Amazon Sellers Directory List is made via eGrabber’s 6-Step Process

Step 1: Data-Crunch & Shortlist 200K+ active Amazon Sellers & Categories

Amazon has 2.5 Million+ sellers from 180+ countries, selling 12 Million+ products, in 36 major product categories. Our first step is to crunch this data to build an Amazon seller database having the 200K+ active Amazon Sellers & Categories.

We store Amazon-Specific Data Fields at the end of this step.

  1. Category
  2. Seller Page Link
  3. Seller Store Link
  4. Seller Rank
  5. Seller Brands
  6. Seller Address
  7. FBA/Non FBA
Top 75K Amazon Sellers & Categories

Step 2: Find Amazon Seller Company & Website from behind the Seller Name

90%+ of the products on Amazon have the names of the Product Brands. Brands have to be deep-researched to yield the actual Amazon seller name and website. Similar sounding brands and sellers are combined or segregated. Duplicates are eliminated.

We extract the Amazon seller URL, seller email address and seller phone number.

Find Seller Company & Website

Step 3: Find LinkedIn IDs of Amazon Sellers

Amazon seller’s company information such as Company Size, Number of Employees and other social details are added in this step. Fields enriched at the end of this stage are:

  1. (Actual) Business / Company Name
  2. Website
  3. Company Size
Profiles of CXOs from Professional Networks and websites

Step 4: Find Decision Makers from Website and Social Media

Company websites and LinkedIn are scanned for CEOs and other executive decision makers of Amazon sellers. Job Titles of these decision makers vary widely - but all are bucketed and grouped. Rich contact information is appended at this time.

  1. Decision Maker Name
  2. Job Title
  3. LinkedIn Profile URL
  4. Region
  5. Timezone
Demographic Information like Industry, Company Size, and Revenue

Step 5: Find Email and Phone numbers of Key Decision Makers - giving you 3 channels of outreach

Along with LinkedIn IDs of decision makers, business addresses and business phone numbers are added. This gives you 3 different channels to reach out to decision makers.

Find Email and Phone numbers

Step 6: VERIFY Email Deliverability

Amazon Seller email addresses are verified for their deliverability and only the ones that pass are graduated to the final Amazon seller list. Fields at the end of this stage include:

  1. Amazon seller email ID
  2. Amazon seller contact number
  3. Co-Worker’s Email Addresses
  4. Email Verification Rating
Verified Business Email Addresses
How we generated amazon list

The whole research process is Human-Driven and Software-Assisted - with one complementing the strengths of the other. eGrabber has several web & lead research techniques that received US Patents. See list below :

  1. US Patent # 7,822,732 - Issued Oct 26, 2010
    Method and system to enable searching for lead & contact information on the web.

  2. US Patent # 8,495,151 - Issued Jul 23, 2013
    Methods and systems for determining Business email addresses with name & company.

  3. See All eGrabber Patents
    Patents granted to eGrabber by United States Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO).

To order eGrabber Research Database & products,Contact our Sales at (408) 516-4566 or e-mail [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are these opt-in leads?


These leads are from the web research. You should treat all contact info as those coming from your company hiring eGrabber as a web researcher. They are not Opt-in leads. By signing up to get the list, you are essentially hiring eGrabber to be your web researcher.

What happens if an email bounces?

If an email you paid gets a hard bounce; eGrabber will replace each hard bounce with 2 leads at free of cost.

Note – eGrabber ensures all emails when given are good at the time we built the lists. Many times, servers change or go out of order resulting in hard bounces. eGrabber goal is to make sure you get the quantity of leads you paid for.

Many times, eGrabber will provide multiple emails for the same prospect for free. Generally these will be emails we found on the prospect’s website. These will not be considered as paid for emails and may not be eligible for 2x refund.