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B2B List Building Services work

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    Custom Targeting

    To get started, tell us where your ideal customers are online (websites, social networks) and choose the data you need (name, company, title, email, etc.). We'll do the rest and find them for you!

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    B2B Prospect Lists are Built

    Get a fast quote to understand the timeframe for building your target audience. Our team & technology do the heavy lifting, utilizing our infrastructure to find verified business emails & phone.

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    B2B Lists are Delivered

    Choose daily, weekly, or monthly delivery to best fit your needs. We prioritize success with guaranteed SPAM-safe, bounce-checked business email addresses. All leads are delivered in either Excel or CSV.

Effortless Lead Generation, Built for Results

Effortless Lead Generation, Built for Results

Stop wasting time and resources on manual list building. eGrabber's automated tools and expert research take the heavy lifting off your plate. They build highly-targeted lists specifically for your niche industry segments, ensuring the leads you receive are relevant and more likely to convert.

Unmatched Data Quality & Speed

Unmatched Data Quality & Speed

Access the power of verified contact information. eGrabber provides full prospect profiles with names, titles, companies, emails, phones, and LinkedIn IDs. But speed is just as important. Our tools deliver results faster than in-house efforts, all while keeping costs significantly lower.

Maximum Reach & Pipeline Optimization

Maximum Reach & Pipeline Optimization

Cast a wider net and revitalize your existing sales pipeline. eGrabber finds leads from various sources, including professional networks and social media. They can also breathe new life into your current data by updating outdated information and filling in missing details. No matter your starting point, eGrabber offers solutions that fit your needs.

Focus on growth, we handle the research

Focus on Growth, We Handle the Research

Free up your sales team to focus on closing deals. By outsourcing lead research to eGrabber, your team can maximize their efficiency and drive business growth. Get started today and see the difference a targeted lead generation strategy can make!

List Building Services Benefits


Get highly-relevant leads faster than building them yourself.


Free up your sales team to focus on closing deals, not research.


Reach out with confidence thanks to verified names, titles, emails, phones, and LinkedIn IDs.


Find qualified leads from diverse sources, including social media and professional networks.


Breathe new life into your existing data with updated information and missing details.


Get the data you need, whether you have partial information or require complete lead profiles.

List Building Services Benefits

Frequently asked questions

eGrabber’s list building services include custom list building services & email list building services to get prospect lists from live social media, get highly-targeted lead list that you can’t buy from any list vendors, and get prospect lists that you cannot build by yourself.

  • 800 Leads @995 ($1.25 each) - Minimum order size
  • 2,000 Leads starts @ $1,995+ ($1.00 each)
  • 6,000 Leads starts @ $5,495 ($.0.92 each)

You can increase your requirement in batches of 2,000 records. For higher volumes, please email us: [email protected]

We can build you the following lists:

  1. Give us a LinkedIn search with prospects, we will build you the prospect list with verified business email address & phone number
  2. If you have a list of companies, we will get you the matching Decision Makers / Executives names and contact information
  3. If you only have a list of email addresses, we will get you the contacts along with complete contact information using reverse email lookup
  4. Enrich your CRM contacts & contacts in Excel/CSV (based on name and company) with business email, phone and LinkedIn ID
  5. Update old contacts or out-of-date leads with the latest contact information

You have to purchase on one order. We might agree to deliver them in multiple chunks.

No, you don't have to buy any eGrabber tools to subscribe to the List Building Service. Although, if you subscribe to eGrabber tools, we'll still be happy to run them for you.

All our emails are 99% verified and bounce-checked.

  • you use the emails within 1 month of delivery
  • your email sending server and email sending reputation is good
  • you are not sending spammy content, which gets caught against spam filters

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