The fastest way to extract contact information from websites.

AddressGrabber is a contact capture tool for smart businesses.AddressGrabber quickly extracts customer contact information from websites, e-mail signatures, order forms or any text document - and then transfers it to a spreadsheet or contact manager - with one click.AddressGrabber also helps users share customer contact information between their contact managers, accounting and shipping applications - with one click.

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User Comments

A small investment in AddressGrabber has not only saved me huge amount of money an year but also helped me earn the investment back.

Paul Healy Managing Director at Hire Fitness

I think it cut my data entry time in half, at least, and it continues to save me time every day as I acquire and enter new contacts.

Jason Wilber Musician and Recording Artist

AddressGrabber is a great time-saving device, priced comfortably, and easy to use. I strongly recommend this tool to all ACT!

Anne Chilcott Director of Operations, Gardensoft

With Address Grabber, we have reduced the time of data input to seconds instead of minutes per correspondence or sale.

T. Scott Abboud CEO, Allied Financial Software, Inc.

We must have saved hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in better productivity by utilizing AddressGrabber.

John Fleming Inemea, IT sales & marketing company

AddressGrabber is one amongst the most useful programs I own. This program is ingenious.

Keith Schare Owner of Schare & Associates, Inc.

Features that our customers love!

  • 5 seconds transfer - AddressGrabber intelligently extracts all contact details (including name, company, address, email and phone) from any text and transfers it into popular address books within seconds!
  • Transfer between applications - AddressGrabber enables you to share contact information between ACT!, MS Outlook, MS Excel and more...
  • Schedule Activities - With AddressGrabber, you can schedule activities for each transferred contact.
  • Transfer to Notes - AddressGrabber enables you to transfer contact information to notes section of Microsoft Outlook and ACT!
  • Eliminates duplicates - AddressGrabber is fast and accurate in checking duplicate entries. Eliminates duplicates and helps you maintain duplicate-free database.


"AddressGrabber has saved me a lot of time transferring orders that we receive into Quickbooks and ACT! for contact management. Previously, we copied and pasted the data line by line. Now it is much easier."

Joshua Korn
Future Tech Today Inc.

"eGrabber has been an amazing program and tool for our company. With hundreds of leads coming in every week from all around the world, automation of lead processing is a must. eGrabber is quick, easy to use and pays for itself in time saved by lead thirty I am sure! Thanks for all of the great updates over the years and way to kick out a great product!"

Jason LaVanture
Real Tour Vision.

"First, I must tell you how much I appreciate your program. My $50 or so investment in your product has allowed me to save about $30,000 a year by eliminating a staffing position."

Stefan Bruckel
Ascensus Insurance Services.

"AddressGrabber cut my work by 80%. I use the Internet to lookup names and addresses of potential clients and I use AddressGrabber to grab the names and automatically add them to GoldMine"

Dennis Boris


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