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Capture & Organize Contacts Seamlessly with AddressGrabber

Sales Reps

Sales Reps

Manually entering contacts wastes your selling time. AddressGrabber automates capture from emails, websites, and more, integrating seamlessly with your CRM (ACT!, Salesforce) so you can focus on closing deals.

Small Business

Small Businesses

Don't let manual data entry slow you down. AddressGrabber streamlines lead capture and ensures data accuracy across applications (CRM, accounting, shipping) - all without a dedicated data team.

Marketing Teams

Marketing Teams

Build targeted campaigns with confidence. AddressGrabber enriches your CRM with accurate leads from various sources, eliminating duplicates for a clean database.

Instant Contacts populates your address book in seconds
AddressGrabber Business AddressGrabber Business

Instant Contacts: Populates your Address Book in Seconds

AddressGrabber intelligently extracts all contact details (including name, company, address, email and phone) from any text and transfers it into popular address books within seconds!

Seamless contact sharing move leads between apps
AddressGrabber Business AddressGrabber Business

Seamless Contact Sharing: Move Leads Between Apps with One Click

AddressGrabber enables you to share contact information between ACT!, MS Outlook, MS Excel and more...

turn lead into action schedule activities
AddressGrabber Business AddressGrabber Business

Turn Leads into Action: Schedule Activities Alongside New Leads

With AddressGrabber, you can schedule activities for each transferred contact.

never lose track transfer contact info
AddressGrabber Business AddressGrabber Business

Never Lose Track: Transfer Contact Info Directly into Notes

AddressGrabber enables you to transfer contact information to notes section of Microsoft Outlook and ACT!

say goodbye to duplicates
AddressGrabber Business AddressGrabber Business

Say Goodbye to Duplicates: AddressGrabber Ensures a Clean CRM!

AddressGrabber is fast and accurate in checking duplicate entries. Eliminates duplicates and helps you maintain duplicate-free database.

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Frequently asked questions

AddressGrabber™ captures addresses effectively and quickly from Web forms, e-mail, Web pages, Word processors, Spreadsheets, Databases, PDAs, etc - and smartly transfers them into your application with a single click.

AddressGrabber™ automatically extracts Salutation, Name, Company, Title, Address, Phone, Fax, e-mail and Web address; transfers them into the corresponding fields of your destination application, with just one click.

It includes enhanced features such as mapping web form tags for better accuracy while capturing web forms, verify addresses in USPS website, schedule activities and processes. This software also supports a number of popular applications.





Phone1 [Ext]




Job Title





+ 15 User Defined Fields




Phone [Ext]


Email 1

Yes. You can transfer up to 15 additional user defined fields.

AddressGrabber™ comes to you with on-line help, which is very simple and straightforward. You may also download the user manual for detailed information on product usage.

This feature is not available in AddressGrabber™ Business. You can try ListGrabber that transfers multiple addresses at a time.

AddressGrabber™ Business comes with online help, which is very simple and self-explanatory. You can also refer to the Quick Start Guide and User manual for more details.

Compare the features of AddressGrabber products. You can select the product that supports the application you are currently using in your system.

Our software is a standard package we have been offering for 10+ years. We have been in business for 20+ years.

To keep our Price competitive, For standard license purchases we provide the following license agreement and this FAQ.

We can provide additional info if required, for deal sizes closer to $100K. The deal has to cover the costs of legal review by our attorneys.

The information on our products and our company can be researched on the web and through our FAQ.

Tired of manually entering leads and battling duplicates?

AddressGrabber automates contact capture from emails, websites, and documents; avoid duplicates. Download your free trial now and experience the difference AddressGrabber can make!