eMail-Lead Grabber Business Faqs

Frequently asked questions

About eMail-Lead Grabber Business

eMail-Lead Grabber Business automatically processes email leads submitted through Web Forms and third party sites, extracts specified information and transfers it into your contact manager (ACT!, Outlook, Excel).

eMail-Lead Grabber automatically creates new contacts from email leads, sends auto response emails and even schedules follow up. It checks for duplicates and updates existing contacts.

You can set up the system quickly without doing any scripting or programming. Existing web forms can be used without any changes to import data submitted at web forms into your database. It reduces time and cost associated with integrating your application and the web form.
eMail-Lead Grabber does not create web forms for your website. It can only process data submitted through web forms into ACT! / Outlook / Excel with out any custom programming.

We do provide sample web forms and scripts that you can use to --- create your own web form---. Click here to view and download our sample web forms and scripts.
It is primarily targeted at business organizations that use website forms to receive customer inquiries, orders, survey responses, etc and who need fast and effective processing of the email.

eMail-Lead Grabber Business is an intelligent email processor that extracts required information and transfers them into fields in your database, or other applications, as specified in the template and sends customized auto responses. It thereby eliminates the need to contract a programmer with expertise to create a tool to process web responses automatically into the database. eMail-Lead Grabber allows you to create a template within minutes with absolutely no requirement for programming knowledge.
Create templates by mapping tags in your email leads and web forms to fields in your database/ contact manager. Using "reverse mail merge" technology eMail-Lead Grabber Business will open each email and extract the data from it according to rules pre-defined in the template Create a new contact record and transfer the data into new record Repeat the process until all emails are processed.
  • It is Ideal for capturing & processing e-mails from customer response forms, registration forms, questionnaires, surveys etc.
  • Eliminates time consuming data entry of Internet sales leads , which is otherwise an error prone process
  • Flexibility to create your own template in minutes
  • Works with all popular email applications (Outlook & more...)
  • No monthly fees involved - You own the software!
  • As secure as your email - No need to let someone else handle your leads!
AddressGrabber helps only to transfer contact details and other basic information, but eMail-Lead Grabber not only transfers contact details but also any other data submitted through customer response forms, registration forms, questionnaires, surveys etc and transfer to your database. Moreover with AddressGrabber you need to manually process one email at a time while with eMail-Lead Grabber you can automate the process and respond with a message customized for each email.

eMail-Lead Grabber Business capabilities

Template Wizard makes things easy for you. All you need to do is select a sample email right click on it and select the 'Create Template Wizard' option. The template Wizard will guide you in creating the template and to start using it.

If you have a free form email, use the Advanced TemplateMaker. Select a sample email right click on it and select the 'Create Template Advanced mode' option. In the TemplateMaker, map the form field data and start using it. The process is easy and the help options are direct and straightforward.
It is safe to transfer contacts to your current database using eMail-Lead Grabber Business.
Yes, you can transfer hundreds of emails at a time. eMail-Lead Grabber Business is fully automated to handle all your incoming emails without any human intervention.
Yes, eMail-Lead Grabber, comes with lookup and assign feature, which will help you distribute leads based on State/Territory.
Yes, with the Business version of eMail-Lead Grabber, you can copy and link email attachments to the contact record.

eMail-Lead Grabber Business supports the following applications:

  • Act! v24 (2022) (Desktop App)
  • Act! v23 (2021) (Desktop edition only)
  • ACT! v21 (2019) / ACT! v20 (2018) / ACT! v19 (2017) / ACT! v18 (2016) / ACT! v17 (2015) / ACT! v16 (2014) / 2013 / 2012 / 2011
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003
Yes, eMail-Lead Grabber will work with web forms appearing in multiple web pages. Your web developer needs to collect information submitted at multiple pages and send them in one email.
At present eMail-Lead Grabber can only send simple plain text auto response email.
No, at present using eMail-Lead Grabber you can send one instantaneous auto-response email to web form submissions. If you use software like ACT!/Outlook you can use eMail-Lead Grabber to setup follow-up activities for you.

Questions about the Trial version

You can download the software from the web site (double-click the installation exe and then click on Setup to extract all the files required). The installation wizard will guide you through the entire process. We also provide you a 'free evaluation period' to test the product for three days after which it will expire.

To use the trial version you have to obtain a Free Trial License key, for which a valid e-mail id is a pre requisite. The trial version will expire after 10 days or 100 successful transfers to your database, whichever happens first.
Enter the Free Trial License key in the space provided in the Product Registration Dialog box and click Register for the product to be initiated.
No, you are not allowed to reuse the Free Trial License Key on different computers.
After the free trial expires the product can be purchased by obtaining a License Key online or contact eGrabber at [email protected] or call (408) 872 3100

Once you get this code, all you need to do is enter it into the space provided in the registration screen and register the product to convert it into a full version.

Please contact Technical Support for assistance at (408) 872-3103 or e-mail to eGrabber Support Center
Once a Trial version expires after 10 days or 100 successful transfers, you cannot download the trial version again and work with it. You can extend the trial version period by another 10 days or 100 successful transfers to database by contacting support and getting the Restore code. Contact Technical Support for assistance at (408) 872-3103 or e-mail to eGrabber Support Center
The trial version is fully featured but has a limited period of usability of 10 days or 100 successful transfers to database.
Please send an email to eGrabber Support Center to get an alternative link to download eMail-Lead Grabber. We suggest that you use free download utilities available at / These utilities will help you download files even if your Internet connection is slow.
The trial version also comes with online help. If the problem is not covered in the help notes, please contact eGrabber's Technical Support at (408) 872-3103 or e-mail to eGrabber Support Center.

Questions on Purchase

To place your order, please contact our Sales at (408) 516-4566 or e-mail [email protected].
When you purchase the product, the Full License Key will be sent to you only via e-mail.
Once the License Key is sent to you, enter the same in the eGrabber Registration form which will appear when you launch the application. The License key cannot be however used for multiple installations.
The possibilities are that the License key is invalid or is already being used by another user. It could also be that the Internet connection has not been switched on to register the License Key. But if the server is busy, please try again after some time.
To unregister the product, click 'Unregister' in the eGrabber Registration Dialog box.
For the purpose of using the software simultaneously in different machines you need to purchase licenses for each machine separately. You can purchase multiple licenses from eGrabber Customer Support at (408) 872-3103 or [email protected]. But to use the software in a different machine using the same License Key, unregister the product in the existing system, and then install and register in the new machine.
The primary step here is to unregister the product. After upgrading your computer, you may install the software and register it again using the same License Key.
It can be done provided the product is unregistered from the existing computer and then installed and registered in the new computer using the same License Key.
In exceptional cases such as the one mentioned above you can contact eGrabber Customer Support and get a new License key. Then the earlier key will be revoked and using it in future will violate the terms of the license agreement.
You can contact our online eGrabber Support Center or by telephone at (408) 872-3103 between 8.30 AM and 4.30 PM Pacific Time.
Our software is a standard package we have been offering for 10+ years. We have been in business for 20+ years.

To keep our Price competitive, For standard license purchases we provide the following license agreement and this FAQ.

We can provide additional info if required, for deal sizes closer to $100K. The deal has to cover the costs of legal review by our attorneys.

The information on our products and our company can be researched on the web and through our FAQ.