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Do you have a list of Names and Companies?

Paste them inside Email-Prospector and it will find the verified business email address, company web domain, email domain and phone number for you.

Use our Verified business email addresses so that you don't get email bounces and you retain your sender's reputation.

How to find verified business email addresses in bulk with eMail-Prospector

Import / Paste Your List

Import / Paste your List

Unlike other tools out there, you DON'T need to give us a company web domain or an email domain!

Just paste the Company and the name of the person.

eMail-Prospector has the smartness to take the Company Name and find out the correct company web page and email domain.

You can find business email addresses of contacts in USA, UK, or any other country.

Verify Business eMails CoWorker Email Addresses

Finds Business Email Address

Finds business email address, verifies it and gives a confidence rating based on evidence found.

Also give you co-worker's email addresses, so you now have more than one way to connect to your target prospect.
You also get to see the dominant email address patterns in the company, so you can target anyone else for free!

Export Your List

Export your List

Export directly to, or to any other CRM or ATS system using Excel/CSV.

We will also export the Web Domain and any other fields that we found during our research.

Avoid Bounced Emails with our Verified Business Email Addresses

Verified Business Email Addresses

Spam-Safe business email addresses

Email-Prospector uses multiple proof points to make sure you don't get an email bounce. Here's what it does:

  1. Searches the Internet for supporting documents with the target email address
  2. Searches the Internet for co-workers' email addresses and learns the company's top email patterns
  3. Rates and sorts top patterns and found email addresses
  4. Checks the company's SMTP email server to see if the chosen email addresses exist
  5. Eliminates known complainers an risky email addresses
  6. Gives a Confidence Rating to the final email address

All our emails are verified AT THE MOMENT they are given to you. That's the best in the industry.

All contacts are researched LIVE when you give them to us. Unlike other products we don't believe in keeping a pre-built database of email addresses. People change jobs all the time - having millions of saved email addresses in a database is pointless when a quarter of them are going bad every year.

How can I use this Email Finding tool for my company?

Fill Excel / CSV files

Paste a list from your Excel or Google spreadsheets. Or upload a CSV list into Email-Prospector and press the Find Email button. It's that simple.

Convert Tradeshow lists

To get email addresses of Trade-show attendees, you have to pay a lot extra. Email-Prospector will find those business email addresses for a fraction of the cost.

Update Webinar lists

Webinar attendees gave you only a personal email address? Email-Prospector will get you their business email address and phone number.

Update CRM records

Incomplete CRM records? Or did someone just move to a new company? Email-Prospector will find you their new business email address.

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