AutoSplitter FAQs

AutoSplitter is a plugin to LeadGrabber. It works with your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.

AutoSplitter helps you breakdown LinkedIn search results larger than 1000 into smaller pieces, so that you can capture all the results.

Take this LinkedIn Sales Navigator search for instance.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator search results

In this example I am looking for the VP of Marketing in the "Social Media Marketing" Group. There are more than 3,300 results. But once you reach the 1000th result, there is a note at the bottom of the page saying that only the first 1000 relevant results will be shown.

Yes, you can. For smaller results this is easy. When you try to break down larger groups, remembering the filters you used is a big hassle.

AutoSplitter makes this chore easy to complete. Just one button click.

AutoSplitter intelligently uses the available LinkedIn filters and breaks down one large search result into many smaller search results that you can individually capture.

For instance, AutoSplitter would break up the above example above into these segments.

United States; Marketing; VP; Social Media Marketing;...(3300) - 1 (325) https://tinyurl.com/meqyctn
United States; Marketing; VP; Social Media Marketing;...(3300) - 2 (235) https://tinyurl.com/mbbsj9r
United States; Marketing; VP; Social Media Marketing;...(3300) - 3 (398) https://tinyurl.com/lnm9y5e
United States; Marketing; VP; Social Media Marketing;...(3300) - 4 (241) https://tinyurl.com/m7r525r
United States; Marketing; VP; Social Media Marketing;...(3300) - 5 (400+) https://tinyurl.com/jvhjd6m
United States; Marketing; VP; Social Media Marketing;...(3300) - 6 (400+) https://tinyurl.com/mz8wz8l
United States; Marketing; VP; Social Media Marketing;...(3300) - 7 (400+) https://tinyurl.com/mndop5f
United States; Marketing; VP; Social Media Marketing;...(3300) - 8 (391) https://tinyurl.com/kd3jap5
United States; Marketing; VP; Social Media Marketing;...(3300) - 9 (400+) https://tinyurl.com/l43qvwa
Even if you try manually to get a 100% of the search results, you will reach 80-90% of the search results. AutoSplitter is able to reach the same levels.
When you use the LinkedIn filters, you will find that LinkedIn serves duplicate results between filters.

AutoSplitter just switches on and switches off different filters and reports the search result numbers that LinkedIn gives.

To avoid duplicates in your list after grabbing, you can use the Remove Duplicates button in the LeadGrabber grid.
You need to have a purchased version of LeadGrabber, ask our sales or support for more information. Write to [email protected] or [email protected]

Yes there is. You can find the history of all AutoSplitter campaigns you have run. Click in the "View History" button in the drop down next to "Auto-Split Search".

View History

An explorer window will open and show you all the AutoSplitter campaigns you have done on this PC. Each file is one AutoSplitter campaign.

This is a local folder and will not have any AutoSplitter runs that you have done on any other PC.

AutoSplitter is designed to work with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It does not work with the other versions of LinkedIn. Also, AutoSplitter currently works only on United States geographical regions.
AutoSplitter is designed to work on searches larger than 2,000 results and smaller than 20,000 results.

We found that if you try splitting more than 20,000 results, you will not be able to reach a lot of the search results.

Its best you figure out specific titles or specific keywords to narrow down your search to less than 20,000 and then use AutoSplitter.

Why are we not supporting less than 2,000 results? Well, that’s because it’s easy to do manually. Larger than 2,000 is where the headache starts – and AutoSplitter makes life easier here.

No, AutoSplitter will give you the URLs, so that you can choose which ones you want capture every day. We understand you may have parallel projects in progress and you might want to do a bit of every project every day.

As a convenience feature, you can add the split links to the Favorites section of your LeadGrabber. Look at the image below to see how to access the links in the Favorites section.

Favorites section of your LeadGrabber
AutoSplitter tries its best to split it into the batch size you like. In some cases, LinkedIn search filters give more results that what AutoSplitter aims for. At other times, LinkedIn serves lesser than what is asked for.

AutoSplitter tries to break up the search as close to 400 as possible.
The numbers that AutoSpliter gives you are our best estimates. We compute those estimates based on the numbers given next to the LinkedIn® filters.

Sometimes, when you use a LinkedIn filter, the actual results that show up are different than what LinkedIn has predicted. This appears to be a normal LinkedIn behavior.

The goal of Auto-Splitter is to break a very large set into smaller, more manageable sets. We guarantee we save you a lot of trouble, had you been breaking this set up manually.