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B2B businesses always look for C-Level executives and decision makers in their target companies. An ideal B2B prospect list consists of CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs, CXOs, VPs, and Directors. It becomes a powerful tool for sales & marketing teams if it has the decision makers’ name, title, company and business email address & phone. It helps you to quickly reach your targeted audience with the right message. LeadGrabber Pro helps you to append email addresses of your B2B prospects in no time.

Why is it Important to Append Email Address?

One of the major challenges that B2B companies face today is with prospect lists that are incomplete, inaccurate or obsolete. Most of the times, you get only contact name and company name. You need to get the verified business contact information of your prospects if you have to reach them for various email marketing campaigns. You might also have a list of CXOs that you had built some time ago. However, you cannot use the same list now. Chances are that your prospects might have moved to a different company or promoted to another division in the same company. So the title, company and the business contact information becomes inaccurate or obsolete now. Therefore, it is not only important to append email addresses of your prospects but also ensure that they are verified and deliverable.

How to Append Email Address

You can find your targeted B2B prospects on professional & social networking sites, websites, search engines, blogs, portals, user groups, association websites, etc. Most of the times, you find only the CXO name and company but not their business email address or phone number. Similarly, you only get the list of attendees or participants with name & company from tradeshows, conferences and other events. In both cases, the lists cannot be used for your email marketing campaigns because you do not have the verified business email & phone.

Append Email Address Manually

Appending email addresses manually is a time-consuming and tiresome task. You need to have some Internet research skills to sift through hundreds of web pages & social networking sites to find CXO email addresses. However, you need to spend a whole lot of time on the Internet appending email addresses of your prospects. It robs away your or your salesperson’s precious time from reaching out and speaking with your prospects. Small businesses with limited resources cannot afford to spend much time nor employ another person to append email addresses.

B2B Email Appending Services

B2B email appending services are available online. However, they are very expensive and you need to pay on a per lead basis. You need to pay for every piece of contact information of your prospects. In addition, these B2B email appending services provide data that was stored in their database for quite some time. Chances are high that the data might have become inaccurate or obsolete. Therefore, your email marketing campaigns based on such unreliable data can become a disaster.

Append Email Addresses of your B2B Prospects in a Click

Appending email addresses can be a breeze with B2B email appending software. You can append business email addresses in no time. LeadGrabber Pro is one such software that enables you to quickly append email addresses of your ideal customers. LeadGrabber Pro’s built-in patented email appending technology helps you to instantly append verified business email addresses of your targeted prospects.

With LeadGrabber Pro, appending email is now easy & quick.

LeadGrabber Pro appends email from a list of contacts with just name & company.

Import a list of contacts with name & company, LeadGrabber Pro finds CEO, CFO, CXO, CTO, VP, Founder email addresses in no time.

LeadGrabber Pro searches the Internet and appends business email addresses of your ideal prospects. What’s more? The B2B email appending software automatically provides verified business email addresses of your prospects. It helps you eliminate invalid email addresses.

LeadGrabber Pro also helps you to append business phone numbers of your prospects if they are available on the Internet.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to enrich your B2B prospect data, update your existing prospect database and helps you to improve your email marketing results.

Benefits of Appending Email with LeadGrabber Pro

  • Get real-time search results from the Internet
  • Find CEO, CFO, CTO, CXO, VP, Director, Found email addresses
  • Append 1000s of reachable & verified business email addresses in a click
  • Eliminate invalid & duplicate email addresses
  • Reach your ideal prospects with the right message in no time
  • Increase email deliverability & email marketing performance
  • Cost-effective solution unlike B2B email appending services
  • Spend more time with your prospects & close more sales

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to reach decision makers in your target companies at the right time and close more sales.

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