IP-Optimizer FAQs

Definitions, Pros & Cons, etc

eGrabber gets more research per day by leveraging Ntrepid's network of thousands of computer IPs to conduct the research.

Every search engine, portal and website keeps track of who is visiting them & what information they are accessing by logging the company's IP address. These sites also restrict how much information they provide to each IP address on a hourly & daily basis. If the hourly or daily limits are exceeded, your computer's access to that website is blocked for an indefinite amount of time, and sometime permanently. To keep your computer safe, eGrabber products limit the amount of research you collect to the allowed daily limit for one Computer IP.

Since Ntrepid ION gives you the power of thousands of computer IPs, eGrabber products do not limit the speed at which research is conducted - leading to more research being collected on a daily basis.

No. Generally most users do not need Ntrepid ION service to use eGrabber products.

eGrabber products out of the box can Append-emails and other fields at the rate of about 40 per hour without Ntrepid ION. eGrabber products run very efficiently, in that it uses , it uses all the hourly search limits imposed by search engines for each computer or network IP. eGrabber slows down only when the search engines can't keep up with eGrabber pace and force eGrabber to slow down temporarily.

You may consider subscribing to Ntrepid ION service if you need to batch-append hundreds of records per day AND have one of the reasons listed below:

  1. think its worth a 10% increase in accuracy when processing large batches of records
  2. want to run LeadGrabber 24x7
  3. want more than 400 records processed per day, per license
  4. want to run LeadGrabber on the same network / same IP / same Internet line, as the rest of your office
  5. are unable to allocate a dedicated Internet line to LeadGrabber
  6. want to run multiple LeadGrabber licenses on the same network / same Internet line / same IP

Subscriptions to eGrabber IP-Optimizer are available in smaller packs. You may consider subscribing to the eGrabber IP-Optimizer servers, if cost is a factor, OR if you want to try out the addon and see what results you get.

Ntrepid is a company that provides solutions that protect corporate identity while conducting Internet Research & web harvesting of research data. According to the Ntrepid ION website - Going online unprotected exposes your corporate IP address and identity to any website you visit, giving anyone, including your competitors, an invitation to track your digital footprints like a trail of breadcrumbs. Being aware that even benign Google searches can provide a clear picture of what you and your business are planning and researching is critical. With only an exposed IP address, anyone, including your competitors, can build profiles about your company, or worse, counteract your online initiatives with practices such as blocking and cloaking.

Here is links to more info Ntrepid ION's Collections Solutions - Business Web Harvesting Tools & how they work - http://www.ntrepidcorp.com/docs/ion/ION_Collection_Datasheet.pdf
Yes, there are. You need the ION Collections Solution to work with eGrabber.
When using Ntrepid ION, we have seen eGrabber users run the software 24x7 without heed to the bandwidth limits provided by their ISP. On an average, running 5000 emails will result in 5GB of data traffic. Check your pricing package with your ISP to know how much will get billed. (But we hope the more contacts you get > will give you more revenue > will allow you to buy a higher bandwidth pack from your ISP.

The performance and cost-per-email-id is the same for both options. You need to choose which pricing band suits you best.

eGrabber IP-Optimizer Servers Ntrepid ION Collection Solution
Pricing – Base Pack
$250 for 5000 Appends* Contact Ntrepid Sales.
Volume – Base Pack (Number of Find Emails you can run with Base Pack)
5000 emails Approx 20,000 emails, per million Queries* (number of emails found per million queries may be lower, if emails are harder to find)
Free Trial
2000 appends free on purchase of addon 3 days trial available to eGrabber customers
I still can’t decide. Is this for me?
It is, if:
  • You want to try out the results before upgrading to the Ntrepid ION system
  • Your computers are connected to the Internet via a proxy server
  • You wish to closely track IP-Optimizer usage for each license of LeadGrabber (do you have a geographically-spread team?)
It is, if:
  • You are a high-volume user (this option is more cost-effective)
  • You like to make purchases once a year and you want to buy in BULK

* What’s the difference between "Appends" and "Queries"? See FAQ here

Setting up & Billing

When you purchase the $495 addon, you get 2000 Appends with the eGrabber servers FREE. If you are an existing eGrabber customer, Ntrepid offers a no-cost 3 day trial of their service, which will work with the $495 addon.


  • IP-Optimizer costs $495/year; Option comes with 2,000 free-Appends
  • You can purchase additional appends in the increment of 5,000 Appends for $250
  • You can use your own Ntrepid ION login for no additional charge

Cost varies with how hard-to-find your emails are. We suggest you give the Ntrepid ION system a try and at the end of the trial, compute/project the cost for your usage.

  1. You need to get IP-Optimizer Addon ($495/year/user/product) from eGrabber. This add-on enables your eGrabber product to communicate with Ntrepid ION servers.
  2. You need to subscribe to Ntrepid ION Collections Solution directly from here.
You do not have to install anything. Ntrepid ION will provide you with a web url, user name and password which you can enter into the eGrabber settings. You do not have to change any browser settings.

Yes. You need to ensure that the computer running eGrabber & Ntrepid ION is not behind a proxy server. In other words, it is directly connected to your ISP's router.

Here is how you can test if Ntrepid ION can work for your current configuration. Make sure the below mentioned settings are empty.

Please note Ntrepid does not offer refunds for purchases. eGrabber cannot help you with any refunds.


When you use eGrabber IP-Optimizer Servers, then you will be billed in "Number of Appends". When you use Ntrepid ION Collections solution, you will be billed in "Number of Queries". In either case, the cost-per-emailid-research roughly works out to be $0.05 a piece. We have billed it this way to make it easy for existing Ntrepid / eGrabber users to track their usage.
Not finding an email / phone / other appended data means that no trace of that information is available on the Public Internet. It means: that business or that person needs to be contacted through other means. This mostly happens if that business does not have a website, or the website has prevented its text from being read by software.

In other words, not finding something is still a valid answer. The Appends / Queries will reduce in this case, because resources were used to determine that nothing that could be found.

If you "Append Email", "Append Phone" and "Append Postal Address", this will be counted as 3 Appends, even if they are all applied to the same row. Taking the same case, the number of queries used will depend on how hard it is to find contact information for the record you are trying to search. Use the Usage Log of the software to find out how much is used.

All Append Commands, except the "Append Timezone" are billed. Grab will be billed in certain cases only, and may change from time to time - you may ask support for a list of these.
Ntrepid ION does not charge by the size of the file downloaded.
Each eGrabber Product has its own restrictions. LeadGrabber, ResumeGrabber & LeadResearcher have an annual processing limit of 240,000 Counts / license / product. The 240,000 is shared between the Grab and the Append functions. In other words, you can grab up to 240,000 records and have zero appends, or, perform 240,000 appends and do zero grabs, or, do any combination in between.

Around 20,000 emails. If email ids are harder to find, the numbers are on the lower side.

Ntrepid offers eGrabber customers a 3 day trial of their ION Collections Solution. Existing eGrabber Customers can try it out, and estimate their Ntrepid ION usage, based on the LOG file provided in the Settings.

Performance & other Technical questions

When using Ntrepid ION, there is no limit on the number of emails in a batch. eGrabber recommends you run in batches of no more than 2,000.
Ntrepid's ION products don't limit bandwidth and will support all internet connection speeds. For more information, please contact Ntrepid support / sales.
We don't expect eGrabber's product running through Ntrepid ION to experience denial of service or blocks from sites that don't require login. On sites where the user is required to login, the daily limits are set by the username as opposed to the Computer IP. For such login sites, denial service might occur if hourly & daily limits are not observed.

With Ntrepid ION on eGrabber product, if you are experiencing denial of service in some manner from sites that don't require login, it is likely that other computers on the network are using the site in excess of what is expected.
When you put the Ntrepid ION settings into eGrabber products, only those products will use Ntrepid ION settings. None of the browsers installed on your system will use those settings.
The Ntrepid ION settings entered into eGrabber products are only for the operations of the eGrabber product. Other browsers and internet access points within your network are not required to run Ntrepid ION. Ntrepid does provide desktop anonymity services if needed. For more information, please contact Ntrepid support / sales.

If you have multiple licenses of eGrabber products in the same network, you can enter the same settings into all the eGrabber Product installations. Again, the Ntrepid ION account will not be used by any browser on any computer on the network.
No. The performance rate will not be affected by multiple people using the same Ntrepid ION account or accounts through the same port.
For more details, please refer the Ntrepid ION website and user agreement.