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Use ListGrabber to extract Name, Company, Title and Profile URL from LinkedIn to Excel.

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LinkedIn is the largest and the most updated online business directories of owners, Founders, CEOs and other decision makers. It helps you to find sales leads in your niche.

You can find decision makers from any industry, geography & company. You can also narrow down your search by Zip code and find owners from various industry verticals to whom you wanted to sell. The premium versions of LinkedIn such as Sales Navigator allows you to segment the list based on minute details such as company size, companies that are growing, companies that are hiring and many more filters.

LinkedIn data is reliable because the LinkedIn profiles are always updated and current. When a change happens to their business or their job role, the decision makers quickly update their LinkedIn profile. This makes LinkedIn leads more valuable & preferable than any other source on the Internet.

How to Export Contacts from LinkedIn Search Results?

Once you have found your targeted contacts - decision makers on LinkedIn - you can start contacting them. But before that, you need to extract contacts from LinkedIn. To extract leads from LinkedIn, you need to copy/paste contact name, company, job title & other information into your CRM or Excel spreadsheet. Manually copy/pasting 100s of contacts from LinkedIn to Excel is a time-consuming & tiresome task. It’s also prone for errors.

Export LinkedIn Contacts to Excel in a Click

ListGrabber is a powerful software that enables you to export contacts from LinkedIn to Excel in a click. ListGrabber instantly copy-pastes the contact information of your LinkedIn prospects into an Excel spreadsheet. It eliminates manual data entry, typo errors & saves a lot of your valuable time.

This extension of ListGrabber enables you to extract 30 pages of LinkedIn contacts per day in the LinkedIn Premium version and up to 500 pages of LinkedIn contacts per day in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator version.


  • One Click Transfer - Open the search result & click on ListGrabber to export contacts from LinkedIn to Excel in a click
  • Capture Leads faster - Extract LinkedIn contacts in minutes without typing
  • Hotkey Feature - Export LinkedIn contacts effortlessly using the shortcut key