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Profile Visitor – Get prospect’s mindshare by appearing on prospect’s “who’s viewed my profile”

Did you know that whenever you view a prospect's LinkedIn profile, they can see you? When those prospects go to their “Who’s Viewed My Profile” page in LinkedIn®, they can see your LinkedIn® profile photo and headline.

So what, you ask?

So,... When they look-back at your profile, it's an Advertisement Opportunity! If your profile is setup to advertise your business, THEY will contact you; and they will become an inbound warm lead for you!

This Profile Visitor plugin allows you to leave an impression on many many prospect's profiles daily. And this will get you inbound leads.

When you buy this plugin, you get also 500 free counts to use with the Append LinkedIn-ID plugin. So this means you can paste a prospect list of names and companies, get their LinkedIn-IDs; then the Profile Visitor plugin will leave your profile impressions on those prospects' LinkedIn accounts.

Pricing : $895 Annual license.

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