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Build Scheduler for unmanned Account-Based List Building - Plugin for LeadGrabber MF Pro

If you have a list of companies to reach out to, Build Scheduler can help you in finding decision makers for those targeted companies. Build Scheduler enables you to schedule daily processing of companies in eGrabber Management Finder & deliver the completed lists via email. It is for users who know in advance what lists they want to build and want to automate the entire process. It eliminates the need of manual intervention as new lists will be delivered to your inbox.

The list building process with Build Scheduler would be the same as it would be, if you are outsourcing to lead researchers.

  • Your Role - You would import a list of targeted accounts/companies to find decision makers and append business contact information processed into a folder. You can also grab accounts/companies directly from LinkedIn, Job Boards, Recently Funded Companies, and other sources.
  • Build Scheduler Role – Build Scheduler will wake up every day, process your list of accounts/companies, find decision makers for those companies, append business contact information and email the list to your inbox. More specifically, Build Scheduler will append decision makers + dedupe + append email/ph + verify email & send the verified list to the email-ID you specified.
  • Your Role – You would download your lead list every day from your email and use it to set up appointments and increase sales.

With Build Scheduler, you can import thousands of targeted companies and let it deliver customized decision makers/leads. You will be able to supply your team with a consistent flow of sales leads with minimal effort.

Pricing : $995

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