Find C-Level Executives for recently Funded Companies

If you are selling your products and services to Start-ups and recently funded companies, there are many websites that list these companies. For example, AngelList, Zoominfo provides the lists of start-ups and recently funded companies.

Using LeadGrabber MF, you can extract your potential companies from these websites and find C-Level Executives (CEO, CTO, CFO, CIO, CXO) along with work email and phone number.

Try the following:

Step 1: Select the website from where you want to extract companies. Example: AngelList.

extract companies from Angellist

LeadGrabber MF supports top company related websites such as PR Newswire, etc.

Step 2: Perform a company search.

Say start-up companies located in the US, in Enterprise Software market, working on python, javascript, HTML5, java, CSS technologies that had received Seed, Series A/B/C funding and then click "Grab" button to extract all the companies from search results into the LeadGrabber MF grid.

startup companies list in the US

Step 3: To find top management executives of the companies, select "*Append Matching Prospects in Companies" from the LI Management Finder drop-down and click on the relevant executives titles. Example: CXO-VP Level-IT-ENG.

Find C-Level executives in startup companies

The top management executives with CXO titles from those companies are displayed.

startup company C-Level executives list

Step 4: To find business email ID of the executives, select the records in the grid and click Append Email option.

find startup company C-Level executives business email address

LeadGrabber MF finds and displays the verified work email address of those executives.

Startup company executives verified business email address list

Step 5: Select the records in the grid and click on "Transfer" button to export the contacts into Excel/CSV or any CRM /ATS of your choice. Example: SFDC, PCRecruiter.

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