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One of the best places where you can find new prospects are recently funded companies. When companies receive funding, it means that they are going to expand and grow into the next level. They will be ready to spend to propel the companies to new heights. So it is essential for you to have a startup database of recently funded companies.

Some websites and portals offer you the list of startup companies that are funded recently. That’s great. But you can’t reach someone in the company and sell your product or service. You have to find C-level executives in those companies who make the buying decision. You need to find CEO, CTO, CFO, CIO, CXO from recently funded companies along with their business contact information such as business email address and phone number.

Remember, once the companies receive the funding they tend to work at the highest possible levels of speed, productivity and efficiency. Therefore, it is essential for you to quickly grab your opportunities.

LeadGrabber MF Pro is a powerful software that enables you to easily & effortlessly build a startup database of recently funded companies in the U.S. It enables you to find C-Level executives in those companies along with their verified business email addresses and phone numbers.

There are many websites that list the Start-ups and recently funded companies. For example, AngelList, Zoominfo provides the lists of start-ups and recently funded companies.

Using LeadGrabber MF, you can extract your potential companies from these websites and find C-Level Executives (CEO, CTO, CFO, CIO, CXO) along with work email and phone number.

Try the following:

  • Step 1: Select the website from where you want to extract companies. Example: AngelList.

    extract companies from Angellist

    LeadGrabber MF supports top company related websites such as PR Newswire, etc.

  • Step 2: Perform a company search.

    Say start-up companies located in the US, in Enterprise Software market, working on python, javascript, HTML5, java, CSS technologies that had received Seed, Series A/B/C funding and then click "Grab" button to extract all the companies from search results into the LeadGrabber MF grid.

    startup companies list in the US
  • Step 3: To find top management executives of the companies, select "*Append Matching Prospects in Companies" from the LI Management Finder drop-down and click on the relevant executives titles. Example: CXO-VP Level-IT-ENG.

    Find C-Level executives in startup companies

    The top management executives with CXO titles from those companies are displayed.

    startup company C-Level executives list
  • Step 4: To find business email ID of the executives, select the records in the grid and click Append Email option.

    find startup company C-Level executives business email address

    LeadGrabber MF finds and displays the verified work email address of those executives.

    Startup company executives verified business email address list
  • Step 5: Select the records in the grid and click on "Transfer" button to export the contacts into Excel/CSV or any CRM /ATS of your choice. Example: SFDC, PCRecruiter.