Find Decision Makers of companies you collected in a Tradeshow

If you have a tradeshow members list or a list of companies to target, LeadGrabber MF helps you to find business contact information of CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, CIOs, CXOs, VPs, Directors, Founders, Owners, etc. and enables you to speed up the process of B2B sales prospecting.

Our advanced B2B Account Based lead generation software helps you to build a list of top decision makers in a company. It helps you to quickly find C-level executives’ contact information such as email address and phone number with the following steps:

Step 1: Click on “Import” button on the LeadGrabber MF grid toolbar, select the Excel/CSV list, follow the instructions and click Finish.

software to find C-Level executives from trade show lists

Note: LeadGrabber MF helps you to import lists from, PCRecruiter, Text file and Microsoft Outlook.

The list of companies is now imported into the grid.

software to extract companies from trade show lists

Step 2: Select the companies in the grid and select "*Append Matching Prospects in Companies" option from the LI Management Finder drop-down and click on the relevant decision maker title. Example: CXO Level - VP Level - Marketing.

software to find C-suite executives from trade shows

Step 3: LeadGrabber MF searches and finds decision maker names for the selected companies in the grid.

Now, you have a list of Decision Makers with name and company name.

C-Level executives list attending trade shows

Step 4: You can now find C-level executives’ business contact information such as verified work email address, phone numbers, LinkedIn ID, etc.

Select the records in the grid and click Append Contact Info > Append Selected.

Select the options that need to be found [Append Email / Phone / Postal Address / TimeZone]".

C-Level executives business contact information attending trade shows

LeadGrabber MF performs deep-web searches and quickly finds decision makers’ contact information.

*LeadGrabber MF supports both LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Recruiter accounts.

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