Find Hiring Managers in Companies

Third-party recruiters often get their job orders from Hiring Managers in companies. Using LeadGrabber MF, you can capture list of companies who has a Job requirement from various job boards and finds Hiring Managers in those companies along with their verified contact information.

You can extract Hiring company contacts and append email address and phone number of hiring managers with the following steps.

Step 1: Select the job listing from where you want to extract hiring companies. Example:

Export job listings from job boards

LeadGrabber MF supports top job boards such as Simply Hired, Indeed, Career builder, Monster, Dice websites.

Step 2: Do a job search and select "Extract Companies in company-profiles" from the drop-down as shown below and then click "Grab" button to extract all the job profiles from search results into the grid.

Extract hiring companies from job boards

Hiring Company Job Listings

Step 3: To reach the hiring manager of the company, select "*Append specific Decision maker from Company" from the Append Decision Makers drop-down and click on the relevant hiring manager titles. Example: Chief HR /EQ.

Software to Extract Hiring Companies

Step 4: Now to find the email id of the hiring manager, select the records in the grid and click Append Email option.

Software to Find Hiring Managers and their Contact Information

Step 5: Once you have a Ready-to-use hiring managers list, click on "Transfer" button to export the contacts into Excel/CSV or any CRM /ATS of your choice. Example: SFDC, PCRecruiter.

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