Activity you want done

I want to Copy-N-Paste leads from Websites, Online directories & my email into a spreadsheet.

$249 / year
  • Highlight & Capture whole lead-list in a single click
$129 / year
  • Highlight & Capture one lead at a time

I want to build a targeted B2B Prospect List, from scratch.

I want to research & append contact-fields that are missing.

I want to append verified business email-IDs to my contacts.

I want to append missing LinkedIn® IDs to my contacts.

My initial data sources include LinkedIn,, google, list providers, directories etc

LeadGrabber Pro
$5,495 for 60K Leads
  • Best suited for Marketing and List-Builders who need frequent lists.
  • Build lead-lists of 1K to 10K leads per month
  • Highlight & Captures large lists of many contacts from social networks, online portals and online lists
  • Appends missing email addresses and phone numbers to hundreds of contacts, in a single batch
$1,195 for 4K Leads
  • Best suited for occasional projects and those who build lists once/twice a month
  • Build email lead-list of <500 per month.
  • Highlight & process one lead at a time
  • Must have Name/Company. Only appends email & phone
$3,495 for 19K Leads, includes 4K Management Leads
  • Best suited for targeting Company Lists on Any Website (VC Funding Websites, LinkedIn Searches, Exhibitor Lists, Membership Lists, Job boards, etc) and Named Accounts in Excel
  • Build lists targeting CEO, Founders, Owners, CMO, CTO and other C-Levels, Vice Presidents and Directors
  • Gives you Names, Titles, verified Work Email ID, Phone number and Personal LinkedIn profile

I want to know when my LinkedIn connections, customers, prospects or candidates change jobs

I want names of Executives for companies I want to target

I want to update my lead list (in CRM, Excel other with name, email, phone etc

  • Alerts when your existing connections, customers, prospects or candidates change companies or get promotions
  • Best suited to revive old lead pipelines and to get surprise bumps in revenue from old customers who are in new companies
  • Best suited for updating existing lead-list of 1K to 5K leads per month. (Does not capture new lists from Internet.)
  • Appends missing email addresses, phone numbers and LinkedIn Ids to hundreds of contacts, in a single batch
  • Appends company revenue / employee size / revenue

I want to know when when Customers or Key-Contacts Quit Companies or get Promoted

I want to know which companies they moved to and their new contact information

  • Stop Loss of Key Accounts, Generate Pipeline & Reduce Churn
  • It tells you when your Customers, Evangelists, Users, Deal Blockers and Competition move jobs or job roles, so that you can contain the threats and leverage the opportunities in your sales and SaaS subscription renewals pipeline.
  • Appends verified business email-IDs to prospects. You need not be connected to them