Activity you want done

I want to Copy-N-Paste leads from Websites, Online directories & my email into a spreadsheet.

  • Highlight & Capture whole lead-list in a single click
  • Highlight & Capture one lead at a time

I want to build a targeted B2B Prospect List, from scratch.

I want to research & append contact-fields that are missing.

I want to append verified business email-IDs to my contacts.

I want to append missing LinkedIn® IDs to my contacts.

My initial data sources include LinkedIn,, google, list providers, directories etc

LeadGrabber Pro
$3,495 for 35K Leads
  • Best suited for Marketing and List-Builders who need frequent lists.
  • Build lead-lists of 1K to 10K leads per month
  • Highlight & Captures large lists of many contacts from social networks, online portals and online lists
  • Appends missing email addresses and phone numbers to hundreds of contacts, in a single batch
$1,195 for 4K Leads
  • Best suited for occasional projects and those who build lists once/twice a month
  • Build email lead-list of <500 per month.
  • Highlight & process one lead at a time
  • Must have Name/Company. Only appends email & phone
$895/3 months
  • Best suited for Sales Reps and those who need small lists everyday
  • Build email lead-lists of <100 per day
  • Highlight & process small lists at a time
$3,495 for 19K Leads, includes 4K Management Leads
  • Best suited for targeting Company Lists on Any Website (VC Funding Websites, LinkedIn Searches, Exhibitor Lists, Membership Lists, Job boards, etc) and Named Accounts in Excel
  • Build lists targeting CEO, Founders, Owners, CMO, CTO and other C-Levels, Vice Presidents and Directors
  • Gives you Names, Titles, verified Work Email ID, Phone number and Personal LinkedIn profile

I want to know when my LinkedIn connections, customers, prospects or candidates change jobs

I want names of Executives for companies I want to target

I want to update my lead list (in CRM, Excel other with name, email, phone etc

  • Alerts when your existing connections, customers, prospects or candidates change companies or get promotions
  • Best suited to revive old lead pipelines and to get surprise bumps in revenue from old customers who are in new companies
  • Best suited for updating existing lead-list of 1K to 5K leads per month. (Does not capture new lists from Internet.)
  • Appends missing email addresses, phone numbers and LinkedIn Ids to hundreds of contacts, in a single batch
  • Appends company revenue / employee size / revenue

I want to drive traffic to my LinkedIn Profile where I list my offers and jobs

I don’t do outbound-email. I prefer advertising and having interested prospects contact me.

I want to leverage LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation, but I don’t have the time

  • Advertises your Social Profile to hundreds of targeted prospects per day, automatically
  • Generates direct, one on one, inbound views, connections and conversations
  • Appends verified business email-IDs to prospects. You need not be connected to them