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AddressGrabber Suite for ACT! will change the way you work. You will discover that anything you do with ACT! now gets done faster, easier and better. Adding contacts, looking up contacts and scheduling activities now becomes 10 times faster† because you use AddressGrabber Suite for ACT!Who buys AddressGrabber Suite for ACT!ACT! users who access their ACT! database when they are on the phone Sales and marketing professionals who make sales calls to customers / prospects in different time zones.All ACT! users who frequently schedules activities in ACT!.
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Case Studies

How AddressGrabber helps Account Executives gain more Business Development Time

"AddressGrabber Software is very effective, efficient and easy to use. I use it to completely automate my lead data-entry tasks. Now I am getting more time to focus on new business development. Truthfully, it’s the best $69 I have ever spent in my life!!"

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Thomas J. Migliore - How to Add Contacts Fast in ACT Thomas J. Migliore Senior Account Executive at Multinational Mass Media Firm

Discover the features that our customers love!

  • Enter Contacts into ACT! 10 times faster!† - AddressGrabber intelligently extracts all contact details (including name, company, address, email and phone) of your customers or prospects from any website, emails and transfers it in seconds to ACT!
  • Instant Lookup of ACT! contacts - Example: To look up “Steven Johnson” - Just type “st jo” ! Using Turbo Lookup you can look up any contact in ACT! by simply typing a partial contact name, phone number, company, email or combination thereof.
  • TimeZone Lookup for ACT! contacts - If your customers or clients are all over the country, you will appreciate this. Time Zone Lookup displays the current time and time zone for each contact as you navigate through ACT!. With this convenient feature, you can prioritize your work or decide if it's an appropriate time to call.
  • Speed up Scheduling Activities in ACT! - With Quick Scheduler, you can schedule activities for a contact in ACT! by simply typing the activity in plain English, eg.,"Meet John at 5 EST". AddressGrabber Suite for ACT! analyzes all the activities to be performed and assigns them to the corresponding contact in ACT!.


"I receive job leads by e-mail and I use it to capture the contact information into ACT!™ without any further manual effort."

Norman Wirtz
Systems&Accounting Solutions

"AddressGrabber saves me a lot of time. I used to cut and paste each phone number, name, address, etc. and separately and paste into the ACT! fields. This product saves me so much time. It was definitely worth the purchase price."

Rebecca Lee
Explorador Captial Management, LLC

"We purchased AddressGrabber software for two users and the time that it has saved us is phenomenal: adding contacts to ACT!, and creating companies instantaneously with a minimum of effort. We are so pleased with the way that this software performs as it takes just seconds. AddressGrabber creates additional sales time and has become an essential part of our everyday activities."

Den Chandler

"I Love AddressGrabber! The major benefit of AddressGrabber is the fact that you can transfer the information from anywhere (Internet or software programs) and don´t have to retype the information saving precious time."

Bonnie Phillips
ShowSpan, Inc.


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