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eMail-Lead Grabber is a web form processing software that enables you to extract email forms from Microsoft Outlook and automatically transfers email forms to your database. When your prospect fills a form on your website such as contact form, feedback form, submit an order or request a quote, the form is e-mailed to you. eMail-Lead Grabber helps you to quickly import these email forms and transfers them into your database. eMail-Lead Grabber enables you to quickly convert emails to ACT! Database. It also supports other databases such as Excel spreadsheet, Text file, Outlook, and more. This email to database software automates manual data entry and helps you quickly reach your prospects by sending personalized auto response emails. The Round Robin Forwarding features in eMail-Lead Grabber automates routing of email leads to your sales team.eMail-Lead Grabber also works with different formats of incoming leads such as text, HTML and XML formats.
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Transfer web form emails to your database!

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Features that Customers love!
  • Automate Manual Data Entry
    Eliminate the process of having to manually type or copy-paste the form data from email to your database.
  • Reach your prospect within 30 seconds
    You can send personalized auto response email to your prospects as soon as they fill in your form.
  • Distribute leads to your sales team
    Automate routing of leads to your sales team, thus enables you to reach your prospect faster and results in good sales convertion rate.
  • Lead processing solution - 24/7
    Automatically monitors the incoming leads from your mail server and processes them into your database.
  • We understand many databases
    eMail-Lead Grabber works with native support for best selling contact management/ database software used by small businesses and individuals. We support ACT!, MS-Outlook, Excel and more...
  • Handles HTML and XML leads
    eMail-Lead Grabber can handle the incoming leads that comes in text, HTML or XML formats.
  • Detects Duplicates
    eMail-Lead Grabber has an inbuilt de-dupe functionality that gives an alert if a contact that is being processed already exists in your database. This helps you maintain a clean and duplicate-free database.
  • Free E-mail / Phone Support*
    eGrabber Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – eGrabber promises free e-mail and phone support to eMail-Lead Grabber Customers. We can be reached by phone 408-872-3103 or through our online support center


"eMail-Lead Grabber allows me to get all my work done by myself instead of having to hire another person to do data entry. Now the data entry person can spend her time doing other productive work."

Chief Manufacturing Inc.

"I couldn't believe the time saved! It was amazing! Naturally, at the end of my trial demo period I purchased the program. It was a VERY small price to pay for the time I saved."

Polly Lower
Country Cottage Soap Co.

"Great Tool for Automation of Email Leads, It is a must-have tool for every Lead Email Manager".

Daniel, IT Director
Castle Point Mortgage

"eMail-Lead Grabber makes the Loan Officers more efficient and 100% accurate. It saves time and money, and we know we are capturing all the correct data. The GoldMine/eGrabber combination allows us to clearly focus on sales and increase our profits rather than focusing on data capture. The solution is seamless."

David Peskin, Chief Executive
Mortgage Warehouse


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Customized Macros

If you have specific directories, lists or web portals for which you require 100% accurate extraction, or extraction of specific extra fields, we can develop a custom extension in a few days. E-mail [email protected] or call 1-866-299-7314

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