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CEO and CFO Email Addresses - Get Email Contacts for C-Level Leads from any Corporate Website or Domain - Email Finder Tool.

This tool finds Verified business email ids & phone# of CXOs by Name and Company or Domain.

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Corporate websites and management pages are one of the best sources to find email addresses for CXO / CEO / CFO & C-level executives. Typically, management pages are the most up-to-date page on any company website. It has the names, title and other related information of C-level executives who are currently working in the company.

Though management pages are rich sources of C-level executives, trying to find CXO email addresses manually takes a lot of time and effort. An expert researcher can only find email addresses of 30 decision makers in 8 hours that B2B marketers cannot afford to spend.

The fastest way to Find CEO and CFO email addresses

eMail-Prospector is an email finding tool that enables you to find CXO email addresses in a click. eMail-Prospector uses 40+ email finding techniques to find CEO email addresses and also enables you to find email addresses of C-level executives such as CFO, CIO, CTO, VP, Director, Founder, Owner, Partner, etc. eMail-Prospector helps you to find email addresses of C-level executives in just a few minutes. eMail-Prospector verifies 100% of the CXO email addresses it finds.

Find Business Email Address of other Executives / Co-Workers too

eMail-Prospector finds email addresses of other C-Suite executives, VP’s, Directors and co-workers in the same company. You have multiple ways to contact your target account.

Find Anybody’s Email Address from the Website

eMail-Prospector can find email addresses of anybody in a company - not just decision makers. They could be interns, seniors, managers, Vice Presidents, Directors, … etc.

eMail-Prospector gathers all available email addresses of the company from the Internet & the Website, does a statistical analysis on them and then predicts the most probable email address patterns.

Finally, it verifies the email address with the company email server and gives you the email address of the person you are looking for.

Here’s How to use eMail-Prospector to Find CEO email addresses

  • Step 1: Open a management page inside your browser.

    Management Profiles from a Website
  • Step 2: Paste the Name and Company of your CXO contacts into eMail-Prospector. You can use the browser plug-in to highlight and click-to-paste.

    eMail-Prospector researches the deep web to find email address of C-level executives.

    If the search to find email address of your CXO fails, eMail-Prospector studies the patterns of the found email addresses in the company and then makes a statistical, intelligent projection.

    Paste Name and Company of your CXO contacts into eMail-Prospector

    eMail-Prospector verifies the projected CXO email address against the corporate email server and gives you a rating.

    eMail-Prospector also gives you co-Worker’s found email addresses for Free!

    Where on the Internet does Email-Prospector find CEO email addresses?

    eMail-Prospector scans thousands of web sources to find the email address of your target CXO / VP / Director / Executive.

    Scans Thoudands of Web Sources for Name & Company

    How is eMail-Prospector able to find CEO email addresses so accurately?

    eMail-Prospector integrates with technology partners to find you the best and most accurate business email addresses.

    eMail-Prospector can do parallel searches to find CEO email addresses. It is 10x faster than a human being because it can do parallel searches, whereas a human can do just one at a time.

    This email finding tool finds most of its CXO email addresses in less than a minute each. Sometimes, within 5 seconds too!

    eMail-Prospector also takes the additional effort to cross-verify the emails that it’s found - it spends a few extra seconds, but you are rewarded with a highly accurate a verified list.

    Integrates with 3 Technology Partners - To deliver 10x Performance

    Can eMail-Prospector find email addresses for a list of CXO’s?

    Yes, it can! Just paste the list in eMail-Prospector and it finds email addresses of CXOs for you. All you need is Contact-name and Company-name. Or, if you have a company website, that will do too.

    Find Email Addresses for a List of CXO’s

    Can it find Email Addresses of CIO's, CTO's, VP-Level, Director-Level and other executive decision makers?

    Yes it can! It can find email address of any decision maker or anyone in an organization, as long as the organization has a website.