3 HUGE variables that impact Email Marketing ROI

3 HUGE variables that impact Email Marketing ROI

Torn & Cut One Dollar Note Floating Away in Small $ Pieces

Here are some lessons I learnt from conducting 500+ B2B email campaigns.

There are 3 significant categories in the email marketing process, you must experiment and get right, to achieve a high CTR.

Just by making minor tweak’s to these 3 categories, you will start seeing 2x better than average performance. Get it right and you should be able to see 5x better click and engagement rate.

Here are those three categories you must experiment and tweak.

1. Your Email Template – Content & Visual

Variables you must test include Subject, Personalization, First Line, Body-Text, Message-Glimpse, Ending, Signature, From. I found the most important variable here is how PERSONALIZED the email feels.

2. Your Prospect Targeting Segment

Test your template with various prospect segments (demographics and background), to  find best fit profile. You can adjust template as required to match the segment. I found the most important variable here is ROLE & BACKGROUND of the prospect as opposed to title or any other aspect.

3. Receive Time & Day – Not Send Time

It is important you experiment with various prospect receive time & day (not your send time). I found the most important thing you must Pay attention to is PROSPECT’s TIME ZONE, not what time you need to send (I know sounds like it is common sense, but we forget at times our email can reach people in all parts of the world.)

You can refer this blog to know the best time to send emails to your prospects.

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