Adding more Decision Makers to your Prospect Lists – New LeadGrabber Pro features

Adding more Decision Makers to your Prospect Lists – New LeadGrabber Pro features

Great News! We’ve added new Lead Generation techniques to LeadGrabber Pro!

The previous release of LeadGrabber Pro built lists from online profiles, complete with email addresses and phone numbers. We went a few steps further and asked what else our users would like? All these features are modeled so that you can do either one of these three things: expand your contact list, segment your list, or manage your list better.

After Thanksgiving, we will be moving these to a premium version of LeadGrabber Pro ( Quick!… talk to [email protected] now! )

Here’s What’s New:

Expand your contacts / Add management from Website

This feature is very useful for building a list of top executives at any company online. If you have a list of target companies, import them into LeadGrabber and hit the “Add Management from Website” button under the Append menu.

LeadGrabber automatically searches the company’s website for names and titles of the top management, and makes a list for you.

Once you have the list of names, pick who you like to contact and LeadGrabber will add their email address and phone numbers.

Expand your contacts / Add Decision Makers to companies

If top management is not your target, but you are looking for decision makers with a specific title, say, a VP of Sales, or a Procurement Manager, this feature will do the hard work for you.

Again, import the list of companies into LeadGrabber, and tell it the specific titles you are looking for. LeadGrabber looks at company websites, online profiles, blogs, press releases, and other documents on the Internet, to find a Decision Maker’s Name.

Here’s another cool way you can use this: suppose you have a list of webinar registrants, or a list of tradeshow attendees, you know that the people are interested in your offering, but perhaps, they do not have the decision making power.

Import that list into LeadGrabber and use this “Append Management” feature to get a list of specific decision makers you want to target. Bingo! Now you can email them saying, “Hey I think your company is interested in what I am offering.. someone from your company recently attended my webinar / visited my tradeshow booth…”

Segment your contacts / Manage your Lists Smart / DupeCheck across folders

Great! You made a list. But don’t you want to…

  • remove duplicate records from the list you grabbed yesterday?
  • remove records which are already in your CRM / ATS?
  • remove your existing customers from that list?
  • remove your competition from that list?
  • identify repeat visitors / repeat webinar attendees…

In essence, you want to compare two lists and identify overlaps.

Now you can check for duplicates across multiple lists and flag them / delete them / merge them / whatever..!

Segment your contacts / Add company demographic information

Useful for prioritizing and qualifying leads, you can easily take a list of companies, or a set of contacts and append their company demographics. Import the list, press the “Append Company Details” button, and in a short while, the demographics are ready!And did I mention we added a multi-column Sort?

Segment your contacts / Add title hierarchy information

Another tool to qualify leads, it helps you separate your contacts into different hierarchy levels. Once you have this, you can filter, or sort on this column and export the list which best qualifies.

Enhanced Append / Frame email addresses

Append Email is a great feature, but if you already know the email address pattern at a particular company, then why wait for Find Email to finish adding all those emails?

In the example above, I know that “Abbott” has a FirstName.LastName@Domain format of their corporate email addresses.

There’s now a quick way for you to Frame these Emails. And it finishes much faster than the Append Email.

Enhanced Append / Better Find Email ratings

Finally, we’ve enhanced our flagship feature, making it many times better. It now sports a more accurate email rating system, which indicates how confident we are that the email address belongs to that contact. So a 5-star rating means we are extremely confident and a 1-star rating means we are not confident at all.

To get a personalized demo, call us at 866-299-7314, and a 7-day Free Trial here.

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