How to Build Custom Lists that Increase Response Rates by 10x

How to Build Custom Lists that Increase Response Rates by 10x

Do you have a cold email that kind of gets results, but not in a big way on lists you use?

The good news is, you have a cold email that works – that’s gold.

The problem most likely is you are using generic lists that are not tuned to what you sell. And you not only are losing prospects, your email domain reputation is also likely failing.

List failure happens if you just get lists based on Industry/title demographics, and not leveraging keywords or background your best prospects are likely to have.

If you are selling an accounting product to a CEO, maybe you should try target first to CEOs who used to have an accounting role before. This way your cold email will have a 10x higher chance of triggering a response.

Fastest Way to Build Custom Lists that gets you the Best Results

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