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Author: Premanand Arumugam

How CXO Searches can be Tricky & Impact Lead Generation

How CXO Searches can be Tricky & Impact Lead Generation

Are you building lists with Sales Navigator? Expect 10% wrong companies because of this LinkedIn bug.

Example – If you perform a CXO search for C-Level executives in companies more than 500 employees, LinkedIn can return an Accountant as a valid result.

You end up adding the wrong person to your marketing list.

cxo search

Here is the logic flaw that causes LinkedIn to provide false results:

Why does the CXO Search go wrong

The flaw happens if a person shows 2 or more present companies in his LinkedIn profile. For example, say if an accountant happens to work for a company that has more than 500 employees, but also shows they are the owner of a bakery, BOD of a nonprofit, or such equivalents, then you get the false results.

LinkedIn Shows them as matched –
CEO Matched at company-A and >500 EMP matched at another company-B.

LinkedIn doesn’t look if the title is in the same company

Sales Navigator doesn’t see if both the criteria are met by the person in the same company! Sales Navigator results have to be examined carefully if we search for more than one field in Lead Search.

Luckily, 90%+ people show only one present company and Sales Navigator is accurate for them.

10% have 2 or more Present Companies

In most industries, 10% of the people have 2 or more present companies where this LinkedIn flaw is impacting. The problem is worse if you are looking for CXO-level people at a large company. Hundreds of people in large companies can have a side consulting or small bakery or so where they are the CXO. These people show up as CXO of a large company because of the LinkedIn logic flaw.

LinkedIn Errors Appear on Higher Page#

Most of the casual users don’t encounter this flaw because, like in Google, they work with the first page of the search results. As a general rule, LinkedIn ranks people with one present company higher and appears on the first page. It is the middle and later pages where the error is more prevalent. So it is the list builders who mostly encounter this problem.

When you are looking at prospect results, it is best to double verify prospect match if you find they show they are part of more than one company, This small check can help improve email marketing conversions. If you want to manually go through the entire list, it would take a lot of your time & effort. LeadGrabber tool quickly flags these companies for manual verification.

Sales Navigator Industry Match is Misunderstood

There is a more common error related to the way people think the Industry field works and the way it works in Account and Lead Research. More details on that in another post.

How to Grab the Low-Hanging BDR Job Board Leads

How to Grab the Low-Hanging BDR Job Board Leads

Marketing agencies & Appointment Setting Companies, are you missing out on low-hanging BDR job board leads?

Companies hiring BDRs have a budget to hire good leadgen services immediately.

We see appointment setting companies scan job boards to find out who is hiring BDRs and sales reps – and target and reach out to them & close them fast.

Position Service as a Temporary Arrangement

They successfully pitch hiring companies to try their Outsourced service in parallel with the job search. They position themselves as low-risk high-ROI insurance to keep leads flowing. Maybe it can work for you too.

It works because it is a Win-Win

The hiring company can take their time to hire the perfect candidate, while they hire the appointment setting company to get more immediate leads. The CEO/VP is hiring BDR now because they have a sales team that needs leads now.

Competitors think it is much Manual Work

Even though leadgen/ appointment setting companies know targeting companies that are already hiring people like them makes sense – most don’t do it because it involves too much manual work.

New Tool gets you hundreds of leads per week/month

The new JobGrabber tool automates all the manual work – it can get hundreds of BDR Job opening leads weekly/monthly. You can sort leads by EMP size and Industry and target best companies first.

Leads feed into Zoominfo and another

You can’t get such warm leads from ZoomInfo or any other database. It has to be someone who is scanning job postings all the time.

Our customers get these hiring company leads from us, and feed them into their list provider to get contact info.

You get LinkedIn IDs of CEO and VPs

Tool gets you hiring companies and decision-makers with LinkedIn-IDs. You can connect with them and message them directly.

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How to Quickly Build Targeted Prospect Lists for Account-Based Marketing

How to Quickly Build Targeted Prospect Lists for Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing is one of the most effective growth marketing strategies that enables you to identify & reach out to companies that are your ideal prospects rather than reaching out to your target audience in general. It helps you to focus only a list of companies in a given market, personalize your marketing messages and make more conversions.

Build Targeted Prospect Lists for Account-Based Marketing

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account-based marketing

Account-Based Marketing helps you to save a lot of time & resources. Some of the stats reveal that more than 85% of the account-based marketers say that ABM outperforms all other traditional marketing initiatives and it gets better year over year.

ABM has helped companies improve win rates, increase average deal size, increase revenue, and so on. However, you will have to ensure that you have covered all your bases before getting on to it. Account-based marketing offers a lot of benefits but there are some challenges to start with ABM.

One of the challenges is to identify the target accounts and build a list of prospects. It would take a lot of time to manually search/research companies, identify the target companies and build prospect lists. Only when you get a list of target accounts, you will be able to personalize your marketing messages. This is where account-based marketing tools come in handy.

Build Targeted Prospect Lists for Account-Based Marketing

LeadGrabber Pro is one such tool that helps you to easily & effortlessly search accounts that are your potential clients, search for specific profiles in those companies, build a list of targeted prospect and find verified business email address and phone numbers of those prospects.

LeadGrabber Pro with ABM List Builder helps you to build targeted prospect lists for account-based marketing in no time. You can either build a list of target accounts or import your existing list of companies.

The software instantly finds you the decision makers that match your ideal customer profile. Once you get the list of decision makers, the tool helps you to find business email and phone in a click.

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How Staffing & Outsourcing Firms can quickly Fix the Blind Spots & Win More Clients

How Staffing & Outsourcing Firms can quickly Fix the Blind Spots & Win More Clients

Even established Staffing & Outsourcing companies lose business to competitors because of this blind spot. But, you can fix it in no time & win more clients.

Let’s assume the situation goes like this:
Mary’s (staffing business Owner) best friend is John (startup founder) known for 5+ years. John’s company is growing & hiring like hell, but the job orders are outsourced to Mary’s competitors and not Mary. Here’s why..

There is a huge blind spot here:

  • John’s team is hiring and not John.
  • John’s team doesn’t know the CEO’s friend Mary can do the job.
  • AND Mary’s team doesn’t know her best friend John is hiring.

This is where companies lose their business to their competitors. This is where a tool such as JobGrabber can be handy for staffing & outsourcing companies.

Fastest Way to Win More Clients

JobGrabber helps Mary solve this problem in no time. JobGrabber flags all the companies in Mary’s network that are hiring roles their company can fill.

know who in your network is hiring & win more clients

JobGrabber correlates job postings on popular Job-Boards with LinkedIn and CRM/Excel connections.

JobGrabber enables any salesperson in a staffing/outsourcing company to flag job postings where there is an existing connection to any employee at the hiring company. The contact could be through network or CRM.

JobGrabber is a new and faster way for salespeople to get new clients and job-orders

JobGrabber helps salespeople to leverage the network of their founders and CXO’s to find entry into job openings.

JobGrabber enables business owners to leverage their relationships to win more clients & for faster growth.

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How to Quickly turn your CRM into a Goldmine of New Prospects

How to Quickly turn your CRM into a Goldmine of New Prospects

Salespeople at bigger companies tend to miss out on easy prospects they have in-house.

They can do this every 90 days to get few easy appointments.

Typically bigger companies make it easy to chase new clients, so salespeople fall into the flow. They get handed down new lists, templates, sequences, and in-house processes to follow.

find new prospects

Your CRM – A Goldmine of New Prospects

We find there are tons of new prospects you can find within a CRM that is 3 or more years old. Most companies are ignoring them.

Salespeople can mine the CRM once a quarter and find Gold. They will find these leads will close a lot faster because the prospect is already familiar with your company and product.

Salespeople can look for past product champions (in CRM) that quit and got promoted at another company. And reach out to them at the new company.

Salespeople can find past deal blockers (in the CRM) that quit. They can go back into the lost deals account to see if there is a new opportunity with new management.

All the processes mentioned above can be manual and time-consuming, but it could provide a high ROI for your time and lots of new deals.

Automation Service to Find New Prospects in your CRM

We at eGrabber have “Job Change Finder” as a service. We have automated the processes that we mentioned above and can help you find all the blockers and champions that changed jobs and find replacement contacts too.

All you have to do is just import your CRM contacts into Job Change Finder. You get new prospects along with their updated business email address and phone number in no time.

For more information on Job Change Finder, visit

Fastest Way to Find Email & Phone of Any Contact on the Internet

Fastest Way to Find Email & Phone of Any Contact on the Internet

Are you someone who use Google to search for contact info of prospects you found on LinkedIn or on the web?

Yes, it is the fastest way to find email & phone of your prospects. But…

It takes a lot of time to scan through the results and Google doesn’t tell you if the email is deliverable or not.

If the prospect is not on the Internet, you would be spending your precious time to find email & phone or the company email pattern.

This is where eMail-Prospector comes handy.

Find Anyone’s Email Address & Phone in Seconds!

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fastest way to find email & phone

Find eMail & Phone of any Prospect in Seconds

eMail-Prospector is a email finder tool designed for business people to find email & phone of prospects found on LinkedIn or on the Internet. You get the business email or work email ID of the prospect.

All you need is just the first name and last name of the contact and the company name. With the click of a button, you get the verified work email ID and phone of any prospect you find on LinkedIn or on the web.

eMail-Prospector doesn’t get you the email addresses through a simple Google search. The email finder tool does smart deep web search and uses advanced email-finding techniques to find email addresses of contacts. If the contact is not found on the Internet, eMail-Prospector intelligently scans for coworker email patterns and gets you the most probable email address of your contacts.

Even if you have assistants or interns to research email/phone, it would take a long time to find email & phone of your prospects. The only difference is, someone is doing for you on your behalf and you are paying for them.

With eMail-Prospector, you will be able to research 10x faster and become far more productive.

eMail-Prospector helps you to:

  • Find email addresses of prospects in any company.
  • Get verified email addresses with 95%+ deliverability.
  • Build email lists for your marketing campaigns.
  • Find missing email addresses & phone in your existing CRM.
  • Reach your targeted prospects in no time.

Visit our website to know more about eMail-Prospector.

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How to Leverage Zoominfo & JobGrabber to get New Clients Faster

How to Leverage Zoominfo & JobGrabber to get New Clients Faster

Are you in staffing or outsourcing sales looking to leverage Zoominfo to get new clients?

If yes, then this post will help you to learn how you can get new clients faster.

Reaching out to your prospects in general cannot get you new clients. You need to identify those companies that are hiring and then reach out to them to get a positive outcome.

Fastest Way to Get New Clients for Staffing/Outsourcing Firms

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Unfortunately, salespeople find that more than 75% of the Zoominfo contacts they connect with are not hiring. This is because Zoominfo doesn’t have the intelligence on who is hiring for the positions you fill.

You will have to call up those contacts every time to know if they are hiring which eats up more than 75% of your prospecting time. This is where JobGrabber comes in handy.

how to get new clients

Software to Get New Clients Faster

JobGrabber is a powerful tool that can get you the list of companies and people that have job openings in your area of specialty. You will get the data in a format that can be easily imported into Zoominfo to get the email/phone.

With JobGrabber, 100% of the contacts you get from Zoominfo will have job openings that you can fill. You can craft compelling cold-calling messages and schedule more appointments.

You don’t need Zoominfo to use JobGrabber. It has options to find email & phone.

Whether it is for Staffing or Outsourcing companies, JobGrabber helps you to get new clients in no time. With a click of a button, JobGrabber gets you the list of companies that are hiring. The tool intelligently eliminates all the duplicates because it takes a lot of time and effort to clean up those stuff and get only those unique companies that are hiring.

JobGrabber also gets you the list of CXOs in the companies that are hiring. You don’t need to manually search for decision makers in those companies.

What’s more? You also get the verified business email address and phone numbers of CXOs. With a click of a button, you get all the data in a spreadsheet format that is professional and you can share the list right away.

What’s next? You need to reach out to those companies that are hiring actively, set sales appointments and get new clients 10x faster.

What are you waiting for?

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