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How to Generate CEO Email List in No Time

How to Generate CEO Email List in No Time

CEO Email List – Marketing professionals often wonder why their well-crafted marketing campaigns fail without any reason. They spend a lot of time and resources in developing their campaigns by choosing the right strategy, developing compelling content and providing irresistible offers. But, they still are unable to taste success.

The reason is, they don’t have the correct contact information of the right person in the company. Reaching anyone in a company is not a big deal but identifying the right person who has the decision-making & buying authority, and contacting them is a challenge.

For example, CEOs are one of the decision makers in a company. If you can convince a CEO, then things will fall in place the way you want. But the challenge here is, you cannot find the CEOs’ email that easily. In most of the company websites, you can just find the name but you will not find any trace of CEO contact information – email or phone. So without any basic contact information, you can’t even imagine reaching them.

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Ways to Generate CEO Email Lists

Some marketers choose to buy lists, but they are quite expensive and also the data is not reliable. Another way to generate CEO email lists is to build your own list manually. But that can take a lot of effort in terms of time and resources. This is where a tool, such as Management Finder that quickly builds CEO email lists or any other decision-makers can be handy.

Build CEO email lists from Professional Networks

Online business directories, social and professional networking sites are some major sources where you can find targeted business leads. When it comes to B2B business, professional networking sites are one of the best places to find top decision makers in companies. Because, top executives such as CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, VPs, Directors can often be found in professional networks connecting with peers, thought leaders, influencers and other like-minded people.

Professional networking sites also allow you to search for CEOs based on the industry, geography, company headcount, company type, function, etc. It enables you to narrow down your search to precisely find the right prospects. So when you perform a search for CEOs with desired search filters, it displays a set of results. But most often you would not be able to find their business email addresses.

This is where Management Finder comes handy. With a click of a button, Management Finder helps you to instantly extract the search results into the grid.

Now, select the records that do not have the email.

Click Append Email.

ceo email lists

Management Finder’s patented email appending technology helps you to instantly find CEO email addresses for the selected contacts. It also displays the CEO business emails, email domain and email rating.

What’s more? Management Finder verifies the business email addresses that are found.

Now, you have the verified CEO email list and you are all set to jump start your email campaigns.

Build Email List for a list of CEOs

Management Finder also enables you to build email lists if you already have a list of CEOs. Say, you have a list of CEOs collected from various sources such as trade shows, conferences or any other events that has only the name and company name, you can just import it into Management Finder and click Append Email.

eGrabber Management Finder helps you to generate CEO email lists in no time.

Generate CEO email lists from Target Account List

Management Finder helps you to build CEO email lists from a list of targeted accounts.

For example, you have list of companies/accounts that you wanted to target. You don’t have any other information other than that.

No worries!

Just import that targeted account list into Management Finder. With a click of a button, Management Finder finds key decision makers from those targeted accounts and appends verified business contact information of those decision makers.

CEO Email List

Your CEO email list is ready!

What are you waiting for?

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