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How to Find CEO Email Address of any Company

How to Find CEO Email Address of any Company

CEOs hold prestigious positions as top-level executives and wield considerable influence over crucial business decisions. Due to their frequent travel and demanding schedules, email communication serves as the most effective way to reach CEOs.

Consequently, B2B marketers are constantly exploring various strategies to find CEO email addresses, understanding the importance of building direct relationships with key decision makers. This blog post will help you to find CEO email address of any company in no time.

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1. How to Find CEO email address in less than 60 seconds!

CEO emails are of great importance in B2B business as they offer a direct channel to key decision makers, provide opportunities for personalized communication, and facilitate relationship building that can lead to significant business growth and success.

But, you can’t easily get email addresses of CEOs either on websites, LinkedIn or any other place on the Internet. You might only have the Names and Company names of your prospects. This is the biggest challenge that B2B marketers face on a daily basis.

However, here is a CEO Email Finder tool that helps you to find CEO email address in less than 60 seconds (Try for Free).

To find email addresses of CEOs,

  1. Import the CEO contact list with Contact Name (First Name & Last Name) & Company Name.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow near the Append Contact Info button on the grid toolbar and select Append E-mail option.

The CEO Email finder software instantly finds and displays you the verified business email addresses of CEOs. It also helps you to find company email addresses for CXOs, VPs, Directors, Owners, Partners & other top executives in the company. You can get the list of CEO emails in no time.

2. How to Find CEO Email Address (Manually)

If you want to manually get the email addresses of Chief Executive Officers, you need to first find them in your target companies. If you have a list of companies, you need to manually visit company websites, look for the Chief Executive Officers on the company management page, copy-paste the names to your database or Excel spreadsheet and then find email IDs. This is a daunting task that requires a lot of your effort and time.

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LinkedIn is another place where you can quickly find CEO of a company. You can find Chief Executive Officers of companies based on geography, industry, company size, revenue, and so on. You can connect with them on LinkedIn and gradually proceed further to pitch your product and get sales appointments. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. It will take its own time and you will not be able to build email lists of chief executive officers on time.

3. Why you should Find & How to Find Company CEO Email Address

As mentioned earlier, Chief Executive Officers are always busy and they don’t check on LinkedIn frequently. Maybe they reserve these tasks for weekends or during their leisure time. Also, they get hundreds of LinkedIn messages and your message might get lost among those hundreds.

Also, you need to have in mind that people use their personal email IDs to sign up for LinkedIn. Even though you get connected, you get only their personal email addresses. Chief Executive Officers do not check personal emails frequently and they don’t generally prefer to have business communications using personal email IDs.

Therefore, reaching the Chief Executive Officers via their business email address is the only effective way to get better response rates and results for B2B marketers. They use it during their business hours on a daily basis and they respond quickly as well.

Here are 4 proven ways you can use if you’re looking for company executive email addresses.

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4 Proven Ways to Find Company CEO Email Address

CEO email lookup can be your secret weapon to build a list of CEO emails. CEO email lookup can involve various steps depending on the method you choose. Many company websites have dedicated leadership pages where CEO contact information might be listed. Searching online for recent news articles or interviews featuring the CEO can sometimes reveal their email address.

Online business directories and industry-specific directories can also help you to build a list of CEO emails. Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn might help you find CEO email IDs. Email databases can also be a source to build a list of CEO emails. But each of these methods have its own pros & cons.

CEO email finder tools can help you search by industry, company size, or keyword to build comprehensive CEO contact lists, complete with verified email addresses and other valuable information. CEO email lookup helps you elevate your outreach efforts and reach the right people at the right time.

Here are four proven ways to find business email addresses for chief executive officers in your target accounts by name and company name. You will be able to find executive email addresses in bulk and build lists of CEO emails.

1. How to Find CEO emails using Common Email Patterns

If you are trying to find email address of the chief executive officer at a small company that has not more than 50 employees, chances are that the chief executive officer has access to or is monitoring one or more of these generic email IDs.

Try using one or more of these email addresses to reach the CEO directly:

find CEO email addresses by email patterns

So if the Chief Executive Officer is Gary, use any of these generic email IDs and say “Hi Gary,…”. That’s because even if the email inbox is being monitored by someone else other than the Chief Executive Officer, they would directly forward the email to the CEO, saying “I got this email, I think it’s for you…”

Think about that for a moment. When the Chief Executive Officer gets your email forwarded from an employee, what do you think the CEO is going to do? That’s right.

The CEO WILL READ the email – will read your message – and you get your golden slice of attention. There is a bit of social engineering going on there – the CEO has an email from an employee and MUST take a look at it.

One more thing, at small companies, usually the Chief Executive Officer is the first employee, so chances are that they also got the first email address. And the most popular patterns are:

If you want to verify before sending the email address, use to test the email address. This is a cool, reliable and email checking service that has been around for years.

This method might take some time and effort but you will be able to find CEO email IDs for free.

2. How to Find CEO email IDs from the Internet

Another way to find chief executive email addresses is on the Internet. Sources such as online directories, social & professional networking sites, corporate websites, blogs, forums, user groups, association websites are some of the places where you can find email addresses of CEOs. Chances are there that you might be able to get a free list of CEO email IDs from these sources. However, you will have to visit these pages manually and then find them out.

To perform a CEO email lookup, you need to have expert Internet research skills, well-versed with Boolean search techniques and Google search scripts to wade through hundreds of web pages on the Internet.

find ceo email address - boolean search
Boolean Search Strings to Find CEO Emails

Note: You can modify the search strings based on specific requirements or the desired level of granularity in the search results.

Still, it takes a lot of time & effort from you. You might get the email IDs but you never know if they are verified business email IDs.

Businesses with very limited resources cannot afford to spend countless hours on the Internet on a daily basis and cannot afford to spend a dedicated resource to find and build CEO email lists.

3. How to Find CEO email IDs from Email Databases

Email databases and email appending services are another way to find chief executive email IDs. But, they are very expensive. You might have to pay for every contact detail. The next concern is that these email databases and email finding services provide data from a database that was stored for a long period of time.

Research says that every year around 25% of the data becomes unusable. It is because people move to different companies and therefore their business contact information becomes obsolete. You might still be on the losing end after spending thousands of dollars on email databases & email appending services.

4. How to Find CEO Email Addresses in Bulk

LinkedIn has advanced search tools that enable you to get a list of CEOs.

CEO list

When done manually, it can be hard to find the email addresses of all of these chief executive officers.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to find CEO email addresses with a click. When you have a list of these Chief Executive Officers, the CEO email finder runs an automated email finding process to find CEO contact information. You can easily & effortlessly find CEO email addresses for US companies. The software also helps you to find chief executive email addresses for UK companies as well.

Unlike email databases, LeadGrabber Pro does instant real-time searches on the Internet and finds chief executive email addresses in no time. It also automatically verifies the email addresses and provides you with the verified business email addresses of CEOs. The software helps you to build email lists of chief executive officers faster than experts.

Find CEO email address

With a click of a button, you can export the CEO email list from LeadGrabber Pro to Excel or CSV file.

5. CEO Email Address FAQs

How does LeadGrabber Pro find CEO email addresses?

LeadGrabber Pro does deep-web searches on the Internet and finds you the latest work/business email addresses of CEOs. LeadGrabber Pro’s built-in US patented email appending technology helps you to get 30% more accurate emails. LeadGrabber Pro automatically verifies the email IDs and provides you only verified business email IDs of CEOs.

How fast can I build Chief Executive Officer email lists?

With LeadGrabber Pro, building chief executive officer email lists is very easy & effortless. Just import a list of CEOs with name and company name, and click on a button. LeadGrabber Pro gets you the verified email list of CEOs.

Can I get a free list of CEO email IDs?

Download LeadGrabber Pro and you can use the software to build a free list of 150 company email addresses of CEOs.

How LeadGrabber Pro is better than buying CEO email lists?

LeadGrabber Pro does not get email addresses from any database. It does real-time live searches on the Internet and gets you the latest work email-IDs of CEOs.

You get Spam-Safe work email-IDs of CEOs.

You can easily eliminate duplicates & invalid email IDs.

You can quickly build chief executive officer email lists for companies in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc.

You can download LeadGrabber for free and build email lists of CEOs in no time. You get 150 free. No credit card required. Fill this form and we will send you the license key and you will get LeadGrabber Pro immediately.

Try LeadGrabber Pro for free and Find CEO Email Addresses in no time!

LI Prospecting Tip: How to Turn an Anomaly into your Strategic Advantage

LI Prospecting Tip: How to Turn an Anomaly into your Strategic Advantage

LI industry search can give 25%+ missing or wrong leads if 2 searches are not done. LI assigns 2 industries to every person (Lead & Acct) – users are not aware.

Read on to learn more about one of those LinkedIn prospecting tips and tricks that you too can take advantage of.

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Find Prospects that Competitors Miss Out

Savvy marketers leverage this anomaly as a strategic advantage to find prospects competitors miss out.

Q: How would you tag Bob VP technology if he is working for a healthcare company. Tag as tech industry or health care industry?
A: Both would be right.

Turns out, Bob might show up in neither and only show up under sales industry!

How Li Industry Search Works

What LI does, prompts you to assign industry when you create a profile and it calls your first job as lead industry until you change. Most execs, don’t change.

Most people set the IND when they create a profile out of college based on the first job and forget about changing this. So if Bob’s first job was a sales intern, he would assign his lead industry to sales. And that’s how it shows years later if not managed by him.

Unless Bob actively manages to change his personal industry, even if he becomes VP of technology, he can only be found In sales industry based on his first job.

Here is how we get around finding Bob in healthcare.

Lucky for Bob (and us), LinkedIn changes Bob’s Acct industry based on company he is working. Even though personal industry is not changed and is messed up.

SolutionHow to Fix

Search for Bob’s company first under Accounts tab and he will show up in healthcare industry as VP of Technology.

Then use leads tab to search within account results using level or technology. Use industry in leads sparingly knowing it could be wrong.

This entire search process based on industry in LinkedIn is tricky.

One clearly needs to avoid industry when building cold lists.

Or be smart about how to search via Leads tab and Accounts tab

eGrabber Solutions offer Competitive Advantage

eGrabber helps customers treat this anomaly in industry as a source of strength. We have built iterative features in eGrabber solutions to take advantage of this.

LeadGrabber has built-in features to build lists by Account Industry and then get a tight list with Lead Industry.

No product in the industry does what LeadGrabber does.

ZoomInfo can’t get such lists either, they don’t have info that LinkedIn has.

These lists are more accurate and close 5x faster.

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Selling Workflow Solutions? Here’s a Novel Way to Tap into a New Lead Source

Selling Workflow Solutions? Here’s a Novel Way to Tap into a New Lead Source

Salespeople, does your product automate workflows such as billing, shipping, invoicing, etc.?

If yes, here is a “New” lead source for you!

Out-of-box-thinking salespeople are finding good leads on job boards.

Companies Hiring for Workflow Projects

Many companies seem to launch internal projects to customize workflows and are hiring for their projects through job boards.

Companies feel it is faster and can get more custom products if they built it in-house. But they forget the ongoing costs, delays, risks, management time, building non core items, etc.

If you can pitch your product as a perfect short and long-time fit, sale will be faster.

They are already budgeted to build the workflow solution in-house. And yours is likely to cost less and faster to deploy. So there can be less ROI talk. And more timeline for deployment talk.

Leverage Job Boards

You can search job boards with relevant keywords for companies starting such workflow projects. Research company and reach relevant decision makers.

There are plenty of job boards for each niche. They are free to use. Companies are easy to identify if you know how to search for tell-tale clues they are starting projects. These leads can be win-win and fast closing.

Selling Workflow Solutions? Here's a Novel Way to Tap into a New Lead Source 3

Fastest Way to Find New Leads

eGrabber sells a product (JobGrabber) that searches job boards for leads and integrates with LinkedIn to surface all key contacts and decision makers in hiring companies.

JobGrabber also finds direct email and company phone, and builds a ready-made list of leads from job boards in an excel sheet.

You can get a demo or trial version.

You will get all the leads we generate during a demo or trial.

That may be good enough to get a deal!

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How to Quickly Scan Job Boards & Unlock Hidden Sales Opportunities

How to Quickly Scan Job Boards & Unlock Hidden Sales Opportunities

Do you scan job boards for sales leads?

Seems like a smart thing to do. There seems to be people with need and money to pay.

If you are in sales, you are always on the lookout for new leads. One often-overlooked source of sales leads is job boards.

While it may seem counterintuitive to scan job boards for sales leads, it can actually help you unlock hidden sales opportunities. Here’s why.

Fastest Way to Scan Job Boards & Unlock Hidden Sales Opportunities

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Scan Job Boards for Companies that have a Need

When a company posts a job opening, it’s usually because they have a need. Whether it’s a new position or a replacement for a previous employee, a job posting is an indicator that the company has a need to fill. If you can identify that need and offer a solution, you may be able to win new business and boost your sales performance.

Scan Job Boards for Companies that are Growing

Job postings can also be an indicator of company growth. If a company is expanding and hiring new employees, they may be looking for new products or services to support that growth. By identifying companies that are hiring, you can target your sales efforts to those that are likely to have a need for your products or services.

Target your Sales Efforts

When you’re scanning job boards for sales leads, you can use the job posting to help you target your sales efforts. For example, if a company is hiring a marketing manager, they may be in need of marketing services. If a company is hiring a new IT manager, they may be in need of IT services. By using the job posting to understand the company’s needs, you can tailor your sales pitch to better address those needs.

Identify Decision Makers

Job postings often include the name and contact information of the hiring manager or HR representative. By using this information, you can reach out to decision makers directly and start building a relationship. This can be especially useful if you’re targeting larger companies where it may be difficult to identify the right person to contact.

In conclusion, scanning job boards for sales leads can be a smart strategy. By using job postings to identify needs, target your sales efforts, and identify decision makers, you can win new business and boost your sales performance.

However, it takes a lot of your time and effort to sift through hundreds of job postings and identify potential sales leads. The reason is, companies post multiple job postings across different job boards.

You will have to eliminate the duplicates, job postings from other staffing agencies and then build a list of unique companies that are hiring. This is where a tool such as JobGrabber comes handy.

quickly scan job boards

Fastest Way to Scan Job Boards & Generate Sales Leads

JobGrabber helps you to quickly scan job boards, instantly analyzes job postings and helps you build a list of new companies that are hiring.

JobGrabber also gets you the list of decision makers in companies that are hiring. It opens the list of people on your LinkedIn account and you can reach out to them right away.

JobGrabber eliminates all the duplicates & staffing agencies, flags existing clients if they are hiring currently and gets you the decision makers that match your ideal customer profile along with their name, email, phone, job title, etc.

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4 Reasons LinkedIn Groups have High Conversion Prospects

4 Reasons LinkedIn Groups have High Conversion Prospects

If you’re in sales, you likely know the importance of finding qualified leads and converting them into customers.

One great source to find high-conversion prospects is LinkedIn Groups.

With over one million groups available to join for free, LinkedIn Groups can be a valuable resource for salespeople looking to connect with qualified prospects in their industry.

Members of these groups are often looking to solve problems that align with the solutions you offer, making it a prime opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your field.

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In this blog post, we’ll explore 4 reasons why LinkedIn Groups have high conversion prospects and how you can leverage them effectively to drive sales.

Why LinkedIn Groups have High Conversion Prospects

  • Members want to Solve Problem you Sell – Li Groups have similar minded people that discuss how to solve problems in their industry, problems you already solve. There are 1 M+ groups you can search for problems you solve and join them for free.
  • Decision Makers ask Juniors to get Insights on Specific Problems/Topics – Li Groups are where decision makers send juniors to find if problems they plan to solve are being discussed. Do research and write around problems you solve.
  • Domain Experts Hang Out on Li Groups – Li Groups are where experts in a domain hang out to answer questions on how to solve a problem hoping to get a consulting contract. Find where experts are hanging out.
  • Li Groups are where Savvy Sales People Hang Out – Sales people use Li Groups to find companies that are tackling problems they solve and approach them via email. You can do the same.

How to Leverage LinkedIn Groups

  • Connect with the CXO-VP levels on LinkedIn and nurture via email. Think of people belonging to a Li Group as those representing your prospect companies and connect with them.
  • Look at experts in your industry and join groups they belong to. You will get closer to more prospects.
  • Find competitors and join groups their sales people belong to. They might have found the right groups where your ready-made prospects are.
  • Join appropriate LinkedIn Groups in your solution domain. You can get a constant channel of prospects for free. You can’t get these leads on ZoomInfo or any other database.
why LinkedIn Groups have high response prospects

If you are in sales, why would you not belong to a LinkedIn Group where your prospects are?

It’s free to join!

If you need help finding a LinkedIn group that is appropriate for what you sell, contact [email protected]. He can get you an expert on LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn Prospecting Tool to Find High-Conversion Prospects

Prospecting on LinkedIn can take a lot of your time and effort. This is where LeadGrabber Pro comes in handy.

LeadGrabber Pro is a LinkedIn prospecting tool that helps sales people to make the most of LinkedIn Groups. The software helps you to quickly build CXO lists along with their verified business email address and phone.

Sales people can reach decision makers in no time, improve sales conversion rates and increase revenue.

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Sales Prospecting: How to Boost Motivation & Exceed Sales Quotas

Sales Prospecting: How to Boost Motivation & Exceed Sales Quotas

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” –Confucius

The above quote is 100% true and it holds true for sales prospecting as well. More than 60% of the organizations say that sales motivation is one of their major challenges. Companies are struggling to motivate sales people and maintain their sales energy at the required levels to bring success. A lot of sales reps are even averse to sales prospecting.

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Why do SDRs lack motivation for Sales Prospecting?

Here are some of the reasons that were attributed to lack of motivation:

  1. Sales Prospecting – Time-Consuming and Tedious – The very act of prospecting itself is a deterrent. The main reason is, it consumes a substantial amount of time and effort on the part of sales representatives. You need to dig through the Internet, various company websites, online foot prints to prospect for sales. SDRs, with lots of things on hand, are unable to spend countless hours on sales prospecting. However, the fact is that sales reps cannot renounce prospecting because you will not have anyone to sell if you do not prospect for sales.
  • Finding Decision Makers is a Daunting Task– Prospecting for sales is nothing but finding the right prospects – in other words, identifying and reaching out to decision makers who have the authority to decide to buy your product or service. But, it is not easy. You will have to spend a lot of time finding them. The task does not end there. Typically, decision makers are well guarded by gate keepers. You will have to either go through them or bypass them or somehow reach them. Finding decision makers business email address & phone number is even worse You can’t find them easily on the Internet. You need to have expert Internet research skills to get a few of them.
  • Giving up Too Early – If you are a sales rep, you would have experienced this very much. You will agree that not all of your prospects respond back to your emails promptly. Perhaps your email might have got lost in your prospects’ inbox or your prospect might have been swamped with something else or your prospect does not feel it is necessary for their business right now or someone might have to make a decision jointly and so on. In short, your prospects are non responsive. A vast majority of the sales reps give up quickly. They don’t want to follow up again.

Also, sales prospecting challenges such as lack of prospect research, personalization, targeting the wrong prospects might not get you the desired prospecting results. Therefore, frustration seeps in, you feel like you are a failure and eventually motivation levels hit rock bottom.

However, successful sales reps think otherwise. They are highly motivated and always have a positive attitude, and go for the kill. They use the best practices for sales prospecting and the best sales prospecting tools to accelerate sales prospecting, book more qualified sales demos and make more sales conversions. The habit of winning frequently boosts their energy and they always want to win more & generate sales revenue.

Sales Prospecting Tool to Book 3x More Demos & Increase Conversions

sales prospecting

Using the right sales prospecting software can help sales reps ease their work, get their things done quickly, spend more time with the prospects and book more sales demos.

LeadGrabber Pro is one such tool for sales prospecting that helps sales reps to quickly find the right prospects who are likely to purchase your product or service. The built-in patented technology in LeadGrabber Pro helps you to find your customer s 10x faster than experts.

LeadGrabber Pro is designed exclusively for sales development reps, business development professionals and lead generation teams & companies to speed up sales prospecting, book more qualified demos and make more conversions.

With LeadGrabber Pro, sales prospecting is a breeze. You can automate sales prospecting and get your targeted prospect list every single day in your inbox. You don’t need to spend your precious time to prospect for sales. You will have all the time you need to spend on other important tasks that requires your attention.

What’s more? LeadGrabber Pro offers you more than 50+ sales prospecting ways to get your customers 10x faster. The sales prospecting tool also offers you ways to find the high-probability prospects that you will not get anywhere.

LeadGrabber Pro makes your sales prospecting process easy, boosts motivation and enables you to exceed your sales quota.

The sales prospecting tool helps you to:

  1. Identify and build fresh prospect lists (decision makers) from any industry in no time.
  2. Quickly build CXO prospect lists along with verified business email & phone.
  3. Helps you to find High-Converting prospects from Events & Groups.
  4. Get your prospects’ coworker email address for free (only LeadGrabber Pro provides hundreds of coworker emails for free)
  5. Provides you 50+ ways to prospect for sales.
  6. Automate Sales Prospecting.
  7. Spend more time on calling prospects & booking sales demos.

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How to Leverage your LinkedIn Company Page like Experts

How to Leverage your LinkedIn Company Page like Experts

Your LinkedIn Company Page is the face of your company on LinkedIn. Be it your prospective client or employee, if they want to know about who you are and what you do, they immediately search for your LinkedIn company page. Your LinkedIn page is also a perfect place to interact & engage with your audience.

LinkedIn company pages enable you to post & share information in various forms that interest your audience. It also helps you to know your audience & grow your followers as well. Therefore, it is essential for any business to create a LinkedIn company page.   

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linkedin company pages

LinkedIn Company Page Setup- Basics

Here are some of the basic things that you should do if you want to make the most out of your LinkedIn company page.

  • Ensure that your LinkedIn page has all the relevant information; in other words, your LinkedIn company page should be complete with your logo, cover image, company overview, website address, industry, company size, etc. Please ensure that your images meet the LinkedIn company page image size specifications.
  • Update your LinkedIn company page regularly. Statistics reveal that companies that post content on a weekly basis get 2x more engagement rates than companies that do not post every week. Make sure you post information that is useful, interesting & relevant to your audience.
  • Your LinkedIn company page becomes a powerful tool, once you start getting a good number of followers. The more the number of followers, the more will be your reach. Use the LinkedIn follow button on your website to get more followers to your LinkedIn company page.

LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices

Here are some of the LinkedIn company page best practices that will help you to leverage LinkedIn pages like experts:

  • Use Images – Images easily grabs the attention of your audience than plain text. Use custom images that are relevant. It helps you to increase your engagement rates.
  • Create & Post Native Videos – Videos gets you 5x more engagement rates. Post videos that are short & easily consumable. It is okay even if it is just a video without audio. If you are looking to use your LinkedIn company page for branding, make your company leaders feature in the videos.
  • Digital Magazines & e-Books – PDF-based content & Power Point presentations work well on your LinkedIn company page. It can help your audience view them on LinkedIn. Posting research based insights and interesting information including blog posts can grab the attention of your prospects.  
  • Post Videos Featuring your Employees – If you are looking to attract top talent, post videos of your employees speaking about the company culture, their success stories on your LinkedIn Career Pages. This would really paint a picture of what a prospective candidate would experience if she joins your company.
  • Leverage Hash tags – Using relevant hash tags on your LinkedIn company page will help you to reach the relevant audience. Search for hash tags on LinkedIn and choose the ones that are relevant for your company, industry, tool, post, etc. You can also reach more people by boosting or promoting your posts via LinkedIn ads.
  • Useful & Relevant Content – If you want to use your LinkedIn company page to grab your target audience’s attention, ensure that you post content that is useful and relevant to them. You will naturally get more LinkedIn company page followers if your content helps your audience to solve their problems. You get to earn their trust; more importantly, they might share & recommend to other people as well.
  • Celebrate Success Stories – Celebrating success on LinkedIn pages also helps you a great deal. Corporate wins including deals & acquisitions, achieving specific milestones & celebrating birthdays & anniversaries will help you position your company better, especially in the people front.  
  • Promote Events & CSR Initiatives – Some companies are very much determined to give back to the society. If you are one, you can let your audience know about the events & initiatives you are involved in on your LinkedIn company page. You might get like-minded people appreciating that or maybe you might get new followers or connections that are interested & are willing to collaborate.
  • Address Industry-related Issues – Share information & solutions for industry-related issues on a regular basis. Videos, blog posts and industry-related events can help you increase awareness about the problems and the solutions that they have at hand.
  • Post Content in Multiple Formats – If you are running a podcast, your LinkedIn company page is one of the best places to promote it. In addition, you can promote your content in multiple formats. Your audience can choose the way they wish to consume.
  • Get your Audience’s Pulse – Posting questions & polls on your LinkedIn page can help you garner your prospects’ interests. It promotes engagement to a great extent. You get to know their ideas & opinions and sometimes you can get to know about their likes & preferences. You can tailor your content based on that. You can also know the latest trending topics & articles your target audience is engaging on LinkedIn and share them on your LinkedIn page.
  • Stay on Top of Mind – Pinning your best content at the top of your page will help you garner more likes, comments & shares from your audience. You can use that to your advantage for promoting new products/features, hunting new talent and so on.

The above tips will help you to leverage your LinkedIn company page like experts!

Speed up LinkedIn Prospecting with LeadGrabber Pro & Generate Leads in no Time.

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