How to Import your existing Contacts, then Append/Verify Email Address

How to Import your existing Contacts, then Append/Verify Email Address

If you have a list of contacts, you can do any of the following, with eGrabber eMail-Prospector Pro:

  • Fill missing business email address
  • Fill missing business phone
  • Verify existing email addresses
  • Find an alternate business email address (if you’d like to cross-verify the email address you have already)

All of these start with importing your data into the eMail-Prospector Pro. Use any 1 of these 3 easy ways to import your list…

Option 1. Copy-Paste individual columns into the Grid

option 1 - copy paste columns - 4

Option 2. Copy-Paste your entire list (you need to have headers for your columns)

You need to copy your data along with their column headers. Your spreadsheet must have column headers which match the column headers of the eMail-Prospector grid.

option 2 - copy paste entire list - 3

Option 3. Use the Import button

This option is useful when you have the Name and Company columns scattered across your input spreadsheet.

The below video shows how you can pick an excel spreadsheet on your desktop and map the columns of that sheet -to- the columns in the eMail-Prospector grid.

option 3 - import - 4

Alternatively, you can also import from other sources, like Outlook, Salesforce, etc.

When you are done Importing,…

Don’t forget to check-mark the records you want to process and click the “Find” button!

Check all records in the grid

Choose the Append function you need

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