IT Documentation for eGrabber product installations

IT Documentation for eGrabber product installations

These are standard requirements across eGrabber products – any product specific information is found in the product ReadMe.txt file that is available in the installation directory of the product.


  • eGrabber products are installed on Windows Desktops as a standalone desktop application.
  • eGrabber products need administrative privilege for installation and  for periodic product live updates. Ordinary user permissions are sufficient for daily use.
    • Windows Registry access is required. Standard microsoft-recommended locations are used.
    • eGrabber folders are created inside Program files (x86) folder and either PC’s Program data or User’s App data path, depending on installation options chosen
  • eGrabber products require access to internet to register the product and use the product


  • eGrabber products require to access our license server in a periodic intervals.
  • Normally, no special firewall requirements needed. Only standard windows ports for internet communication are used.
  • Normally, no special anti-virus permissions are required, unless your configuration warrants otherwise.

System Configuration:

  1.  System Configuration
    Intel i3 or above is recommended
    4 GB RAM
  2.  Internet Explorer 11.0 and above – needed for rendering some parts of the product
  3.  Windows 7 / 8 / 10 – Home / Professional
  4.  Microsoft Office – Recommended Office 2007 and above