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X-Ray Search Google to Source Profiles from Social Networking sites

X-Ray Search Google to Source Profiles from Social Networking sites

Many recruiters use Google to source candidates. Actually, they “x-ray search” Google for profiles from various social networking sites.

It is a known fact that Google has indexed millions of profiles from social networking sites. Run an x-ray search in Google, and you will be amazed to see Google displaying 100’s of them. Well, this is the easiest part.

You have to then open every profile in Google and determine whether it meets your job requirement. When you are ready with a shortlist, search Google again for the candidate’s email address / phone number. This approach requires considerable effort and time, and is really worthwhile if you want to target worthy candidates.

Many recruiters use ResumeGrabber JobSuite to speed-up this manual process. The software helps you to
=> search Google for targeted profiles from social networking sites
=> find business email address and phone number for each profile
=> export them to an ATS or Excel

You can now quickly build an actionable, ready-to-use list of targeted candidate profiles. Sounds interesting, right?

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