How a Recruiter firm added 200,000 contactsand beats competition in his niche

Chris Hingle

Challenge : Chris Hingle, an executive placement recruiter, needed a highly targeted database to beat competition.

Results : Chris deployed LeadGrabber and grew his database from 15,000 to 200,000 records

Chris Hingle, Owner
Christopher Frederick Executive Real Estate Recruiters

Chris Hingle now owns a successful Search Consultant firm in the real estate industry. He currently has over 200,000 candidate records in the niche he specializes in. This highly targeted database, plus two decades of industry experience, are keys to his competitive edge in his industry.

A few years ago, things were quite different.

Back then, Chris was a 1-man business. In a challenging economy, he needed a Huge Edge over competition. He discovered that competition was not making the best use of affordable technology. Using technology to grow his 15,000 record database into the best, most targeted list in his vertical, was now his top priority.

Chris wanted to leverage Social Networks because these had the most updated source of prospect profiles on the Internet. He found out very quickly that messaging within the networks did not scale up and was slow. His competition also started using this technique; and he wanted to beat them at it.

Then, 2 Years ago, Chris discovered LeadGrabber Pro. Chris decided to use this list-building tool to capture highly-targeted candidate lists from the Internet and Social Networks. These lists could then feed into his CRM (ACT!) and he could work the marketing from there.

He picked the companies to target and used LeadGrabber Pro to capture employees of that company. He also used the tool to fill in missing email addresses, before he imported the contact lists into his CRM.

Now, with 200,000 records and a home-grown, sophisticated outbound marketing program, Chris has grown revenues many times, without having to grow staff that much - he currently employs 4 people.

Chris does not use paid Mail any more. Instead, he uses LeadGrabber Pro to continuously grow his database with the latest leads in the vertical.

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