B2B LeadGen Company uses this toolto serve 3x more Clients simultaneously

Don Markland

The LeadGrabber Pro software helped our US-team focus on high-value work. Now we spend far less time on manual LeadGen.

We generate twice the leads than before and service 3x clients than before.

Don Markland, Chief Operating Officer,
Launch Leads, Salt Lake City, UT

Launch Leads is an outsourced call center, with an All-American Team. They specialize in scheduling B2B appointments on behalf of their clients. As COO, Don Markland oversees client operations.

Launch Leads clients would typically give them a list of 500 companies. Don and his LeadGen team would map out the decision makers at those companies and cold-call.

Don and his team bought lists, as well as manually built their own databases. But manually building the list took time.

They pilot-tested LeadGrabber Pro and very soon integrated LeadGrabber into their lead generation and list building efforts.

Here is what Don had to say about how Business Results changed after using LeadGrabber:

LeadGrabber is a Revenue-Adding, time-saving tool

My LeadGen team saves hundreds of man-hours per week. Instead of building lists manually, I enter 500 companies in the tool and leave the tool running overnight. In the morning, I have a list ready to dial!

We focus on higher-value work now, we spend more time calling and not collecting leads. LeadGrabber finds public information; we could do that ourselves, but it would take a long time.

My team’s productivity has increased and we are able to handle 3-times more clients. Before we used to work with 2000-3000 leads a month, but with LeadGrabber we work with 5000-7000 leads a month.

We on-board clients faster, since we do not have to buy lists for every new client. We just run your tool and start calling very quickly. That’s how your tool is helping us serve 30% more clients than before.

Projects get delivered faster, so that makes our clients happier. I’d say you helped us add 25% increase in sales revenue.

Business results aside, there are few other reasons why I like you guys at eGrabber.

We had tried out a competitor of yours for a few months, but we liked your Support Team and your product was much better, so we switched back to eGrabber.

I like that your software gives me options to build lists:

  • I can look for title and build a list that way, or
  • I can input a list of companies and it builds the lead list of decision makers

Your competitors did not give me this flexibility

Finally, the unlimited nature of LeadGrabber is really nice. I can process any number of records for the same flat annual fee.

This tool helps keep my team productive and that’s important in B2B marketing.

Software for B2B Lead Generation Companies to get 3x more clients

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   Dated : 2015 | Download Case Study in pdf