Our Sales & Marketing Team used the LeadGrabber toolto Improve Targeted-Campaign Results by 30%

Chris Hays

I was a skeptic before I signed up for eGrabber. 2+ years have passed and I love their team & their LeadGrabber tool. Even though I have other data sources, none of them gives me what this tool does. Using the tool, our targeted-marketing campaigns are 30% more effective.

Chris Hays, VP Operations,
BeRelevant Group Bualo, NY

BeRelevant Group is one of the fastest growing companies in New York State. They are experts at integrating Sales and Marketing for some of the country’s most recognized and fastest growing companies, providing maximum impact & ROI.

Chris Hays is at the helm of Sales Operations. He believes in running the most advanced sales and marketing technology available in the industry. At BeRelevant Group, they create an ideal prospect profile for their clients, launching a B2B sales and marketing campaign to get quality appointments.

LeadGrabber Pro is an integral part of their program, helping them generate B2B email lists in a very precise way. Here is what Chris had to say;

I bought the LeadGrabber tool for one purpose, but I discovered that it had two other workflows which supported my LeadGen process. So now I use your tool for 3 purposes:

#1 Get data on specific titles and functions

The main reason I use LeadGrabber is to identify the right people at the right companies.

The titles present in a list company or a data service company’s records, like Data.com, are pretty generic.

But with LeadGrabber, I can target very specific titles, say “Marketing Automation”, and get a highly-targeted list. I can target people in various levels of the company. I get very high-quality lists this way, every day.

List companies have a lot of decision maker information, but with your tool, I can get even the non-decision makers in the organization. This is valuable to me, because there’s not a lot of tools out there that can do this with a wide variety of titles.

I use LeadGrabber around 60-70% of the time for this process.

#2 Ability to make targeted prospect lists from Social Networks

The second most powerful part of the LeadGrabber tool for me is the ability to take social network groups and make a highly targeted list out of them

#3 Get Detailed Information on Companies

I also use the tool to filll-in additional information to make a list of companies more actionable. I start with the company list and the tool gives me industry data and company size. But most important for us, I get the company website URL, which I then use as a match key into other datasets.

You guys have a great tool and I think you support it in a first-class way. I think it’s the complete package. For the amount of money you charge for it, it might seem a lot, but when you dig into what it can do, the tool is of tremendous value.

Improve your Targeted-Campaign Results by 30%

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