eGrabber Training for Customers

List-Building Planning Session

List-Building Planning Session

When you book this session, you get exclusive access to our experienced trainers. During this session, you will be coached on the list-building strategies that best suit your business and your target market. Our trainers will first learn and understand who-you-want-to-target and recommend up to 3 list building strategies that suit you. Our trainers will walk you through the product and coach you, step-by-step on how to use the eGrabber product to implement the strategy and achieve your list-building goal. In summary, your first list will be getting built by the time you finish your first coaching session.

  • $100 per hour - we recommend a two hour session for thoroughness
  • Any number of attendees are allowed
  • You will get the video of the entire training session - yours to keep
    Re-Training Session

    Re-Training Session

    We understand that people change companies, and it's possible that the users who got trained on eGrabber software have left your company. This session is meant to get you back to speed in using eGrabber software to it's fullest potential.

    Our training coach will first review your prior training and then join this meeting. During this session, we will re-examine the original strategy for list building and see if the list-building needs have changed since the previous training. Once the list-building strategy is decided, you will be coached on how to use the eGrabber software to achieve your new list building goals.

  • $125 per hour - we recommend a two hour session for thoroughness
  • Any number of attendees are allowed
  • You will get the video of the entire training session - yours to keep
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What will I get out of these planning sessions?

    At the end of this List-Building Planning session, you will get:

    1. A sample starter list of your target market contacts, ready for use
    2. A plan of how to use LeadGrabber to build lists which achieve your business goals - your take-away may include specific search URLs and specific persona targeting criteria
    3. Hands-on LeadGrabber training, using the plan which we jointly draft on the call

    2. Who can attend these planning sessions?

    If you have a LeadGrabber subscription, then you can request for these list-building sessions. You may have subscribed to either the annual or the project licenses of LeadGrabber. These sessions are not available for trial subscriptions of LeadGrabber.

    We recommend the following people to attend this session:

    1. The primary users of the product
    2. The person who decides the list-building strategy - this could be the lead generation team head, or the one in charge of marketing / sales, or the owner

    3. How many attendees can I invite to this planning session?

    This will be an online video conference exclusively for your company, so you can invite up to 25 people for the session. Just remember that more the people that are there on the call, the longer the call may extend. If we are taking questions from all the participants, it would take time to get everyone on the same page.

    This is very useful for you if you have multiple enterprise or corporate licences, since you can get your whole team on board in one or two sessions.

    4. At what times and days are the training?

    All training sessions are held during Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 4.30 PM (Pacific time). Please let us know your preference when you book this planning session.

    5. What do I need to keep ready before the session?

    For the best use of the session we recommend you keep the following information ready before the session:

    1. Your primary target market: this target market is usually defined by a combination of job titles, geography, company sizes, specialties etc. This could even be a Online forum / Discussion Group or an existing list of companies that you wish to target
    2. The number of leads you expect from each of these target markets

    Our training manager will contact you and ask you for these details ahead of time.

    6. Can I get a video recording of the session?

    Yes, you will get a downloadable video file of the recording of the session. We will not keep a copy of this session, so it's best that you maintain backup copies on your side.

    7. What will not be covered in the sessions?

    We will Not be covering the following topics, since these have to do with your marketing and sales strategy.

    1. What do you do with the leads after you export them from LeadGrabber
    2. The best ways of setting up your email server
    3. Email templates, phone scripts and other Marketing Communication that you intend to use to contact the leads generated

    8. Can I break the training into two separate sessions?

    The minimum session time is one hour. In our experience it works best for our customers when we work through an hour to 90 minutes, because we spend the time trying to understand your list building goals and then coach you through using the software.

    If you like a to break it up into two sessions you can purchase two session slots of one hour each.

    9. Are there any follow-up sessions to reinforce learning?

    Yes, you can opt for the re-training session if you need. That is available at $125 an hour.

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