How a SaaS - Gamification Company Exclusively Relies onLeadGrabber for Outbound Marketing Leads

Jonathan Wang

I tried out LeadGrabber because ROI from In-Mails and Purchased-Lists was very low. Using LeadGrabber, my Email Response Rates jumped by 100%!

I’ve never gone back to any other paid sources of leads since.

Jonathan Wang, Lead Generation Manager, Badgeville,
San Francisco, CA

#1 Hi Jon, can you tell us a little about Badgeville and your role in the company?

Badgeville is a pioneer and leader in gamification. Ours is a scalable SaaS solution. We apply game mechanics to increase engagement and performance from clients and employees in the organization. I was tasked to create the right target market and develop a larger client base.

#2 How does a SaaS-based Gamification business like yours go about prospecting?

That’s the difficult part. No company has a “Gamification Expert” whom we can pitch our services to. We need to pinpoint and find targeted job titles like “Engagement Community Manager”, “Director of Analytics” and “Platform Services Manager”.

I had 3 prospecting problems:

  1. These job titles were specfic and rare, the lists I purchased did not have them. I had to spray-n-pray that someone in that $15,000 list pointed me in the right direction or replied with an inquiry
  2. I had lists of companies I wanted to target, sourced from conferences & webinars. Searching for my target prospect in these companies, using all the combinations of titles, was frustratingly slow
  3. Even when I did find my prospects on LinkedIn, they were not actively monitoring their LinkedIn messages. It was hard to justify the ROI on paid InMail

#3 How does LeadGrabber help?

With LeadGrabber Pro, I built lists with only the titles that I wanted. Email response rates immediately jumped by 100%. The proportion of good leads at the top of the funnel also increased by 50%.

This may sound clichéd, but I recovered my money spent on LeadGrabber with the sales closures from just one campaign.

Further, if I input the attendee list of any gamification event or conference, the tool gives me the Email and Phone number of the attendees. It lets me connect, strike up a conversation, and close more deals.

I also put in the list of companies and my targeted title list. I let the software do all the hard work of searching for prospects, while I focus on something else.

LeadGrabber is one-quarter the cost of paid subscriptions.

I cancelled my subscription to paid data sources. I only use free data sources now and I convert those into mailing lists and call lists using LeadGrabber’s Append Email and Phone feature.

LeadGrabber is key for my Out-Bound Campaigns now.

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   Dated : 2015 | Download Case Study in pdf