How a Global Executive Recruiting FirmIncreased Revenue by 4X using eGrabber Tools

Lorena Stanley

I feel very strongly about the products and the way it has helped us quickly identify targeted passive candidates and allowed us to fill multiple positions in a shorter period of time. With eGrabber tools, we are now able to build a passive candidate database of C-level executives and find email addresses and phone numbers for Social Networking profiles outside our network.

Lorena Stanley, Managing Partner
WorldBridge Partners

WorldBridge Partners, a global executive recruiting firm, specializes in recruiting C-level executives for top companies around the world. They have a team of experienced recruiters with rich domain expertise and a well-connected global network.

Their business process for searching executives requires targeting passive candidates and it took about 6 months to fill an Executive position. WorldBridge Partners realized that they were spending a lot of time in building their talent pipeline and wanted a quick turnaround to fill more positions in the same time.

The eGrabber Advantage

After trying a few products, (that were neither user friendly / flexible nor delivered expected results), Lorena Stanley, Managing Partner of WorldBridge Partners, learnt about eGrabber’s latest tools – LeadGrabber Pro and LeadResearcher Pro.

LeadGrabber enabled them to easily find passive candidates from Social Networking Sites and Search Engines. They were able to quickly build a database of C-level executives. They were also able to quickly sort hundreds of candidate profiles based on location.

Using LeadResearcher, they found business email addresses and phone numbers for the candidate profiles sourced from Social Networking Sites and Search Engines.

Overnight, they were able to build a highly targeted list of C-level profiles they could directly network with – something that would have taken several weeks using other methods. Now armed with a large targeted candidate pipeline, they are able to fill 4 Executive positions in the same time it was taking to fill one. This equates to 4X more revenue for the same amount of time spent.

What’s just as important to me other than just the tool, is their outstanding customer support. If you ever have a question or challenge, eGrabber’s support is always there to help. I give their customer support team one of the highest recommendations as they are truly world class.

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   Dated : 2015 | Download Case Study in pdf