4 Ways to Boost Sales and Marketing Productivity Through Automation

4 Ways to Boost Sales and Marketing Productivity Through Automation

A business should never underestimate the importance of its sales and marketing teams and the vital role they play in a company’s growth. Sales teams increase the revenue and have an impact on brand reputation, long-term customer relationships, customer retention, and overall growth of the business. Whereas Marketing is the bottom line and is about getting a product known.

It is a known fact that automation of sales and marketing processes increases the efficiency of business efforts. As everyone knows, there are a number of new sales and marketing tools that have been invented in the past decade for increased productivity, better leads, and sales conversions.

A wise choice of automation, may it be as small as tracking time can also boost sales and marketing productivity and lift your business to the next level. Instead of pushing your teams harder, provide them with an automated technology that helps them stay more productive and motivated.

4 key elements of automation to drive high results include:

Align Marketing and Sales Team:

If your sales and marketing teams are not coordinated, it is hard to make new sales. Though sales and marketing exist as two different teams, they will have to combine and function as one to improve overall performance, particularly with reference to revenue and profit.

Insist your sales and marketing teams conduct meetings often, to discuss everyday task progress and lead status. This is a great way to make sure that both teams are aligned.

Providing Right Tools for your Sales and Marketing Teams:

With the right tools, your team will be able to spend more time filling your sales funnel and build a steady pipeline with qualified leads rather than manually finding, researching, and evaluating leads.

There are a lot of business processes that simplify Internet research. We at eGrabber have developed the industry’s most accurate contact finding and appending research technology.

Sales and Marketing Professionals can use LeadGrabber Pro to generate potential sales leads or build prospect lists much faster than experts. It helps them to easily and effectively build a steady pipeline of qualified B2B sales leads.

Manual copy-N-paste of leads from websites, online directories into a spreadsheet is a time-consuming process. Highlight and capture the whole lead-list in a single click using automated software.

Automating certain elements like these in a sales and marketing process will save time and increase your team’s productivity.

Focus on Delivering More High Quality Leads:

If you need to build lists more frequently and to build a targeted B2B list from scratch, LeadGrabber Pro is the best-suited software for marketing and sales teams to rely on. The software helps in generating 1k to 10k leads per month delivering more high-quality leads thus increasing productivity.

Shorten the Sales Cycle:

A shorter sales cycle means, meeting with more prospects during the same time frame. Optimize your sales process by cutting down on things that do not help you generate more leads or convert customers. Avoid wasting too much time on administrative tasks and social activities. Instead spend more time talking to prospective customers, following up on your prospects to help yourself close more deals.

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