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How to Get Attendee List With Contact Information of Any Event using LinkedIn Events (new)

How to Get Attendee List With Contact Information of Any Event using LinkedIn Events (new)

LinkedIn just rolled out a new channel of Free B2B leads. LinkedIn is now showing all attendees to all Events (& webinars) your prospects are attending!

You don’t have to be the organizer of any of the events to get all the attendee leads! You just have to know how to search for the right events.

Here is a 4 step process to leverage LinkedIn EVENTS for new leads

👉 Step 1 – Search “EVENTS” for a topic your prospects would be interested in attending. LinkedIn will show all events and webinars on that topic and how many people are attending each

👉 Step 2 – Select “Attend” on the events your prospects will be in

👉 Step 3 – Click on “See All” – When you click “Attend” for an event, LinkedIn will magically give you access to ALL the attendees. You can connect and engage with each of the prospects

👉 Optional – Import into EXCEL – if you want to import all the attendees for the event and get their direct work email-ID and Phone, checkout LeadGrabber Pro.

The email prospecting tool helps in finding your ideal B2B Prospects from online Directories, Professional & Social networking sites such as LinkedIn that match your ideal customer profile.

It appends missing business email addresses and phone# of your ideal B2B prospects. The tool enables you to quickly build B2B email lists and also exports to CRM / ATS. It directly transfers B2B prospect lists to, PCRecruiter (PCR), ACT!, Excel and Outlook.

What are you waiting for?

Download LeadGrabber Pro today. Get all the attendee leads for any event you search, reach out to them before your competition and increase your sales opportunities.

How to reach multiple decision makers & increase sales opportunities

How to reach multiple decision makers & increase sales opportunities

As a B2B sales professional, you put in a lot of time & effort to identify a decision maker in your target accounts and find their business contact information. The next step is to reach the decision maker with the right message and book sales appointments. A lot of hard work goes into the sales demo to get positive signals from the prospect. You keep following up with that single contact; provide all the information that is necessary to make an informed decision.

While you are all exited to get a sale, you come to know that the decision maker you worked with has left the company. You are left stranded because all the conversation & communication you had was with that single decision maker. It’s very frustrating to lose an opportunity slipping away from your hands.

Sounds familiar, right? You are not alone. More than 50% of sales folks rely on building relationships with a single contact in their target accounts. It poses a huge risk of losing business.

Shrinking Decision Maker Tenure

Studies reveal that the duration of decision makers staying at a company keeps shrinking. The average tenure for top decision makers and C-level executives is less than three years. When a new decision maker replaces your contact, chances are there that she might be your competitor’s customer in her previous company. You will neither be able to proceed further nor have anyone in the company to influence on behalf of you. All your hard work goes in vain and you lose your sales revenue. You have to start all over again. Things get even worse when you have multi-year contracts with companies. This is a huge challenge that B2B sales folks have to combat.

Target Multiple Decision Makers & Influencers

One of the best ways to address this issue is to get in touch with multiple contacts in your target company. In addition to the decision maker, you need to develop the habit of reaching out to your decision maker’s coworkers as well. It helps you to get in touch with other influencers and decision makers in your target company.

Statistics reveal that decision-making in B2B companies is not confined to a single person. On average, around 6 people get involved in the decision-making process. So, reaching multiple decision makers and influencers will give you a chance to speaking with or demoing your product to multiple people. Now, even if the decision maker leaves the company, you can always get in touch with other coworkers in the company who also know what you are offering and what they are benefitting.

How to reach multiple decision makers in a company

Researching coworkers of the decision maker will help you understand their role better and how you should be pitching to them. Sometimes, your sales pitch to them could be different to what you pitch to the decision maker.

Finding the contact details (email IDs & phone#) of the coworkers is the next step. But finding coworkers’ email IDs is not an easy task. Depending upon the size of the company, there might be a lot of peers, influencers, and actual users of your solution. Finding all the coworkers’ email IDs manually is a tiresome and time-consuming task, even for expert researchers. This is where a B2B prospecting tool such as LeadGrabber Pro comes handy.

Get Coworker Emails & Company Emails for Free

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to find verified business email addresses of your prospects and simultaneously find hundreds of coworker email IDs and company email IDs for FREE. You don’t need to spend extra time for finding coworker emails. You also don’t need to pay a cent more.

LeadGrabber Pro’s built-in email appending technology performs real-time contact research on the Internet and appends your prospects’ and coworker email IDs in no time. No other product or vendor gives you access to thousands of coworkers like LeadGrabber Pro for free.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to engage with multiple decision makers & influencers in your target accounts and increase sales opportunities.

What are you waiting for?

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How to Generate Business Insurance Leads 20x Faster

How to Generate Business Insurance Leads 20x Faster

Business insurance, also called as commercial insurance, covers a whole lot of industries including small businesses, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, wholesale, service industry and so on. This blog post will help business insurance companies & agents learn how they can use a lead extractor software to generate business insurance leads 20x faster.

Challenges to Generate Business Insurance Leads

One of the major challenges for insurance companies & agents is to generate business insurance leads. They generate insurance leads using their website, from popular business listings, content marketing, SEO optimization, social media marketing, etc. Some even purchase expensive insurance leads from vendors.

All the above methods can help insurance companies & agents to generate insurance leads but each one of the above lead generation strategies has its own merits and demerits. Some strategies might work and some may not. It depends on a lot of other factors such as location, industry and so on. It takes a lot of time and resources, sometimes very expensive with no significant results. Therefore, a lot of commercial insurance companies &agents struggle to generate leads.

Generate Business Insurance Leads Online

Online directories, membership websites, business listings, association websites are some of the sources where you can find business insurance leads for free. These are the places where you can generate targeted insurance leads. How?

For example, if you want to sell commercial insurance to jewelry stores in New York, just launch yellow pages directories, enter  the search criteria and click Find.

The search results display a list of jewelry stores in New York. The search results span across multiple pages. If you want to transfer the results from yellow pages directories to Excel or your CRM, you need to manually copy-paste every contact detail from the search result.

It takes a lot of your time & resources. Also, manual data entry is prone for errors. This is where a lead extractor software comes handy to generate business insurance leads.

Generate Insurance Leads 20x Faster

ListGrabber is a powerful lead extractor software that helps you to generate business insurance leads 20x faster. The lead extractor software enables you to easily & effortlessly export contact details from yellow pages directories to excel in a click.

You need to just select the search results and click on Grab.

ListGrabber instantly extracts the contacts along with the contact information such as name, company, address, email address, phone number, fax, etc. to Excel or your CRM.

You don’t need to worry if your search result runs across hundreds of pages. ListGrabber with an add-on AutoNext, helps you to extract contacts by automatically flipping through hundreds of pages. ListGrabber also helps you to generate insurance leads from Google Maps.

Cost-effective Way to Generate Insurance Leads

ListGrabber is accurate, reliable and easy to use. It helps you to generate your own insurance leads. You don’t need to buy expensive insurance leads from vendors. ListGrabber helps you to save a lot of time and money.

ListGrabber helps you to generate insurance leads in no time. You can sell your customized insurance solutions to targeted leads such as welders, commercial buildings, retail stores, jewelry stores, florists, bakeries, factories, industrial plants, etc.

ListGrabber helps business insurance companies, private insurance companies, corporate & commercial insurance companies generate insurance leads 20x faster.

ListGrabber helps insurance agents to:

  • Generate insurance leads in no time
  • Jump start your new insurance business
  • Reduce lead generation time significantly
  • Spend more time talking with the prospects
  • Close more sales

Download your FREE Trial Now!

How to Leverage Back-channel Marketing to Engage Non-responsive Decision Maker Targets

How to Leverage Back-channel Marketing to Engage Non-responsive Decision Maker Targets

Are you putting in a lot of your time and effort in crafting a perfect email sequence to catch the attention of the prospect you found to be a perfect fit. Did you reach out to them with confidence that they will respond.

Are you in a finite industry with a limited number of prospects and have been following up with the prospect once, twice, three times, eight times or more.

But end up with still no response?

And finally gave up on that dream client of yours who would have been your largest sale of the year?

Yes, that really happens to every cold email marketer out there. A lot of the eBooks and websites push cold email templates that work. But the problem is they don’t because the theoretical foundation of most cold email ideas are outdated.

In today’s world, the B2B decision maker targets receive a lot of spamy emails from reps multiple times a day. Decision makers can easily spot a cold-email and instinctively put their finger on the delete key. So chances of a reply are very low, even on best-crafted emails.

But when a decision maker gets an email from an internal employee, their mindset is different. They know it can be a career or team impacting email. So they will spend a few more seconds on your email that simply stands out. Learn how to leverage coworkers email and increase sales opportunities.

Cold email marketers who leverage this decision-maker back channel psychology can get more appointments when compared to others.

Here is how you can do it

Step-1: When building a list of decision-maker also build a list of back channel coworker emails
Step-2: Craft a cold email to decision-maker and send it
Step-3: If you don’t get a response, forward email to coworker with your super nice pitch to get it forwarded

You will be amazed at see how well this back channel works. Now go back to all the B2B decision maker targets who did not respond, and see if you can leverage back channel to get to them.

LeadGrabber from eGrabber can now generate back channel coworker emails automatically for a list of decision-makers. This feature is free to LeadGrabber subscribers!

Reach Amazon Sellers in no time & Double your Amazon Holiday Sale 2020

Reach Amazon Sellers in no time & Double your Amazon Holiday Sale 2020

Thousands of retailers and small business owners have doubled their marketing efforts in online stores such as Amazon during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, most of the Amazon sellers found Amazon as a very popular channel and were able to see & smell success on online stores during the last few months.

Reach Amazon Sellers in no Time & Double your Amazon Holiday Sales

Amazon has now made its marketplace more welcoming for newcomers. Also, the sellers have a clear understanding of what it takes to have a realistic chance of being successful on Amazon. It is attracting as many sellers as possible to their marketplace with their holiday season quickly approaching.

Gear Up for Amazon Holiday Sale 2020

Looking at the past Amazon holiday sale performances, Amazon broke its “sales” record last holiday season and there’s a strong possibility that it might happen again this year, during Amazon Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas Sale. Considering this massive online shopping activity in the near future, Amazon sellers are now gearing up to make the most out of Amazon’s Black Friday sale and boost their sales tenfold.

Increase your Amazon Sales & Revenue

Amazon has its own set of Black Friday Sale Rules and has started its aggressive promotions while it earns a substantial traffic of buyers. Research states that the sales made on this day can solely contribute to the biggest chunk of a seller’s annual revenue. In a battle of margins and trying to differentiate in a meaningful way, sellers end up working harder and harder each year to generate the same top line sales.

For many businesses that are new to Amazon, these standards may be beyond what they can handle. Therefore, Amazon sellers may be looking for a number of possibilities that can help them to sell on.

Reach Top Amazon Sellers in no time

If you are selling to Amazon sellers, then all you would like to ensure is that the Amazon sellers know about your offering & your expertise to help them make more sales & money during the holiday season. The sooner you reach them, the earlier you can sell to them before your competition does.

If you are trying to build a targeted Amazon Seller Contact database for leads, we’ve got you covered.

We can help you out with our exclusive Amazon Seller Database, while you can concentrate on other important things in your plate. In order to develop a fast and accurate process, We at eGrabber have followed a 6-step process to build an exclusive list of top 15000+ Amazon Sellers in the US + Research Report.

What you can expect from each of the 6 steps:

  • The top 75k Amazon Sellers & Categories.
  • The Amazon seller URL, seller email address and seller phone number.
  • These enriched set of fields:
  1. (Actual) Business / Company Name
  2. Website
  3. Company Size
  5. HQ Address
  6. HQ City, State, Zip
  7. HQ Timezone
  8. Industry classification
  9. Company Revenue (if available)
  • Appended rich contact information:
  1. Decision Maker Name
  2. Job Title
  3. LinkedIn Profile URL
  4. Region
  5. Timezone
  • You will have 3 different channels to reach out to the decision makers.
  • Final fields include:
  1. Amazon seller email ID
  2. Amazon seller contact number
  3. Co-Worker’s Email Addresses
  4. Email Verification Rating

We are seeing good traction and getting more sales inquiries for our Amazon sellers list. You can order our Amazon Sellers list + Research Report that we already have. Get a Free Sample !

If you can provide us with the Amazon Seller Names or Seller IDs, we can also do a Custom Research and deliver the custom list to you. To learn more about our custom list building services, Request for a FREE Demo.

How to Leverage Coworker Emails & Increase Sales Opportunities

How to Leverage Coworker Emails & Increase Sales Opportunities

When finding verified business email addresses of targeted prospects itself is a daunting task for busy B2B sales & marketing professionals, getting coworker emails makes things even worse. Coworker emails? Why would I need that? This is exactly what most of the B2B sales folks think. This blog post will help you to learn how you can leverage coworker emails & increase sales opportunities.  

Why should you reach out to Coworkers?

The general notion that everyone has about B2B sales is, it is all about selling to decision makers. Yes, that is absolutely right. But you need to know something that is very important to be successful in B2B sales.

B2B experts say that, though decision makers take the final call on purchasing your product or service, there are more than one or two people who are involved in influencing the decision-making process. It means that in addition to the prospect, you need to reach out to multiple coworkers of your prospect to increase engagement rates and chances to win sales revenue.

How to get your Prospect’s Coworker emails?

Coworker emails enable you to reach multiple contacts in a company. But you need to have some expert Internet research skills to pull out the coworker emails from various sources on the Internet. It takes a lot of time & effort. You need to ensure that those emails are valid and don’t get caught in the spam trap as well.

If you want to find coworker emails of your prospects, based on the company size, you will have to manually find hundreds of emails. This is for one company and if you have a list of 500 companies, imagine how much time and effort is required to find the coworker email addresses. This is where a B2B prospecting tool such as eGrabber LeadGrabber Pro comes in handy.

LeadGrabber Pro provides Coworkers Emails for Free

LeadGrabber Pro is a powerful B2B prospecting tool that not only helps you to find your ideal prospects, append verified business email address & phone and reach them in no time but also finds you the coworker email addresses and company emails.

Coworker emails are real email IDs of actual people found on the Internet. You can leverage them to get more ways to reach decision makers in your target company.

LeadGrabber Pro’s built-in email appending technology helps you to easily & effortlessly perform real-time contact research on the Internet and gets you the coworker emails & company emails for FREE.

Yes, you read that right. You only pay to get your prospects’ email address but you get hundreds of coworker emails & company emails free of cost.

For example, if you find emails for 100 prospects, you might get 300 to 500 coworker emails and around 70+ company emails additionally. So you get around 600+ emails more and suddenly, you get multiple opportunities to reach multiple contacts from the same company. It increases your chance of engagement & sale by 2x-5x.

Effective Ways to Leverage Coworker Emails 

You can effectively leverage coworker emails in any of the following scenarios:

1. When your 1st contact (prospect) don’t respond

When your 1st contact (prospect) doesn’t respond to your email or says “No” for a sales demo, you don’t need to get bogged down with it. You can very well reach your prospect’s coworkers in that company.

For example, you are selling a sales tool and you reached out to the CEO of a company. The CEO replied negatively and said “No” for a sales demo. You might think that the lead is dead because you have reached out to the CEO and you couldn’t do much to get a sale after that. On the other hand, if you reach the Sales Head of the same company, chances are that he might be interested in your product and agree for a demo. If your product is really impressive and offers more value, the Sales Head would speak or influence the CEO who rejected you to purchase your product.

2. When you couldn’t find your prospect’s valid email ID

When you could not find valid email ID of your prospect, your chances of reaching the prospect becomes zero. However, if you have the coworker emails of your prospect, you can very well reach out to the coworker asking him to just forward your email. It helps you to reach your prospect or decision maker in the company.

Please refer the below sample email template that proved useful for us to reach the prospect though a coworker.

Reach more people, Get more Sales appointments & Demos

Using coworker emails, you can reach more number of contacts in a company. Depending on the size of the company, you get a chance to get more sales appointments and demo the product to multiple decision makers. When a decision maker is convinced, he might influence other decision makers as well to buy the product. So, you not only have a chance of closing one sale but end up selling multiple licenses.

So it is imperative that reaching coworkers can help you to increase your engagement rates and sales opportunities.

LeadGrabber Pro offers you the Competitive Edge

LeadGrabber Pro is the only product in the market that provides you hundreds of coworker emails at no extra time or cost. It is absolutely free. No product or popular list vendors such as Zoominfo provide coworker emails.

You get an edge over your competitors because with LeadGrabber Pro, you can reach out to your prospect’s coworkers. It helps you to increase the sales opportunities and generate more revenue. But your competitors who use other tools don’t get that advantage.     

Increase Engagement Rates & Sales by 2x-5x

LeadGrabber Pro provides you the best possible ways to reach your decision makers. You not only get your prospects’ verified business email address but get their coworker emails & company emails for free. It helps you to reach multiple contacts in a company to increase the engagement rates and sales conversion rates by 5x.

Are you someone who used to abandon your sales journey just after one contact? Imagine how many sales opportunities you have lost.

What are you waiting for?

Download LeadGrabber Pro today. Use coworker emails, get more ways to reach your decision makers and increase your sales opportunities.

Secret Lead Source for staffing industry to find new clients faster

Secret Lead Source for staffing industry to find new clients faster

Are you looking for different ways to generate leads for your company? The secret lead source that might work for you at this point in time is job boards.

Job boards is a great source to identify companies that are hiring now or by definition, companies that are growing and have money to buy your services if they need them. This way you can get a new set of leads every month.

The leads you get from job boards can’t be purchased from ZoomInfo or any other source, because the leads disappear in 30 to 60 days, after the hiring is done. You can reach out to the company when they are hiring or in the next few weeks, as they will still be growing. If you are selling staffing services, then looking for companies that are already hiring those services will be a great solution.

How to source leads from job boards?

Scan job boards to find out for companies that are expanding their sales & marketing teams. They are a great source of leads.

If you have shortlisted companies to target on Job boards, we have an automated way in which you can build out a list of companies and find CXO/VP contacts.

eGrabber Hiring Prospector is a list building automation software that works with Job-boards and LinkedIn, to build lists of CEOs and Managers that are hiring in any specialty. The tool helps build lists twenty times (20x) faster than lead generation teams can build manually.