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3 Lead Generation Strategies for Outsourcing Companies during COVID-19

3 Lead Generation Strategies for Outsourcing Companies during COVID-19

Due to COVID pandemic, companies are expected to outsource more work, says NTT – a technology firm . The ‘2020 Global Managed Services Report’, based on a survey of 1,250 executives in 29 countries, said that 45% organizations will outsource more  in the next 18 months, with 57% citing security risks as a key challenge for managing IT in-house. In this environment, the delivery of platform-enabled solutions becomes even more important, it said.

COVID has created a new wave of Fast-Growing companies – a lot of them fairly unknown before this crisis. To close sales in this “new normal”, you need to target companies that have budgets to hire and expand.

Companies with budgets are hiring employees who would start by being remote. They are also taking a big risk because they are hiring without the traditional in-person chemistry & culture fit interview.

These companies that are hiring are dealing with processes they wished they have automated before most of their employees had started to work from home. These circumstances will lead many companies to open up towards automation of their work processes. So, in the future, companies may be more likely to outsource their IT or business processes.

This could be the best time for outsourcing companies like you to pitch these managers who are hiring remote teams , “Since you are hiring remote employees without seeing them anyway, why not give us a chance? We are less risk & can start today!” You might offer to start with two or three people immediately. The companies can try them & pick the best person for long term work. You can tell them, you know the people on your team have the skills. You can position yourselves to be the fastest & lowest risk option.

We have seen this strategy work for several outsourcing companies. We hope it can work for you, if you too are selling outsourcing services. Here are 3 steps that will help you to build a list of fast growing companies that have budgets and are hiring.

3 Steps to build your lead list of companies to target

Step 1: Research Job Boards

This step involves a lot of manual efforts to compile the most recent job postings that is hiring the skill & talent you provide from dozens of Job Boards. Shortlist the companies that are hiring in the USA. To ensure that you have a very exhaustive list of companies, search jobs by US States / Regions and Job Titles.

Step 2: Eliminate Duplicate companies

You will find many duplicate companies, remove them from the list. Repetition of companies in the list happens due to any of the following:

  • A company could have posted multiple job positions
  • A company could have posted the same job position in multiple Job Boards
  • Job Boards displaying the same company name differently. For instance,
    • HP vs Hewlett Packard vs Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    • eGrabber vs eGrabber Inc.
    • Brand name vs Company name

Step 3: Include Company Demographics

In order to prioritize and make your sales pitch easier, Add company demographics such as Industry, Company Headcount, Timezone, Location, Website URL and Company LinkedIn ID.

The lead list you build this way will get you more appointments than any random lead list. If you want to automate the entire process listed above, you can use Hiring Prospector Tool from eGrabber.

If you want a pre-built list of US companies that are hiring – Get a free sample list now. Our 100K+ exclusive list of hiring companies are extensively updated with new companies that are recently hiring.

COVID Layoffs are obsoleting existing B2B lists & draining sales energy

COVID Layoffs are obsoleting existing B2B lists & draining sales energy

By Chandra Bodapati, CEO, eGrabber Inc., May 2020.

Why DiscoverOrg lists are losing value – and what you could do about it

Did you know with COVID layoffs, pre-built lists from DiscoverOrg and others are losing value?

35 Million jobs in America have been wiped off as of May. Massive COVID related management layoffs have left pre-built lists from DiscoverORG and others being vastly outdated week after week.

For companies who are currently driving their sales and marketing thru COVID, prospecting to outdated lists drains morale like nothing else. Marketing to lists & people who don’t exist, getting email bounces and dropped phone calls drain the precious energy which sales and marketing teams badly need at this point in time.

6 Things you can do Now to accelerate sales success during this Pandemic

1. Scrub your existing email list for deliverability – Protects from being labelled as Spammer

2. Get LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Best ROI for B2B prospecting

3. Find & flag those who changed jobs in your existing lists – they might be customers you have being counting on!

4. Convert in-house Lists into LinkedIn lead Tagged Lists – Creates lead alerts & communication channel  

5. Target companies hiring & expanding in Pandemic – Leverage Job Boards & LinkedIn

6. Build targeted lists in-house from LinkedIn – Use tools to expedite (eGrabber has several)

1. Scrub your existing email list for deliverability  

If you already have a huge eMail list, but not sure if those emails are deliverable, we recommend you use an email verification service to clean up your list. You are better off cleaning your lists every month during COVID, so your lists are current and you maintain good ISP deliverability rating.

eGrabber Tip! You can use email verifying option in eGrabber’s LeadGrabber Pro to scrub your lists for deliverability

2. Get LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Best ROI for B2B prospecting

With LinkedIn, you will find more people tell the truth about their current employment status – mostly because of peer/family visibility.

  • So when you shortlist prospects this week on LinkedIn, who are likely to be working there – your lists are current
  • With LinkedIn, you can shortlist people not only based on title/company, but also with ideal keywords & interests your past customers had – leading to lists with higher close rate
  • eGrabber provides a Just-In-Time List Building Automation Tool. You build your list around the same time you will be prospecting. This will get you the most accurate possible list

eGrabber Tip! LinkedIn doesn’t give you the contact information of the prospect. This is where eGrabber can help. eGrabber’s LeadGrabber Pro will help you build targeted lists with LinkedIn. eGrabber will find the prospect’s direct work email & company phone. You will end up with the most accurate list of ideal prospects, better than you can get from any list vendor

3. Find & flag those who changed jobs in your existing lists

If you already have a highly targeted list of prospects that you purchased or built from trade shows, we recommend you update them. Hire Interns to go through each of these prospects and update their existing employment status.

Your interns can leverage LinkedIn to find each prospect’s current employment status and update your lists. This will help your sales & marketing people to sell more efficiently.

eGrabber Tip! eGrabber has a Job-Change Finder tool. It can help the process of updating employment status of all your existing prospects, users and customers. Job-Change Finder will flag people who quit & update the list with the person’s new title and company. Job-Change Finder can help your sales people target past users who moved to new companies. They can be great referral prospects!

4. Convert in-house Lists into LinkedIn lead Tagged Lists

If you already have a highly targeted list of prospects that were painfully built, purchased at a premium, or already in your funnel, we recommend you find and tag them on LinkedIn.  Hire Interns to find those prospects and tag them at a funnel stage & mark them as a lead.

Once prospects in your CRM and Excel lists are tagged and marked as leads in LinkedIn, you will be able to do the following:

  • Connect and communicate via LinkedIn InMail
  • Get alerts when people change jobs or see who changed jobs – this will give you a reason to email/message them
  • Get alerts when the prospects are in the news or when they post on LinkedIn – this will give you a reason to reach out and stay in touch
  • There are many more things you can do – we can show you how

eGrabber Tip! eGrabber’s LeadBox tool that can automate the workflow process of converting a CSV/EXCEL list of contacts into LinkedIn Tagged Lead List. Once this is done, you will be alerted when any of your prospects changes jobs, appears in the news, or writes a blog. These are all great trigger events for your sales and marketing teams to build a closer relationship with prospects at scale, with minimal prospecting time.

5. Target companies hiring & expanding in Pandemic

If you target companies that are expanding, get eGrabber’s list of 100K+ Companies that are Hiring and Expanding during COVID. There are Millions of US companies, but many have frozen their spending budgets. With outside databases, your sales people will only get frustrated, for they might be either trying to contact those who are no longer working there or reaching companies, only to find that they don’t have budgets to buy now because of COVID.

eGrabber has built a list of 100,000+ US Companies that are hiring and growing now. They are companies that have the money to hire people and have budgets to buy services, infrastructure & training. . You can have these companies filtered by demographics as well. You can then find the C-Level/VP-Level prospects for these compnaies using eGrabber’s Management-Finder.

6. Build targeted lists in-house from LinkedIn

If you are considering building lists in-house, we recommend that your team use LeadGrabber. Your team can build custom lists from LinkedIn and any other web source, 20x faster than they can manually, and with incredible high email/phone finding accuracy.

eGrabber advantages include:

  • eGrabber invented the category of automated lead research 15+ years ago. We have 4 US patents related to lead research
  • Takes care of COVID Layoffs – LeadGrabber double-verifies emails for deliverability, even after a person’s email ID has been found on the web. This is one extra way by which we are protecting our users from avoidable email bounces.
  • Handles newly hired decision makers – The toughest email ID to find is of a decision maker who joined a company recently and has no web or blog footprint. We have good news. For such decision makers, eGrabber just deployed new advanced research algorithms that result in our product giving you more higher-deliverable emails than ever.

Contact eGrabber for free consulting on lead generation & sales list building

Our team of experts can understand your current prospecting & list building strategy and make move-forward recommendations.

We strongly believe that customers should have multiple sources of leads. So we always recommend a combination of what you already have and tools that can maximize your existing structures and investments.

eGrabber has been in the B2B List building tools business since 1996. We developed a list-research automation-tools strategy even before Internet Explorer and Outlook Email were introduced. Our products are developed by the most experienced researchers in the B2B business. That is the reason we have 4 US patents on lead researching.

With the eGrabber on your side, you will find your sales growing faster, regardless of the pandemic or not!

Contact or 1-866-299-7314

Or feel free to contact me at

Chandra Bodapati
CEO – eGrabber Inc
San Jose, CA

My LinkedIn

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How to find Businesses that can spend right now?

How to find Businesses that can spend right now?

COVID-19 has crippled some businesses. However, it’s also created a new set of fast growing stars. Take Zoom, for instance. This online meeting software has seen a tremendous growth in users since COVID-19 hit.

One key to business survival & success now is asking the right questions:

How do I find businesses which have GROWN during COVID-19?

Finding businesses which have Grown during COVID-19

Businesses which have grown will show signs of growth. Here are some of those signs:

  1. Businesses that are Hiring People right now
  2. Businesses that secured recent Funding, since the outbreak of COVID-19
  3. Medium-Large Businesses that normally display at Conferences, but now have their Tradeshow Marketing Budget up for take

The rest of this blog will show you ways to find these companies and how to contact them for new business.

1. Businesses that are Hiring People right now

Target the businesses that are still hiring people. If you also look at companies that are spending a LOT of money on advertising their job postings, that’s even better.

LinkedIn Job Ads are not cheap. Here’s a way of finding companies which are advertising their job postings on LinkedIn. AND a way of filtering them to see only the companies which are in your target market.

You will need the Sales Navigator account for this. In the Accounts Search section, choose the “Hiring on LinkedIn” search filter. Then add all the other filters to choose the Industry, Geography, Company Size etc.

Make a list of all these companies and people right now. If you need some software tools to build the list for you

If you’d like to purchase the list instead, you can try out our pre-made list from here.

2. Businesses that secured recent Funding, since the outbreak of COVID-19

A bunch of startups and growing unicorns are still getting funded during this time. Use this simple AngelList search to pull up the list of companies which have got Finding. Don’t forget to sort by “Join Date” so that you get the recently funded ones on top.

If you’d like to get the CEO’s and founders of these companies in a spreadsheet like this, fill up the form and we can help you.

3. Medium-Large Businesses that normally display at Conferences, but now have their Tradeshow Marketing Budget up for take

Exhibiting at a conference is a very expensive piece of any company’s marketing budget. COVID-19 has cancelled or postponed many conferences.

Now all these exhibitors have their marketing budgets which they HAVE TO spend. And these are large budgets.

So how do you find such exhibitors? You start by finding the conferences which have got cancelled. Here’s an easy search from which lists all the tech conferences in New York which got cancelled. Remember to check-mark the “Cancelled” box on the left side to get all the cancelled events.

Each of those conferences will have a conference website or a landing page which lists the exhibitors. Make an exhibitor list and go after them! Here are some other websites from where you can find companies which (were) exhibiting.

If you need to convert the exhibitor list into a contact list, with names of executives, CEO’s and decision makers, fill the form below and we can help with that.

10 Websites to Find Companies which Hire Remote Workforce (COVID-19)

10 Websites to Find Companies which Hire Remote Workforce (COVID-19)

On account of the COVID-19 pandemic there is a growing trend toward working remotely among American workers in a variety of industries. The demand for flexible working environments and advancement in technology has encouraged huge percentage of the tech companies in the U.S., to offer some form of remote work arrangement to their employees, either full or part-time.

With this sudden rise in remote work culture, There are a lot of solutions who wants to sell to the remote workers. Here are the top 10 places that you can source companies that are transitioning to remote work culture..

1. has a exclusive list of all the WFH companies or events that have changed because of COVID-19.

Search link

As home-based employment hiring trends are increasing, Job Boards have posted a number of ads last month, looking for candidates who can work remotely. Scroll down to see some of the jobs boards that have posted new work from home job roles recently.

2. Indeed

Indeed is a best search engine for job listings. With the keyword “work from home”, you will get a list of companies that wish to hire employees who can work remotely.

Search link

3. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is an online employment website that lets you to do a quick search of companies that are hiring employees to work from home on a contract basis. This indicates that these companies have recently shifted to remote work.

Search link

4. Simply Hired, Inc.

Simply Hired is an employment website and an online recruitment advertising network based in the united states.

Search link


Monster is also one of the top global employment websites. Use different set of keywords and locations and sort to find the recent job postings.

Search link


Dice is a career website that serves information technology and engineering professionals, as well as contract and permanent engineering staffing firms.

Search link

7. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn promotes all recent job posts from companies that hire employees to work remotely. Pick companies that posted recent jobs with the help of the keyword “remote”.

Search link

Other sources to get remotely working companies include..

8. Flex Jobs

Find the best remote work from home & other flexible jobs

Note: Flex Jobs requires a paid subscription to view the name of companies which are hiring remote workforce.

Search link

9. Remotive

Remotive has 1000s of hand-picked remote startup jobs that are updated daily.

Search link

10. Remote Weekly

Remote weekly posts best job offers tailored precisely for remote job seekers. Their AI goes through countless remote job offers each day and can finding countless companies hiring remote workforce.

Search link

Social Media feeds is another source where we see a lot of active social media members who keeps sharing updates about their new work life at home often. Track these members from your news feeds, twitter feeds, popular posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and handpick the companies.

Note: Follow relevant hash tags such as #COVID19 #workfromhome #remotework and #WFH to get more relevant content in your news feeds.

Work-From-Home Leads List

Hope the above mentioned sources helped you find all the remotely working companies. But to build a complete list, you will have to find company demographics, decision makers and their contact Information. We know its a slow and tedious process finding companies manually and sourcing the contact details. Got no time or resource to build a list manually?

Do not worry, we have built a list of work from home leads from the above sources. The companies in our lists have been hand-picked and verified that they have people working from home.

We have a team that has built and is constantly updating an extensive list of companies that have remote teams. The list has contact info of key decision-makers, sourced just days ago. We have thousands of leads – CXOs, Presidents & VPs now managing remote workers.

Our 6-Step WFH Leads List-Building Process

We use our world-class Internet research tools and follow these six step patented process to build all our lead lists

STEP #1 : Web Documents

We find a list of web documents that have lists of companies which hire remote workforce.

Step #2 : Filtration of Company Data

We copy all the Companies from the sourced web documents and filter out non-target companies, false listings and all the duplicates from the companies list.

Step #3 : Find Company Demographics

Find all the company demographics such as Company Size, Industry, Timezone, Revenue and Address.

Step #4 : Find Key Decision Makers in the Organization

We Find and Append the Decision Maker’s profile to each company. We find CEO, if not found we find other CXO’s, Owners or Partners from the company.

Step #5 : Append Decision Maker’s Contact Information

We then research and add CXO’s verified business email address, business phone number and also LinkedIn profile URL. Thus you have multiple channels through which you can contact your prospects.

Step #6 : Audit Trail of Web Sources

Finally we combine all the data together along the audit trail of web sources.

What contact information fields will you get ?

You will get the following fields in the contact list:

  1. Name
  2. Job Title
  3. Verified Business Email Address
  4. Company Phone number
  5. Personal LinkedIn ID
  6. Company Name
  7. Company Employee Size
  8. Company Region, City, State, Zip
  9. Company Website

Jump-start your sales engine right away with our Work-From-Home Leads List.

Get a Copy of 50 WFH Leads Immediately!

7 Strategies to Improve Sales Productivity (Close More Deals)

7 Strategies to Improve Sales Productivity (Close More Deals)

Businesses use various strategies to improve sales productivity. It is one of those gears that propel your business towards growth. Improving sales productivity helps you to increase conversion rates. But salespeople find it difficult to improve sales performance. Sales folks are often busy with too many things on their plate. They generate their own leads, call prospects, follow up emails, take part in sales meetings, do prospect research, update CRM, and other administration tasks. Also, they have to handle the pressure of achieving the sales & revenue targets. So, it impacts the sales productivity and they are unable to increase sales.

B2B Lead Generation Software to Reach Ideal Prospects
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A study reveals that improving sales productivity remains the #1 challenge for 50% of the organizations. Another research states that sales people have very less selling time. It reflects on your sales productivity & performance. You can only close very few deals which means less revenue for you and your business as well.

If you are a sales person who wants to improve sales productivity & increase conversion rates, read on. But before that, let us first know what sales productivity is.

Sales productivity is the ratio of effectiveness versus efficiency. It is increasing sales results with minimal resources such as cost, effort & time. With businesses increasing their sales targets, it is vital for salespeople to improve sales productivity. It enables you to exceed your sales quota and take your business to greater heights.

7 Growth Strategies to Improve Sales Productivity

There are many factors that enable you to improve sales productivity. But, certain elements steal your selling time and kill your sales productivity. As a salesperson, if you can identify and address those issues, you can get more time to sell. It will help you to improve sales productivity, sales performance, increase sales conversions, generate more sales revenue and become successful sales heroes.

Here are 7 Growth Strategies to Improve Sales Productivity:

  • Create your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Build Targeted Prospect Lists
  • Automate Prospect List Building
  • Spend Time on Prospect Research
  • Personalize Emails
  • Measure Sales KPIs
  • Conduct Sales Training Programs Regularly

Create your Ideal Customer Profile

If you want to improve sales productivity & increase sales, you need to know who your ideal customers are. Without that you will be targeting someone who doesn’t need your product or service. All your sales & marketing campaigns will not yield the desired outcome. It’s a waste of time and resources. Companies that have realized it and created the ideal customer profile have always been very successful. So, you need to create your ideal customer profile and find who your ideal customers are. When you focus on your ideal customers, it enables you to create more value for your business & improve sales productivity. It helps you to not only save a great deal of time and money but also helps you increase conversion rates.

Build Targeted Prospect Lists

Once you create your ideal customer profile, the next step is to build a targeted list of ideal customers. This is where businesses spend a lot of resources. You need to first find your ideal customers and then build a list of ideal customers. To find your ideal customers, you have to spend countless hours on search engines, company websites, blogs, forums, association websites, social networks and professional networking sites. You have to manually sift through hundreds of web pages to find your ideal prospects along with their contact information. It takes a lot of your time, sometimes days, weeks or months. This eats up your selling time. Some businesses buy lists from vendors. Those lists are expensive and at the same time, you cannot rely on that data. Marketing studies reveal that every year, around 25%-30% of the prospect data becomes inaccurate or obsolete. Marketing to an inaccurate prospect list drains your energy and it impacts your sales conversions as well. But smart & successful sales people use B2B prospecting tools to build targeted prospect lists in no time.

Automate Prospect List Building

Successful sales folks always appreciate the value of time. They use automated prospect list building tools to automate prospect list building. Once you find your target audience, the automated prospect list building tools extract prospect information, find missing business contact information such as business email address & phone numbers, automatically build prospect list and send it to your inbox. What’s more? The tool provides verified business email address of your ideal customers. You need to download it and start calling or jump start your email marketing campaigns. You don’t have to spend time daily to generate leads. You also don’t have to manually intervene. You will be receiving your targeted prospect list via email every day. It helps you to build complete and accurate prospect lists 20x faster. It enables you to improve sales productivity and get more selling time.

Spend Time on Prospect Research

Once you have found your ideal customers and built your targeted prospect list, you need to research on your prospects before you call or email. You should spend some time on prospect research to know about your prospects’ business, industry, industry-related challenges, company background, head count, company revenue, etc. It helps you to understand your prospects better. You need to remember that the first impression is the best impression. When you research on your prospects, you will be in a better position to provide solutions that help your prospect’s business grow. It helps you to easily connect with your prospects, build rapport and increases your chances for sales conversions.

Personalize Emails

Email personalization is one of the most effective methods to reach your ideal customers, especially decision makers. When you personalize emails, you can tailor your message based on your prospects’ specific needs. It helps you to be more relevant rather than sending generic emails. Studies reveal that with personalized email marketing, you have a 74% high chance of customer engagement. Chances are high that you can get more positive responses. As you already have a complete and accurate prospect list, you can jump start your personalized email marketing campaigns in no time. Again, make sure you keep your emails short and to the point. It shouldn’t take much time to read your message. A lot of people check emails on the go using mobile devices. So it is important to keep it simple, light and have a compelling call to action as well. When you send personalized emails, it increases the chances of sales conversions.

Measure Sales KPIs

Measuring sales KPIs is very important. You need to know if you are getting the expected results for your sales & marketing efforts. It helps you to track your sales & marketing metrics, figure out areas that need improvement or modification and stop spending on things that don’t work well for you. It helps you to focus more on strategies that gets you more sales, increase sales conversion rates and save your marketing dollars from activities that don’t get you results.

Conduct Sales Training Programs Regularly

Conducting sales training programs can help your salespeople to improve selling skills. It helps you to improve sales productivity over a period of time. The sales environment is constantly changing. What you learnt a couple of years has become irrelevant today. So businesses need to realize this and train sales folks continuously to help them learn the latest trends, objection handling tactics and equip them to become a strong sales team that generates more sales revenue for the organization.

We provide software solutions that help you to improve sales productivity & increase sales conversions. If you are someone who is desperate to increase productivity, make more conversions and maximize ROI, fill in the form below.

How to Generate Leads for Small Business

How to Generate Leads for Small Business

Generating leads for small businesses is a daunting task for small business owners. They often struggle to figure out the right lead generation strategy that works for them. They also can’t afford to have enough people or the right people to generate leads for small business. The main reason is that they have very limited resources. Yes, these reasons seem to be very valid. But the game is to break through the barriers to success.

Some companies spend a few thousand dollars to buy small business lead lists. Though it looks promising, the end result is not as lucrative as it appears. Generally, the leads are stored in a database for a period of time. The prospects might have changed companies or promoted to newer titles. So, the leads available in the list are almost obsolete. What’s more? When you buy leads, you and your competitor might get the same set of leads since the vendors sell the same set of lists. You lose your competitive advantage too.

Click here to Generate Leads for Small Business
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What Successful Small Businesses do

When you observe top-performing small businesses that have increased revenue, profitability and lead generation capabilities in the last couple of years, they do certain things that make them successful.

  1. Target the right audience: This is one of the most primary and important element for small business lead generation success. When you know who your target audience is, the industry they belong to, their needs, likes, budget, the challenges they face, you can position your product/service accordingly. It helps you to addresses their problems and enable you to grab their attention.
  2. Leverage Social & Professional Networks: Social networking sites are one of the best places to find targeted leads for small businesses. Creating Facebook pages for business, Twitter business profile and Small Business LinkedIn pages can help your small businesses to increase your online presence. It provides you an opportunity to find potential prospects and engage with them. LeadGrabber Pro helps you to Generate Leads for Small Business from Social Networking Sites.
  3. Measure your marketing efforts: Measuring your marketing efforts is equally important. You can’t continue spending time & money on something that doesn’t produce the desired results. There is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy. You have got to try different things to find the one that works for you. So it is very essential that you measure your marketing efforts.
  4. Have the right people at the right place: When you have the right people to generate leads for small business, they can help supply the sales force with a stream of qualified sales leads. But, being a small business, you can’t afford to have too many people.

Best Virtual Assistant for Small Business

Virtual assistants, for small business owners, can do a world of good. Having said that small business owners have very minimal resources and manpower, they tend to wear different hats. They have to do a lot of things on their own. This certainly drains their energy. Sometimes they are burdened too much that they are not able to focus much on core business processes.

That is why small businesses need virtual assistants. It comes handy in these situations. These virtual assistants work 24×7 for you. One such virtual assistant is LeadGrabber Pro. It is one of the best virtual assistants for small business owners. It helps you to target the right audience that matches your ideal customer profile, leverage social and professional networking sites, automatically builds verified business email lists and sends it to your marketer/salesperson’s inbox. You have to just download the list and jump start your marketing campaigns. You don’t have to spend time & resources to train your virtual assistant.

LeadGrabber Pro takes care of lead generation for small business owners. They can now focus on their core areas that needs their utmost attention. A lot of small businesses have been successful and continue to grow at a faster pace than their competition.

What about you?

Download your FREE Trial Today

How to Sell to C-Level Decision Makers

How to Sell to C-Level Decision Makers

B2B selling is all about selling to C-level decision makers. But, selling to C-level executives is one of the major challenges faced by B2B businesses. Why?

Let’s find out. But before that, let’s know who the C-level decision makers are.

Who are C-Level Decision Makers

They are top-ranking executives in a company who make the best decisions for the company that will enable them to sustain and grow. They are also called as C Suite executives.

Some C-level decision maker titles that we are familiar with are Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), President, Vice President, Director, etc.

Find C-Level Decision Makers for a List of Companies along with verified eMail, Phone & LinkedIn ID etc. in less than a minute. You could try our free Decision Makers Finder Tool – Management Finder.

Why C-level selling is a challenge

Having said that C-level decision makers are top-ranking executives, they are always busy. At the same time, they are the most wanted people for sales & marketing people. Because they are the ones who decide whether the company needs to buy your product or not.

Since C- Level decision makers are often busy attending meetings & traveling, you can’t reach them easily. C-level executives are well guarded by gatekeepers. These gatekeepers are trained to keep the sales & marketing folks away from reaching the C-level decision makers.

Despite the hurdles, you have to somehow reach those busy C-level decision makers, but how?

How to reach C-Level decision makers

Reaching C-Level decision makers is a Herculean task. Yet, one of the best ways to reach them is via email. It doesn’t hinder their daily routine and business schedules. You can quietly get in front of busy executives by reaching their inbox.

You can find C-level decision makers on the Internet. Professional networks, social media websites, company websites and forums are some of the places where you can find them. But you can only find their names and company names on these places. You cannot easily find C-level contact information on the Internet or social networks. If you have to find business email address or phone numbers, you have to manually search the Internet.

If you are a search expert, you can use various search scripts or email patterns to append business email addresses. It is a tedious and time-consuming task. If you are a novice, things get even worse. Sometimes you might only have a list of companies and you will have to figure out the C-level decision makers in those companies. It gets even tougher. This is where a C-Level Management Finder such as LeadGrabber MF Pro can be handy. LeadGrabber MF Pro helps you to find C-level decision makers along with their business contact information and reach them in no time.

Reach C-level decision makers without hassles

LeadGrabber MF Pro is a powerful software that helps you to find C-Level decision makers in no time. You can find decision makers based on industry, location, title, company size, keywords, etc.

The software performs deep web searches and finds the ‘right person’ in your target companies.

What’s more? The software also helps you find C-Level decision makers’ contact information. It helps you to append verified business email addresses and phone numbers in no time. You can reach C-level decision makers via email without bothering their busy schedule.

If you have a list of target companies, LeadGrabber MF Pro finds C-Level decision makers in those companies. It also appends their business contact information.

C-Level Decision Makers for a List of Companies
Management-Finder Tool finds C-Level Decision Makers for a list of companies

LeadGrabber MF Pro enables you to bypass the gatekeepers. It helps you to reach C-level decision makers without any hassles.

5 Proven Ways to sell to C-level executives

Now, you have the targeted C-Level executives list with verified business contact information. The next step is to reach their inbox with a compelling offer that they can’t resist and start selling to C level executives. But before that you have to ensure the following:

1. Research – Before reaching them, check out the C-Level decision maker’s profile & company profile on LinkedIn. Find out what they do. Research on their industry/business. It will help you to know about the challenges they face. This helps you to tailor your message and connect with them.

2. Personalize – C-level decision makers are likely to respond to personalized emails that are very specific and relevant to their industry or business.

3. Keep it Simple – This is very important. C-level decision makers are always busy and have very little time. So, keep your messaging simple and to the point. At the same time, it has to grab their attention and compelling enough to evoke a response. Keep your selling process simple as well.

4. Offer Value – Highlight the unique value that your product or service offers. Explain how it can impact their business.

5. Be a Trusted Advisor – Provide solutions that can solve your prospects’ problems, increase productivity, save time & money, increase sales & revenue, etc.

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