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How to scale your business to engage more leads

How to scale your business to engage more leads

Leads are very important for your business to make sales and acquire new customers. Without leads you won’t be able to run a successful business.

In any organization, lead generation is the important segment that contributes a large percentage to the revenue goals. B2B marketers often rely on many channels to drive more leads to their business and boost conversion rates.

“Generating more leads means more revenue”.

Here’s how to scale your business and generate more leads.

Direct Relationship with leads 

Direct customer relationship is a key to generate more leads in a business

Choosing to engage indirectly with your customers might not be an effective way.

Always build a live relationship with your customers on live chats, forums and through customer support addressing every single query. This means you are staying connected with your audience.

The more your customers are engaged with you, the more they will spread the word resulting in more leads.

Outbound email marketing

Email marketing remains to top the channels that produce B2B leads with highest ROI. It is the most effective way for a business to build lasting relationships.

According to HubSpot, roughly 80% of marketers have reported an increase in email engagement over the past 12 months.

And having said that, the number of global email users is set to grow to 4.48 billion users by 2024 by Statista, 2019. Do not be reluctant about deploying an outbound marketing channel for your business.

Find Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only a social networking website, but also a great source of potential leads for your company. With the help of LeadGrabber pro, you can find you ideal B2B prospects and extract business contact information in a single click.

LeadGrabber Pro is the best B2B prospecting tool to find leads on LinkedIn. It grabs the name, job tittle, email address, company, phone, etc. and stores it in a spreadsheet format.

Advertise through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is great platform that allows users to publish content to followers and audience who were engaged previously.

Quora Marketing

Quora is a question-and-answer website where people from different demographics post questions daily. Answer enough questions of users, so they might spot your profile and probably check out your website.

Content Optimization

It is a very evident fact that content is a great source of web traffic. It can result in more leads. Optimize your content in such a way that it is more informative and appealing to your target audience. High quality content takes only one time to work with, as it keeps attracting more and more leads throughout the journey.

Try and include videos, images and info graphics to make your web page more engaging.

Re-engage with prospects in your Database

Your company might have surely engaged with hundreds of prospects in the past. Are you aware if they are promoted into decision making roles and are at a new company?

Engage with eGrabber to track job changes and build your low hanging list of prospects. Implement job change tracking easily and monitor the job changes of anyone in your CRM now. Our automated job CRM tracker tool can get you ready actionable leads.

You will get a list of decision-makers that you already knew and are in a new position now who can use your services again. Your company will have a 5x to 20x higher chance of engaging & closing leads whom you already know than random people.

Create infographic YouTube videos

Video marketing is a effective strategy to convert your target audience. It is an easy tactic to implement, no matter what your business type is.

A video analytics according to hubspot, 99% of people who use video for marketing say they’ll continue using video in 2021!

Create more videos and increase your lead traffic now.

Happy Prospecting!

How To Generate Leads For Staffing Agencies?

How To Generate Leads For Staffing Agencies?

For any staffing agency, the most important factor in a company are the clients. Whether your business is a large enterprise or small to medium size one that’s just growing, the people that you work with are absolutely important. One of the major challenges for a staffing agency is manifesting a lasting reputation. It is vital that you have the right client on-board. As right clients are the key to future of your business , establishing a lasting reputation.

Why staffing agency lead generation is essential to grow your business

Lead generation is a process that initiates each buyer’s journey helping you find potential prospects. It transforms those prospects into valued customers down the line. So, having a lead generation strategy is very essential to you and the growth of your business.

Different business needs for a staffing agency includes finding new clients, dealing with existing clients and approaching past clients are addressed through lead generation. Attracting new clients always remains to be the top priority among the marketing team.

Generating new staffing leads helps you reach out to as many number of prospects you want, generating more traffic which may lead to conversion of such leads into customers. This helps to increase conversion rates which in turn produces huge profits to your business.

How to find new clients for staffing agency

There are a several marketing activities such as direct marketing, content production, events, advertising, internal marketing and branding that builds interest of your target audience over your website.

Some of the lead generation services for staffing agency to find clients faster are

  • Email
  • Social Media and
  • Direct Mail

Staffing agencies lead generation needs a focused approach to find clients faster. We at eGrabber have solutions that will help you find a unique lead source to generate staffing agency sales leads. These sales leads you get from us can’t be purchased from any other source.

We help you get special access to companies that are expanding their sales and marketing teams. We have proven methods through which you can target your low hanging prospects easily. We have tools and dedicated resources that fetch you leads from a unique lead source to facilitate hiring. Our solutions will help you access the right talent and find suitable candidates more easily. You can hire faster and more accurately using eGrabber solutions.

Download Free Sample Sales Leads for Staffing & Recruitment Agencies

3 Smart Steps to Speed Up Your Sales process

3 Smart Steps to Speed Up Your Sales process

Are you looking for ways to shorten your sales process and make prospects purchase sooner? Well, that is a smart thing to do. The less time a lead stays in your sales process, the more is your return on investment (ROI).

How? Look for companies that are in the process of increasing their headcount. That is, companies that are hiring now.
If a company is hiring right now, chances are they are growing and have budgets to buy your product/services.

How to target companies that are hiring?

LinkedIn has made it very easy to find companies that are hiring now. You will need the Sales Navigator premium account.

Step1: Search Accounts

Search for Accounts that have the exact keywords and demographics of your ideal prospect. You will get a bunch of your ideal prospects in the search results.

Step2: Enable Jobs Filter

Enable Filter “Job Opportunities” in Accounts filter. You have to click on all View filters to see this. LinkedIn now will remove all companies which are not hiring on LinkedIn.

Step3: Current Employees

Click on view current employees in Account Filter and look for decision maker titles to target in those hiring companies.

The list of companies you get in the accounts are the companies that are growing and hiring now. These companies are 10x more likely to purchase your product/services.

To find more companies, you can also look for companies that are hiring on Indeed or other job boards, import them into LinkedIn and find decision makers in those companies.

To automate the process of building decision makers from companies that are hiring, check out the list building automation software – Hiring prospector from eGrabber. Hiring prospector helps you build list of decision makers in companies that are already hiring.

How sourcing leads from Job Boards benefit Staffing and Outsourcing Companies?

How sourcing leads from Job Boards benefit Staffing and Outsourcing Companies?

Staffing and outsourcing companies need a focused approach to find clients faster. This new process of sourcing leads from job boards is time saving and also helps staffing and outsourcing companies find more success. This in fact is a great source to identify companies that are hiring now or by definition, companies that are growing and have budgets to buy your services.

Why are Job Boards a Perfect Lead Source?

Job boards turns out to be helpful whenever:

You have urgent requirements. You want an easy way to find large number of skilled workers. You want to commit many projects that are short-term. You want to find highly qualified workers with a specialized skill set.

What makes Job Leads more unique?

The leads you get from job boards can’t be purchased from any other source, because the leads disappear in 30 – 60 days. Job boards can help you scan companies that are expanding their sales and marketing teams. Job leads is great way to target your low hanging prospects.

Identifying the unique companies from job boards is a tedious and long process. It involves a lot of manual work. You might have a specialist to research and identify the right talent, but to identify unique companies they might have to spend all their time doing only research.

Because companies post multiple open positions on job boards and they post the same job on multiple job boards too. When you put together all the companies from various job boards, you will find that almost 90% of them are duplicates.

We at eGrabber have tools and dedicated resources that fetch you leads from job boards to facilitate hiring. We scrutinized all the job listings and compiled a list for you after removing the duplicates. Our job leads will help you access the right talent and find suitable candidates more easily. Hire faster and more accurately using our job leads list.

List of Top US companies Hiring Right now

eGrabber’s list of Top US companies hiring employees in December 2020 helps staffing and IT outsourcing companies find clients faster.

What does our list include?

Each company will include the following:

Name of company

Various job positions

Number of Job opening

Company size

Company LinkedIn ID

Website URL


Decision makers URL link

Many staffing agencies might post job ads in many job portals. But, we ensure that we remove such companies from our list which is one of the value-adds to our list. We deliver your list of companies via spreadsheet.

eGrabber job leads make that burden of your entire process of hiring quality candidates much easier. Now focus solely on your growth while we take up the most difficult part for you. Email us at [email protected] to get a list of our unique companies from job boards or Get a sample list now!

How to Find Prospects Who are Active During the Holiday Season

How to Find Prospects Who are Active During the Holiday Season

Finding it tough to get prospects online?

Yes, it’s Christmas season. But how would you know who’s at work?

Try these 2 techniques to find prospects who are active during the holidays:

Tip 1. How to Find Prospects who are active on LinkedIn

In your LinkedIn Sales Navigator, search for your prospects and click on this tab:

How to find Prospects

You will get everyone who’s still active, and thinking about work. Works even better when you target Owners and CEO’s – they never take off!

Tip 2.  Get Alerts when Your Prospects Post / Share anything

In your Sales Navigator home page, have you used the “Lead News” or the “Lead Shares” button?

Get Prospects

You will get articles, shares and posts from your Leads.

If you see nothing in the list on the right, then you have to do one more step. Find all your top leads who you are trying to land a deal with and Add them to a Lead List as shown below:

Find Prospect lists

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B prospecting tool that enables you to find potential prospects from various sources such as the Internet, corporate websites, social and professional networking sites, blogs, forums, etc. The software also helps you to append verified business email addresses & phone numbers of prospects and enables you to reach prospects who are active during the holidays.

Download your FREE Trial Today, Get 50 Contacts Free! 

Happy Hunting during the Holidays!

5 Ideas to Have Faster Sales Momentum than your Competitors

5 Ideas to Have Faster Sales Momentum than your Competitors

2021 has both good news and a bad news for b2b businesses. The good one is that everyone expects Jan-Mar 2021 to be a great time for business. This means your competitors are also expecting the same, that is 2021 to be fantastic year.

But the reality is, only one of you can win.

There is a lots of optimism among businesses, because researchers have developed a safe and effective COVID-19 Vaccines successfully. USA has implemented appropriate policies to help return employees back to work. And, after months of improvising, CFOs has recognized they need a new approach to 2021, releasing real bigger $budgets.

What can you do now, to have a faster sales momentum than your competitors?

Some ideas include:

1. Close as many small starter deals as you can in December. Go for volume. This will get customers to be talking to you in 2021.

2. Curate new and engaging sales messaging now, test them thoroughly now and be prepared.

3. Schedule demos and line up appointments for early January as much you can, so you can try fast and improve faster.

4. Build targeted prospect lists, research them, and have custom scripts ready.

5. Engage with all the people on your prospect lists in some manner on social media in December, so you stay top of mind.

I am sure there are lot more things you are doing to have a faster sales momentum. Please do share some of your ideas in the comments section below.

How to build your customer database from Google maps?

How to build your customer database from Google maps?

Google Maps not only helps you to navigate & explore your ways but also helps you to drive new sales leads for your business. Successful sales people leverage Google Maps to build their customer database. This blog post will help you to learn how you can build your customer database from Google Maps.

Build your Customer Database

Google Maps helps you to build your prospective customer database. For example, you want to target “Florists in New York” and you search for them in Google Maps.

Google Maps displays the list of florists in New York. The company names are listed on the left side and their locations are displayed on the right side.

The company names displayed on the left side also includes consumer rating, location and business hours details. When you click on the company name, it displays more details about the company such as company address, plus code, company website URL, business phone numbers, etc. You can also see if the company is open, closed or open 24 hours, etc. In addition, driving directions, nearby locations and options to share the location are also displayed.

Build Customer Database List

The next step is to build your customer database list. You need to transfer the company names along with their business contact information into an Excel sheet or your database. You have to manually click each company name and copy-paste the company information into your database.

Typically, search results run to multiple pages and if you manually copy-paste the search results from multiple pages, you will have to spend a lot of time & effort. In addition, manual data entry is prone for errors, which can affect the accuracy of your customer database. This is where a Google Maps extractor such as ListGrabber can be handy.

Build Customer Database from Google Maps in a Click

ListGrabber helps you to build your customer database from Google Maps in a click. All you have to do is just select the search results and click on the Grab button on the ListGrabber toolbar.

ListGrabber instantly extracts the company name, address, phone number, website URL etc. and helps you to build your customer leads database. The Google Maps extractor software eliminates the tedious task of manually navigating to the next page. ListGrabber automatically navigates to the next page and helps you build your customer database list. You can build your free customer database from any industry or location.

Successful sales folks use ListGrabber to build customer database for small businesses & customer lead generation.

What are you waiting for?

Use ListGrabber to build your customer leads database from Google Maps & close more sales.

Download your FREE Trial Now!