eGrabber will be offering List Building Services starting Jan 1st 2018

eGrabber will be offering List Building Services starting Jan 1st 2018

Chandra Bodapati

Chandra Bodapati

CEO & Founder at eGrabber
I have deep expertise in enabling B2B sales, marketing & recruiting professionals reach ideal prospects. I love helping them be leaders in their company and their industry.

Sold to 100,000+ companies!
eGrabber, the company I founded 15+ years ago, makes Targeted Prospect List-Building Tools for use by Sales & Recruiting professionals.
Chandra Bodapati

Are you building lists from LinkedIn, to market your Company?

…We have tools that let you build 800 leads a day.

…We can also build lists as a service. And THIS is what this post is about.




How many leads can I buy?

Minimum order size is $995 for 800 leads.


Does it increase in batches of $500 or $1000 ?

Pricing after 2,000 is $1.00 per lead… so it can be any volume you choose. You have to purchase on one order.

Example – if you ask for 2,345 leads… our charge is $2,345


If I buy 2,000 leads, does it mean you will deliver all 2,000 at one go? Or can I take 1,000 first and then when they need come back and get another 1,000 … ?

You have to purchase on one order. We might agree to deliver them in multiple chunks.


What is the delivery / bounce back rate of the emails you deliver?

We offer emails of 1-Rating and 2-Rating.

Normally, 1-Rating emails have a delivery ratio of 95%+

And 2-Rating emails have a delivery rating of 70%+

The aforesaid delivery rates hold good, provided

  1. you use the emails within 1 month of delivery
  2. your email sending server and email sending reputation is good
  3. you are not sending spammy content which gets caught against spam filters


Will all my leads will be 1-Rated emails?

Emails will be rated 1 or 2; we provide refund or credit for leads we don’t give you.

We have the option of providing 3 rated emails at a discount. These emails have a delivery ratio of 30%+


Do I have to provide my LinkedIn credentials?

Yes you have to provide us your LinkedIn login and password. You also need a Sales Navigator account. That’s because you want high quality leads. We do not have connections in your industry and we will not be able to build high quality leads for you without your account.



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