LeadGrabber Improvements from 2017

LeadGrabber Improvements from 2017

(written on Nov 7, 2017)

We are happy to report LeadGrabber continued to leapfrog competitors and retain the title of best performing business email finding product in the industry .

To retain our leadership position, in 2017 we integrated LeadGrabber with 3 key technology partners. LeadGrabber now appends faster, web-research is more extensive, parsing results are more accurate and 100% of emails are verified and ranked for deliverability.

Here is what we did in more detail

  • We Integrated with Search Technology Partners – To improve speed of research we partnered with technology providers who can provide power of 100,000+ IPs to each LeadGrabber user on demand.  The good news is, we can now research at 50+ leads per hour.
    • Before 2017, we relied a lot on use free public search engines for research. The number of records we could research per hour steadily reduced to (10 -15 per hour), as free search engines and LinkedIn public mode,  increasingly began to limit number of results per IP
  • We Integrated with Lead Information Servers – We integrated LeadGrabber Pro with specialized contact data indexing servers. Combined with this new data base access and the 100,000 IP network, LeadGrabber now casts 30% wider searches per contact, to increase chance of finding contact on web – this increases accuracy.
    • Before 2017, We did not have access to this indexed data
  • We Integrated with eMail verification Servers – We now verify 100% of the emails found and projected through 3rd party verification servers we partnered with; We now  rank all leads with a deliverability score using new proprietary algorithms we developed in-house.
    • Before 2017, we never verified any emails found or projected. We provided raw research data as shown on the documents we found on the web. Subsequently we found some of published data was inaccurate or the person no longer worked there
  • We provide more reliable audit trail sources – When we find a contact on the web, we not only provide the contact field we also provide the discovery link. Users can click on link and get more detailed view of the contact thru blogs, websites, tweets, news and other sources

Since we now incur a 300%+ increase in cost per lead researched, we had to adjust our pricing model. If your usage is less than 40,000 leads a year, eGrabber has absorbed all cost increases – you will get a better product for the same $3,495 price. If your usage is more than 40,000 leads per year, your business development person will provide a quote for the volume you require.

Over the next few months, we are working on several lead research improvements for LeadGraber Pro, including a new User Interface. One new feature I am excited about is where we are looking at providing 2 possible email-ids for each prospect. This will increase the chance of you connecting with prospects

Source of our competitive edge – eGrabber’s competitive edge is derived from 20+ years of developing B2B lead generation tools (we started before Google was born!); 100,000+ companies as customers; 80+ Tech Employees; 4+ US Patents & More..

If you have ideas on ways we could improve our product line, please email [email protected]


Chandra Bodapati
CEO-Founder eGrabber team

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