LeadGrabber Improvements – Spring 2018

LeadGrabber Improvements – Spring 2018

We are happy to announce that the leading list-building solution LeadGrabber Pro has now got even better.

We have been listening to customer requests. Here’s what we’ve added over the last 6 months.

(Oct 2017) We’ve created an Auto-Splitter for large searches

With standard People Profile Searches, you can view & capture only 1,000 results, even though it says there 20,000 results.

To help you capture more, we created the Auto-Splitter. So you can capture those nineteen thousand extra records you can’t through manual search.

Now, the Auto-Splitter takes care of automatically breaking up the search results by region and using other Filters. So now you can capture the split pieces and build your list of 20,000.

This upgrade is free for all LeadGrabber users. Just do a live update to get this feature. Call us on our support line +1-408-872-3103 and we will give you a demo of how it works.

(Dec 2017) We’ve given a way to Append LinkedIn Id to your existing lists

Do you have an EXCEL list of Names and Companies and want the LinkedIn ID appended?

Now you can. Just Copy-Paste your Names and Companies into the grid and use the Append LinkedIn ID button. It finds the person’s LinkedIn and attaches it to your record.

It’s great to use for updating your CRM and your existing leads.

This is available as a paid add-on. However, if you are an existing customer you can call us and get a complementary pack – you’ll be able to Find LinkedIn ID of 100 records for free (offer valid till 30 Sept 2018).

(Feb 2018) We’ve released the Hiring Prospector for Recruiting Agencies

For Recruiting Agencies, we have created the easiest way of getting managers, executives and CXO’s of companies which are actively hiring right now.

You can build recruitment leads from Job Postings. And for the managers you want, you can specify exact titles, departments, seniority levels, location,… and the list will be built for you.

This is available as a paid add-on.

(Mar 2018) We’ve improved Email Finding accuracy

We have upgraded our algorithms and improved accuracy a few notches up. Among the changes, have added more extensive Found email checking tests to verify the email you get is more deliverable. Our emails rated at #1 now have 97% deliverable rate in our tests (assuming your email content is not spammy, and your email delivery infrastructure is in shape!).

All this extra work is absorbed by eGrabber and there’s no extra charge to you. Just do a live update of your LeadGrabber Pro to get this upgrade.

To get any of the first 3 features, give your eGrabber Rep a call. They will activate it for you.

Reach us Toll-Free on +1.866.299.7314, or reach Support at +1.408.872.3103 /  [email protected]

Clinton Rozario
Senior Product Manager
eGrabber Inc. | linkedin.com/in/clintonrozario

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