How to Get Attendee List With Contact Information of Any Event using LinkedIn Events (new)

How to Get Attendee List With Contact Information of Any Event using LinkedIn Events (new)

LinkedIn just rolled out a new channel of Free B2B leads. LinkedIn is now showing all attendees to all Events (& webinars) your prospects are attending!

To get attendee list using LinkedIn Events, you don’t have to be the organizer of any of the events to get all the attendee leads! You just have to know how to search for the right events.

4-Step Process to Get Attendee List using LinkedIn EVENTS

👉 Step 1 – Search “EVENTS” for a topic your prospects would be interested in attending. LinkedIn will show all events and webinars on that topic and how many people are attending each event.

👉 Step 2 – Select “Attend” on the events your prospects will be in

👉 Step 3 – Click on “See All” – When you click “Attend” for an event, LinkedIn will magically give you access to ALL the attendees. You can connect and engage with each of the prospects

👉 Optional – Import into EXCEL – if you want to import all the attendees for the event and get their direct work email-ID and Phone, checkout LeadGrabber Pro.

Get Attendee List with Contact Information for any Event

LeadGrabber Pro is a linkedin prospecting tool that helps you to find your ideal B2B Prospects from online Directories, Professional & Social networking sites such as LinkedIn that match your ideal customer profile.

It appends missing business email addresses and phone# of your ideal B2B prospects. The tool enables you to quickly build B2B email lists and also exports to CRM / ATS. It directly transfers B2B prospect lists to, PCRecruiter (PCR), ACT!, Excel and Outlook.

Get all the attendee leads for any event you search. Reach out to them before your competition and increase your sales opportunities.

What are you waiting for?

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