How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Posts

How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with millions of professionals and companies from more than 200 countries across the world. It is a place where you can find your ideal prospects and future customers. LinkedIn posts are one of the best ways to generate leads on LinkedIn. You can leverage it to attract & engage your prospects, and drive sales.  

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how to engage with prospects and generate leads on LinkedIn

5 Tips to Generate Leads on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Posts

Statistics reveal that there are millions of feed updates on LinkedIn getting billions of impressions. B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a great platform to reach out to their prospects, network, build a relationship over time and generate leads on LinkedIn. This blog post will help you learn how you can leverage LinkedIn posts to engage prospects, generate leads on LinkedIn, and drive sales.

Here are 5 tips to generate leads on LinkedIn using LinkedIn posts.

#1 Discover your Prospects’ Pain Points

To begin with, you need to first identify your target audience. Once you have identified who your targeted customers are, you will come to know their pain points. If not, you need to figure out the problems/challenges they face that you can solve. You need to create posts focussing on those problems and let them know how you solve them. This way you can get the attention of your target audience.  

The goal here is not to have your best sales pitch but an opportunity to address your prospects’ problems. It is not about you or your product but the topic. It should make your prospect engage with you and have a discussion.

You can ask questions related to their problem. People who are going through those problems will get attracted to that question. You can make them continue reading by suggesting a few ideas or solutions that can address their problems.  The key here is to identify your prospects’ challenges, provide the best possible solutions and get their attention.

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#2 Let your Posts Be Unique

Your prospect might scroll through hundreds of posts in her feed. You need to ensure that your post grabs her attention and makes her read the post & engage.

One of the best ways to do that is to add a nice image to your post. Ensure that it is not a branded/corporate image or something too generic. Have an image that looks different and at the same time piques the interests of your prospects.

When your prospect scrolls through multiple posts with lots of text, your image might make her stop. Complement your image with an irresistible opening line. It will make your prospect to click through as well. Make sure it is short, addresses your prospects’ pain point, and makes her read your post.   

#3 Keep it Short & Simple

Your LinkedIn post is not a place to share your 1000-word blog or article. Keep your posts short, simple, and easily understandable with clear, easy-to-read statements. Avoid long & multiple paragraphs. 

Start with a compelling headline (your prospects’ problem) followed by the solution. The goal is to make your prospect think and relate it with her. 

Keep your post short but at the same time interesting enough to make your prospect read through it. Avoid lengthy paragraphs.

#4 Don’t Push Hard, be Subtle

Yes, you want to generate leads on LinkedIn, but make sure you don’t hard sell. Ensure that your LinkedIn post is not too salesy. You can reiterate the pain point and subtly say how you can solve the problem. Maybe you can say how you helped someone with a similar situation in the past. 

This shows that you have already handled the problems that your prospect is facing currently and you are not pushing too much. Another way to open up your readers is to ask – Can you share a similar experience such as this? Or Are you going through a similar experience? You can ask them to share. It not only helps your readers to engage but also helps you identify your ideal prospects as well.

The goal is to focus on a problem that people can easily relate to, let them know how it can be solved & you are there to help them address their problems and provide an opportunity to engage with your post. Once your prospects start engaging, you can build up the conversation that can lead to a proposal and finally a sale.

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#5 Post Regularly

Make sure you post early in the day. Posting early will give you a chance to get new prospects. It will also give people more time to engage through the day. Some people check emails, messages & LinkedIn on their way to work. So posting early might help you a lot to grab the attention of your prospects.

Another key point to remember is to post regularly. You can plan and create a calendar for LinkedIn posts. This way, you can plan ahead and update posts consistently. You can avoid unwanted posts that are done just for the sake of posting.

Planning ahead can help you create posts & images that are interesting, meaningful, and the ones that can easily relate and connect with your prospects’ problems. 

Don’t expect great results from your first post. You need to post as many posts as you can. You can try out various things and figure out what works well for you. There is not a one-size-fits-all strategy here. You need to keep trying different things, identify the best that works for you and keep repeating it.

Once you start posting information that is helping your prospects solve their problems, they start following you or reach out to you for any problems. You become a thought leader in your domain or area of interest. You gradually earn the trust of your readers and prospects, increase engagement rates and strike a conversation. You gradually start to generate leads on LinkedIn and finally make a sale.

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