How To: Finding Anybody’s Email Address – Automatic vs Manual

How To: Finding Anybody’s Email Address – Automatic vs Manual

Whether you are on a LinkedIn profile trying to connect to a new prospect, or following a referral, or trying to cold call into any company, a business email is essential.

Did you know that with a Name and a Company, you can figure out ANYBODY’s email address? Here are some MANUAL ways to do it:

  1. From Stacy Zapar, the “Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn”: Use Email Patterns of companies (read more here)
  2. From Glen Cathey the “Boolean Black Belt”: Use Rapportive and Gmail (read more here)
  3. From Wendy Weiss, the The Queen of Cold Calling™ : Do a Google search with a “Title +” combination
  4. From WordStream Blog: 12 techniques (read more here)

Over the last few months, we’ve surveyed over a 1000+ people in our webinars. We found that if you sourced email addresses manually, it would take you upto 15 minutes for finding someone’s email address.

But what if a Machine could AUTOMATICALLY do this? A Software, perhaps?

What if you could get the email address in under 60 seconds? Would you try the software?

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