Agency Recruiters and LinkedIn

Agency Recruiters and LinkedIn

“Are Agency recruiters still relevant in this age of LinkedIn, where ever recruiter has access to almost all the talent they need?”

I have hundreds of eGrabber customers, who are Agency recruiters who find LinkedIn very relevant. These are agencies that know how to cultivate passive candidates.

If I were LinkedIn and I had a choice to focus on Corporate Recruiters or 3rd party recruiters – the answer is simple. Focus on who can pay you the most – and that would be corporate recruiters with100x or even1000x more buying capacity.

That does not mean LinkedIn is not a a great resource for savvy 3rd party recruiters who are productivity and process drvien. Only the smarter ones now will get the business. The others will join corporations back as an average recruiter/sourcer.

I don’t see many generic 3rd party recruiter franchises growing rapidly. They need to specialize in some manner & compete in a different manner.

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