Support Your Community Initiative, by eGrabber

Support Your Community Initiative, by eGrabber

Help your community

Communities thrive best, when they get lots of helping hands.

Do you have a community you want us to support?

eGrabber wants to enable people to support organizations (& causes) they feel work for the good of our society.

Organizations that serve communities, not only need time from volunteers, they also need financial help to serve us all better.

We have designed a program where we can provide the financial help to organizations you want to support – with just 5 minutes of your help.

It only takes 5 minutes of your time. We will do the rest.

What we need from you, is an email introducing us to an executive in the company you work for. <link to sample email – coming soon!l>

Our company (eGrabber) representative will follow-up with your company.

If your company finds a need for a solution we market, and purchases it,  we will donate a portion of the revenue to the organization you support. We will donate the money on your behalf.

We encourage you to spread the word of this easy form of company referral & giving. Your family and friends can all participate to help the causes you support.

Let’s partner and make our community organizations stronger, so that they can have a bigger & more lasting impact.

Thank you for your time


PS – If you want to learn how your organization can participate, or want to initiate a drive within your community – please send email to [email protected]

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