How To: Configure a LeadGrabber for a MAC user (using Amazon WebSpaces)

How To: Configure a LeadGrabber for a MAC user (using Amazon WebSpaces)

Please make sure you follow this step-by-step instruction set to avoid customer issues.

You need to first connect yourself to the (remote) Amazon Windows PC (step #1).
Then you need to set it up (steps #2-#4).
Then you need to connect the customer to the (remote) Amazon Windows PC (step #5).

Step #1: Collect Credentials and connect yourself to Amazon WebSpaces

  • Download and install a Client for your Windows:
  • Launch the client and enter the following registration code: WSpdx+GZB???  -> get this from Surendra
  • Login with your password. Your username: xxxxx , password: xxxxx -> get these from Surendra
  • Client Installation will look like this – just move ahead with the screensamazon_client_step1
  • After installation, the client looks like this
  • When connecting from behind our network, you need to enter the proxy details

Step #2: Install LDG and plugins on Amazon

  • Now that you are connected to the (remote) Amazon Windows PC,
    Install LeadGrabber on it, with all the Live Updates.
  • Complete the Purchase Key registration also.

Step #3: Install Third Party Apps on Amazon

Install HMA: This is the usual method you are familiar with

Install Box:  You need a way to export the grabbed data from Amazon to the client’s MAC. You cannot copy-paste a file from Amazon to the Mac. So, we take an alternate route.

  • Register for the the Personal (free) edition of Box ( ) – You need the CUSTOMER to register with Box using their personal/business Email ID – (we have chosen the Box file sync’g solution because this is reliable, is free, and installs on Amazon – DropBox does not install on Amazon)
  • Download the Box client in the Amazon Windows PC
  • Download the Box client in the Customer’s MAC
  • Use the SAME Box login credentials in both – only then can you transfer from the Amazon Windows PC to the Customer’s MAC

Step #4: Install LDG CSV-Export Plugin on Amazon

  • This is the final step to get LDG data out of Amazon.
  • Typically the “Copy” button in LDG will export the grid contents to the Desktop. This INI setting change allows LDG to export the grid contents to the Box folder.
  • Once the grid contents are saved in the Box folder, Box makes a copy of the file on the Customer’s Mac system
  • Install this plugin to LDG.
  • After installation change this INI-FILE setting:INI-FILE PATH: %ProgramData%\eGrabber\LeadGrabber Pro\Settings.iniAdd this text to the bottom of the file. Edit the LOC to the actual Box folder location. The  'trialuser‘ part changes from one installation to another.[EXPATH]
    LOC= "D:\Users\trialuser\Box Sync"

Step #5: Install Amazon client on customer machine(s) and train them on LeadGrabber

  • Download and install Amazon client in CUSTOMER’s MAC:
  • Enter credentials and train them to use LeadGrabber


1. You can install the Amazon Windows Client on any number of devices, any number of times. The customer should use the same login credentials.

2. Only one person can access the Amazon Windows PC at one time. If another tries to access the same login, the earlier person is cut off from the session – (works just like Windows Remote Desktop)

3. If the customer wants to view the Excel files on the Amazon Windows PC, you can install the free Microsoft Excel Viewer (on the Amazon Windows PC) – setup is available here

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