How staffing companies can reach the best candidates

How staffing companies can reach the best candidates

Some of the top trends in the staffing industry are recruiting top talent, focusing more on passive candidate sourcing, become a strategic business partner to clients and add new clients.

It looks quite easy, but the staffing companies have loads of challenges to overcome before they can become successful. To begin with, staffing firms struggle to find the best candidates. Though traditional candidate databases can help them find some, the best qualified candidates are on social/professional media. So they have to spend quite a lot of time to slowly build relationships with prospective candidates and take it from there.

In order to stay ahead of competition, staffing companies should always be looking for passive candidates from social/professional networks (their assigned budget and given timeframe), and send them to their clients before their competitors do. This is where a passive candidate sourcing tool such as ResumeGrabber JobSuite can be handy.

ResumeGrabber JobSuite helps you to easily and effortlessly source passive candidates from various sources including search engines, social/professional networks, popular job boards and so on.

You don’t have to spend countless hours on the Internet.

All you need to do is just enter the keyword and click Find.

The passive candidate sourcing tool instantly finds the best candidates in no time. You can go through the results in the built-in browser.

Click Grab to copy-paste the results into ResumeGrabber JobSuite grid. The grid helps you to quickly screen and shortlist the candidates.

Now, to reach your candidates, you need their email and phone numbers right?

Select the records that doesn’t have the email and phone and click Append Email and Phone.

The built-in email appending technology helps you to instantly find the missing email and phone numbers of your candidates. Now, you have a list of candidates who can be reached instantly.

You can find any number of candidates based on the keyword, skillset, education, experience, location and many such criteria. You can also append missing email and phone numbers for your candidates.

Whether you are looking for candidates for an immediate assignment or to build a candidate pipeline, ResumeGrabber JobSuite can make your job easier.

ResumeGrabber JobSuite helps you to quickly find the best passive candidates and send them to your clients before your competitor does.

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