Quick Ways to Engage C-Level Decision-Makers from B2B Companies

Quick Ways to Engage C-Level Decision-Makers from B2B Companies

C-Level decision-makers from B2B companies greatly influence the buying decision. If you are selling products or services to B2B companies then, it is important to influence C-Level decision-makers which is the key to sales strategy. Connecting with the C-Level decision makers from B2B companies shortens the sales cycle and helps earn a quick profit, which is being the goal of every salesperson. C-Levels are the final decision-makers and it is important to plan, execute and master strategies that involve selling to the decision-makers.

Steps to engage C-Level decision-makers from B2B companies:

  • Target high-probability accounts / companies
  • Finding the right C-Level decision-makers from B2B companies
  • Research
  • Outreach strategy

Let’s look at each of them in detail.

1. Target high – probability accounts / companies

What is your target market? Always build an account list by carefully selecting the industry, company size, headquarters, and type. It is better to build a highly targeted account list that is small instead of targeting 1000s of it and ending up with a low-quality adulterated list.

Some of the reliable sources to target accounts are LinkedIn account search, Trade shows, different job board sites such as Monster, Career Builder, Indeed. VC funding platforms such as Angel List, Tech Crunch, and other social networking sites.

2. Finding the right C-Level decision-makers from B2B companies

Finding the right C-Level decision-makers from your target account is as important as Knowing how decision-makers look across each target account. Curate an ICP to determine the buyer persona. It is important to understand each account in order to target the right CxO.

Identify the management level to target. Investing in good account-based lead generation software will help you find the relevant management contacts automatically. LeadGrabber Management-Finder is an account-based software that lets you perform a C-Level executive search based on titles CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, CIOs, CXOs, VP-level, Director-level, Founders.., specialties and experience.

LeadGrabber Management-Finder’s unique feature helps in building management lists for companies that are

  • Growing in size
  • Recently funded
  • Recently Promoted / Hired Executives
  • Hiring a specific skill or Technology
  • LinkedIn Account Searches
  • Tradeshow Lists
  • Job Boards
  • Excel Lists

3. Research

Do deep research in order to understand the decision-makers you have targeted. Follow them on social media and learn about their current pain points, business concern, and their priorities.

The Ideas that would influence a decision makers must

  • Help in progress their business
  • Improve ROI
  • Improve efficiency
  • Manage time and bring in better results

Deep research will help you curate personalized messages to C-Level decision-makers gaining their trust. Do not be generic with your content and avoid sending automated messages. Being more relevant and personalizing messages will create the right impression that you are aware of their current priorities and needs.

4. Outreach Strategy

There are multiple ways such as emails, calls, social media messages, and inmails to reach out through. But always pick an effective method that captures the attention of your target C-Level executives.

Always have an outbound sequence strategy in place for conversions and scheduling meetings…

  • Create a tailored sequence of emails and don’t just stop with a single email.
  • Create a certain outreach strategy that is only about the value and no ask at all.
  • Create multi-touchpoints in a day to get responses.

Apart from all the above, know when to reach them. Try out a few odd hours and days of the week based on a trial and error method. Reaching out to the C-Levels during the right time will just boost your open rates and increase the success rate.

If you would like to quickly build a list of target accounts and automate finding C-Level decision-makers from B2B companies download LeadGrabber Management-Finder by filling in the form below:

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