How to Find Someone’s LinkedIn URL or ID of your Prospects in less than 60 Seconds!

How to Find Someone’s LinkedIn URL or ID of your Prospects in less than 60 Seconds!

Prospect research is inevitable if you want to succeed in your email marketing campaigns. There is no better place than LinkedIn to research on your prospects. In order to do that, you need to first find LinkedIn ID of your prospects. This blog post will help you to learn why you need to find LinkedIn ID and how to find someone’s LinkedIn URL or ID with name and company name in no time.

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Why you should Find LinkedIn ID of your Prospects

Let’s say, you have a list of prospects who you think might be your ideal customers. Sending an email or calling your prospects without having any idea about them or their business wouldn’t yield you the desired results.

On the other hand, if you have the LinkedIn IDs of your prospects, you can go through their profile, know more about their interests, what they are responsible for, understand their business, look for something in common, get some talking points and so on. This information will not only help you to tailor your messaging or sales pitch based on your prospects but also help you to connect with your prospects immediately and ease your conversation. It will also help your prospects to see you as a well-informed salesperson who can offer the best possible solutions to grow their business. Therefore, it is vital that you find LinkedIn IDs of your prospects.   

How to Find LinkedIn URL (Manually)

How to Find LinkedIn URL

How to find LinkedIn URL of your prospects, especially when you have hundreds of prospects on your list? One way is to find LinkedIn URLs by manually searching them by name and company on LinkedIn. But it takes a lot of time and effort on your part which you can otherwise use for tasks that need your utmost attention. If you’re having trouble finding someone’s LinkedIn URL using the methods mentioned above, you can also try using a LinkedIn URL finder tool such as LeadGrabber Pro. LeadGrabber Pro helps you to instantly find LinkedIn profile URL or ID of your targeted prospects based on name and company.  

How to Find Someone’s LinkedIn Profile URL in a Click!

LeadGrabber Pro enables you to find LinkedIn profile URLs or LinkedIn IDs of your prospects in a click. The LinkedIn URL finder tool helps you to find LinkedIn Profile IDs of hundreds of prospects in no time. You need to just provide the name & company. 

How to Find Someone’s LinkedIn Profile URL in 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Import or Copy-Paste the prospect list with name & company into LeadGrabber Pro.
  2. Select the records and click the Append LinkedIn ID button.
  3. Once the LinkedIn Profile IDs are appended, export the list (Try for Free) to CSV/Excel with a click.

If you have prospect lists without LinkedIn profile URLs in your CRM, you can instantly import them into LeadGrabber Pro, get LinkedIn profile URLs, and then export the list to your CRM. You can seamlessly transfer your prospect lists into Salesforce, Act!, Excel, Outlook, etc.

How to Find LinkedIn ID: How LeadGrabber Pro works?

LeadGrabber Pro is an automated, expert-level, Internet research tool that searches public documents and search engines to find LinkedIn URL in less than 60 seconds (Try for Free). The LinkedIn profile URL finder instantaneously performs real-time live research, so that all the data is correct and updated. The LinkedIn profile finder does not refer to any pre-built database, because those databases decay at the rate of ~2% a month.

How to Find Someone’s LinkedIn URL if a person no longer works in the same company?

LeadGrabber is able to get LinkedIn profile URL even if a person has moved to another company. The LinkedIn profile finder highlights that record with a different color to indicate you that the person has moved companies. 

Can I get the updated business email address and phone number of the person who moved companies?

Yes, LeadGrabber Pro gets you the updated business email addresses & phone numbers of persons who have moved companies. You need to select those records and click Append Email and Phone button. With a click of a button, LeadGrabber Pro appends verified business email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects.

How to Get LinkedIn ID – Can I try a few samples to see if it works for me?

Yes, you can. Fill up this form to get access to the fully functional free trial. We will get back to you with a free demo. Just make sure to tell us that you are looking to figure out How to find LinkedIn ID when we call you.

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