How to get Clients for Outsourcing Business & IT Services

How to get Clients for Outsourcing Business & IT Services

get clients for outsourcing business

How to get clients for Outsourcing Business – Did you know there’s a PUBLIC and FREE way to Find People and Companies who WANT to hire your IT or Outsourcing services?

It’s right there, in public view. For Free. And almost no one is tapping that resource! This post shows you how to get it…

Get Direct Clients for Outsourcing Business & IT Services in a Click!

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People are raising their hands in THIS public source…

Where do people go when they need New Expertise?

1. First they try their personal network

2. Second they try hiring.

If both fails, they are now ready for Outsourcing. They are now ready to hire YOU.

So how do you find such people who have tried and failed??

The Answer: Job Postings which are 90+ days old!

clients for outsourcing business

In this post, I am going to show you an easy way of finding such people & companies who have tried to hire people and have probably failed.

I am going to show you how to get to job postings which are 90+ days old.

And then I’m going to show you how to find the decision makers in those companies. Using tools you already have.

At the end of this post, You will have a list of prospects who are looking for Your Expertise.

But wait, how do I see Job Postings which are 90+ days old?

If you are familiar with Job Postings websites, you will be wondering how to see job postings from over 90 days ago.

Most job posting websites show job postings from a few hours ago to a few days ago.

They have time filters, but none of those time filters give you a way of seeing past 90 days.

This post is going to show you an advanced / power-user way of getting to those 90-day old job postings.

How to Get Clients for Outsourcing Business

We are going to use a specific job posting portal for this =>

This method works best with if you want to find clients for outsourcing business.

Step 1: Find Companies that need Outsourcing

To find companies that need outsourcing, copy this link and paste it in your browser

This link shows you Indeed Job posts for companies hiring DEVOPS.

Or, click this link. All the results you see will be between 90 and 120 days old. You will be seeing companies who have a need for DEVOPS.

The job posting itself might say “30+ days old”, but if you know how to check the underlying HTML source code, you will be able to find the actual date of posting!

Here’s the breakdown of the link, for the expert reader…

The secret is in the &fromage=120&toage=90 part of the link. This part has a hidden command to to give back all job postings which are from 90 to 120 days old. If you like to increase that number upwards, you can do that too. Just change the 90 or the 120 part of the link.

The sr=directhire part of the link removes all recruiting agencies from the results, so that you only get the actual companies who have a need.

The q=DEVOPS part of the link is where you put in your specialty. So if you are not selling DEVOPS outsourcing, type in the keywords of your specialty in place of the word DEVOPS.

The link gives you results for those hiring DEVOPS. But you can edit that and put in your own specialty.

For example,"Appointment Setting"&fromage=120&toage=90&sr=directhire

Or, click this link. Just make sure you edit the link in the browser address bar – DO NOT edit the text in the web page.

Step 2: Find Decision Makers in Companies

Great, now I have Companies that need outsourcing (who can hire me), but how do I get the decision makers in them?

I’m going to take you one step further.

Now that you have the list of companies, you need to separate those companies with a  ” OR ” and then paste the list of companies into a Sales Navigator or a Recruiter search.

how to find decision makers in LinkedIn Sales Navigator
(click to zoom image)

Then apply Title filters in LinkedIn, and … magic… you get the decision makers you have to reach out to.

How to type in Job Titles in LinkedIn Sales Navigator
(click to zoom image)

What next?

get clients for outsourcing business
(click to zoom image)

Reach out to those decision makers with your pitch…

“Hi, I saw that you are looking for expertise in  (fill your expertise here)  and I think I can help….”

Wish you Luck!

How to Get Clients for Outsourcing Business (in an automated way)

If you think the above process involves a lot of manual work, then you need JobGrabber. JobGrabber is a tool that helps you to automate all the above processes and get “directclients for outsourcing business in no time.

You don’t have to manually visit multiple job boards or manually sift through hundreds and thousands of job postings on job boards, eliminate the duplicates and build a list of offshore companies that are hiring.

With a click of a button, JobGrabber does that for you. You get the US outsourcing companies list – list of new companies that are hiring, you also get the CXO list of companies that are hiring. With a click of a button, you get the offshore outsourcing companies list.

You don’t need to spend countless hours on the job boards and Internet. JobGrabber helps you to save a lot of time that you can use to reach out to decision makers in companies that are hiring. You can easily & effortlessly get list of companies looking for outsourcing and get outsourcing business in no time.

With JobGrabber, you can spend more time to close deals, get contracts and get clients for outsourcing business.

You can start your prospecting in 1 day…

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