Job Change Alert – New Tool from eGrabber

Job Change Alert – New Tool from eGrabber

Whenever any of your connections, customers or prospects move to a new job, leave their current one, or get promoted, that’s an opportunity!

You need an alert so you can take action!

Tool detects changes in Company and Job Title

Introducing the LeadResearcher Pro. You can enter your key contacts’ details into the tool and press a button. It checks all your contacts and alerts you if anybody is on the move.

LeadResearcher - job change alert app - key account management tool

LeadResearcher - Track changes in decision makers job roles and get notified when management changes

Tool finds new contact information

What’s unique about this tool is, once you have the new company to which your contact has moved, you can now get their new email address and other contact information with a click of another button!

LeadResearcher Pro - Find Missing Business Email & Business Phone numbers of decision makers, ceo, cxo

This tool runs from your own desktop. This means it does not depend on outside services or APIs for its data, but it researches the job changes fresh, each time you run it.

How can you turn this executive-change “sales trigger” into an opportunity?

Here are 3 of many ways:

  1. If the person was your existing customer,
    • you can investigate if they need your product or service in the new company (NEW SALE)
    • you can prevent churn by getting in touch with the new person (customer retention)
    • find out who your key contact replaced in the new company, (hint: where did that person go?)
  2. If the prospect was buying from your competitor,
    • you can present yourself as a better solution to what they have already (NEW SALE)
    • If your key contact got promoted perhaps they will now buy from you
  3. If your competition’s sales person moved,
    • now is the time to convert all the accounts you lost to them (NEW SALE)

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