How to Find New Leads from your Existing CRM & Increase Sales

How to Find New Leads from your Existing CRM & Increase Sales

As a business owner or a business development executive, you would always want to find new leads, increase sales and grow your business. You invest all your time & resources on various lead generation strategies and campaigns to generate new leads. In this blog, you will learn how to find new leads from your existing CRM & increase sales.

CRM – A Goldmine of New Sales Leads

Your CRM is a goldmine of sales leads. It has a list of all your current and past prospects and customers. The CRM clearly gives you insights about who your users are, how many people have tried your product and not purchased your product due to various reasons, who are your loyal customers, and so on. You continue to pursue those prospects in your CRM to get more leads.

However, the reality is that the data in your CRM will not be the same forever. Yes, studies reveal that people change jobs every 3-4 years and C-level decision makers change jobs even more frequently. It means that the data in your CRM becomes obsolete because they don’t have the updated data. Research says that close to 25% of the data in your CRM becomes unusable every year. You would have worked hard to get those business leads or you would have spent a lot of your money to buy those sales leads.

But, there is a smart way to leverage your CRM leads and close better sales. Yes, it can be great for you to find new leads, sell more, and increase sales much faster than before. Read on to know more.

Find New Leads that Close 3x Faster

Your existing CRM can help you to find new leads and close more sales faster. If you have 1000 contacts in your CRM and if 250 people have moved to new companies, you get a good number of new leads to close sales faster than you do normally. How?

  • If your customers in your CRM are decision makers, and if they had moved to new companies, then you get new sales opportunities at their new companies.
  • Similarly, users of your product, who move to new companies might have been elevated to influencer or decision maker roles. They can speak on your behalf in their new companies to buy your product. Since they have used your product and have seen the results, your chances of getting a sale would be much quicker and easier than ever.
  • You would have a lot of people in your CRM, where they would have used your product, very much impressed about it but didn’t have the budget or didn’t have the decision-making authority to buy your product. When these people move to new companies, they might be promoted or moved to decision-making roles. They will now be in a position to buy your product when you reach out to them.

What is so great about these people that you should reach out to them? All of these people know you very well, they have used your products, and they are very much satisfied and have seen great results.

So, you don’t have to work hard again to sell to these people. These are your high-probability prospects that can help you close sales 3x faster. Sounds interesting?

Yes, it sounds great! But how would you find whether they have quit and moved to new companies, where they have moved to and what their latest business contact information is? This is where Job-Change Finder comes handy.

Find who Quit & Moved to New Companies Instantly

Job-Change Finder is a service that scans the list of your CRM contacts and flags people who have moved to new companies, got promoted and so on. Job-Change Finder also helps you to find their new companies and their current business email address and phone numbers. It helps you to find new leads in no time.

All you have to do is, upload your CRM contact list. Job-Change Finder helps you to find new leads from your CRM along with new business contact information and company demographics.

Job-Change Finder helps you to:

  1. Find new leads from your existing CRM instantly.
  2. Convert leads 3x faster than normal sales leads.
  3. Shorten sales cycle – since the prospects already know you & your product.
  4. Get new business accounts faster.
  5. Expand your reach within accounts when your prospects move to different departments & regions.

Job-Change Finder is ideal for marketing, sales development reps, business development executives, B2B lead generation teams looking for new sales leads. You not only find new sales leads but also get to close more leads faster than normal leads.  

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